Reflections on the Slaughter of Kobolds

Damir spent much of the journey to Tantor reflecting upon the coldness with which he was forced to kill the kobold attackers. Though he feels justified in defending his life by ending theirs, he feels as though he somehow failed by being unable to communicate with the kobolds. He believes that if he could have communicated with them, perhaps less blood would have been shed; he knows that they are evil and primal, but still he feels that their blood is on his hands, and that feeling is uncomfortable. Telling this to Emby (when she asked) caused her to also reflect upon her own actions, though she declared that she did not really regret doing what everyone felt had to be done. Damir eventually came to some terms with his actions, and though he still feels dirty for having killed the kobolds, he feels that he was truly justified because Orchid's life was spared. Damir decided to steer the conversation away from this depressing subject after he came to terms with his actions; he spent the rest of the journey chatting with Emby about life in Tantor.

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