Speak Softly and Carry a Big Stick

Damir and Dextra left Peloria to head home to Gwivonna. During the trip, Damir spoke little and silently helped make and break camp. After every task he chose to do, Dextra inspected his work; she looked as though she was looking for something to complain about. Damir ignored this, pretending he didn’t even notice. Almost the only words Damir spoke during the trip back to Gwivonna came every night after camp had been set: “Would you show me some more tips on swordplay?” Every night, Damir and Dextra would spar with their staves, and inevitably Dextra would win when Damir quit (after taking 15+ subdual damage); however, on the final night, Damir went until Dextra knocked him down; he wanted to see if he could take it.
Around noon the day after that, Dextra and Damir returned to Gwivonna. Dextra left Damir near the edge of town (IE as soon as possible), and Damir walked through town greeting people and pretending to be his normal self. He passed by the school, thought, “I need to visit Miss Bliss, but I should do that after classes are dismissed,” and headed home to stow his possessions. His father greeted him with typical macho enthusiasm, and his mother with typical motherly possessiveness. He told them that he would fill them in on details over supper and that he had to run some errands. He also told them to keep the 42 GP that they had offered to give him as his graduation present, saying that he wanted to use it to improve the inn. He then left to complete his tasks: first, gather some supplies the inn needs; second, to purchase a gift for Mr. Malicor; third, to deliver the gift to him, to thank him for his help, and to confess his knowledge; and finally, to visit Miss Bliss at the Gwivonna schoolhouse after classes let out.

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