Bliss Revisited/Inn the House/Silky Smooth

Damir went to visit Miss Bliss, intending to donate some money to the school as well as simply pay a visit. He spoke to her about his experiences on the journey; in fact, she is the only person who knows the entire truth about the journey. Miss Bliss comforted him about missing Emby and encouraged him to deal with his feelings, not bottle them up. Damir then forcibly donated 15 GP to the school, asking her to do whatever she wished with the money and knowing she'd do the right thing.
Unbeknownst to Damir, Miss Bliss also reinforced Malicor's mental block and gave Damir a note to take to Malicor.
Damir next went home, deposited his father's goods, and then convinced his father to keep the money he had meant to give to Damir. Damir also gave his father 15 GP, claiming he was keeping 15 for himself (he really kept 5). He told his parents a very PG version of the trip, glossing over the dangerous parts. Finally, Damir told his parents that he would be taking one more quick trip to Tantor to tell Emby's parents that she made it into Mount Pon and is all right.
Finally, Damir spent the evening with Ferella. He embarassed her as planned with his song "Silky," which he played in the main room. After a while, he took her up into a room and chatted with her for his hour. He used a Prestidigitation spell and showed her illusory models of the dress styles currently popular in Tantor. He also brought her some fabric swatches of some material he thought she would like. She tried to sleep with him and he fended her off successfully for his hour without offending her; however, at the end of the hour, she apologized for not properly welcoming him back and bought another hour so she could do so. Damir tried to wriggle out of this trap, but he was very off his game; he ended up coming clean and admitting that he had fallen for Emby, receiving a major lecture about how he should tell her how he feels. He promised to write Emby every week or two and to tell her how he feels next time he sees her. He told Ferella that he would talk to her again upon returning from Tantor, in about a week.

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