Take Two

After a few days' travel, the party is engaged by a horde of undead (nearly 150), each more powerful than most of the priests in their war band. They are quickly driven back in a full retreat; in the chaos, the party loses sight of the priests and is forced to dive into a small cave hidden in a small crater wall to escape capture and slaughter by the enemy. The party sees that the escapees are leading the undead, driving them towards the priests while riding bone steeds. As soon as they can, the PCs follow the leaders, hoping to perhaps attack from the rear and surprise them. Meanwhile, groups of priests of Pelor, Heironeous, St. Cuthbert, and Ehlonna, as well as elven rangers, archers, and sorcerers, dwarven warriors, and gnomish wizards meet up with the surviving routed priests and reinforce the lines. The thousand-strong army quickly destoys the onrushing undead horde, driving the leaders in full retreat back north. The party sees four of these men approaching - the sorcerer, the rogue, the Nerullian cleric, and the warrior of darkness (the WOD and the sorcerer were the party members who assisted the general in killing Peregrine's family). They see the party and charge at them; the party, in return, prepares to meet them. Three ride past and attack while Damir, Peregrine, and Amilyn fire volleys of arrows at them; Emby attacks them with spells as they approach. The fourth, the sorcerer, dives off his mount and lands on Damir, tackling him. The two wrestle for a couple rounds as the rest of the party covers Damir and tries to fend off the horsemen. Suddenly, with a flash of light, Damir and the sorcerer disappear. Through the Mindshare, the party can see that he's been taken to a new base with the sorcerer, presumably teleported. The remaining baddies begin to charge away, but the party destroys the warrior's horse out from under him, dropping him to the ground. Peregrine closes with him and slashes him hard, but he swings up onto the cleric's mount and they begin to ride off. Peregrine hastes himself and uses fly via potions and gives chase. The two trade arrow shots, Peregrine severely wounding the warrior and vice versa, but finally one of the warrior's slaying arrows finds its mark and brings Peregrine down. Amilyn, luckily, manages to catch up to him and revive him. They gather Damir's belongings and regroup to decide what they will do next.
After Damir disappears, he reappears in the spire of a squat barracks hastily being constructed by the bad guys; Damir has no clue where it is located, other than "north." He quickly breaks the sorcerer's hold and slashes him mightily, then looks down to see that his swordbelt is gone - he has no instrument. He spies a window nearby and dives out of it, spraining his knee in the fall. Adrenaline pumping, he takes off through a cloud of undead, spryly dodging their attacks as the alarm is sounded. All too soon, Lord Drummond himself spies Damir running and brings up a wall of flame in front of him; the heat singes Damir's face and hands, but he sees no escape the way he came from, so he dives through and continues to run, slapping out his smoldering clothing as he hastes himself. He sprints away, seemingly home free, as the wall disperses and the undead that were in the courtyards continue their chase. Suddenly, however, the ground around him comes alive with more bodies, and he is once again surrounded by powerful undead. He chooses his best route, dashing between two undead who've left a gap between them, but they tear at his flesh and pull him back. He tries to break free but is swarmed as he fights and dragged back to Lord Drummond's feet. Through the link, as the undead swarm him, Emby's chants of, "Get free! Run! You can make it!" stop, only to be replaced by her sadly singing Dreams of a Child (stopping when she reaches the line of "We must keep hope alive."). Damir asks her to get help quickly and find this place. Drummond, meanwhile, mocks him, but when Damir replies in kind one of the undead is commanded to knock him out. He wakes up an unknown length of time later in a torture chamber, chained to the wall. He is roughed up for a while, but the guard only manages to elict insults from Damir. As he turns to pick up a more painful instrument, Damir quickly risks trying to slip his bonds and manages to free himself. He grabs a club from the wall and brutally slams it into the man's right ear, dropping him. Quickly he strips the guard, stealing everything useful off of him (too-big clothing but no footwear, holy symbol of Nerull, a dagger, a club, and a potion of cure serious wounds - which he drank). He then quietly opens the door and begins to look for a way to escape. He is sitting at 36 HP and has lost his eager rapier, chain shirt, holy symbol, amulet of the socialite, dagger, and minor cloak of night to the Necromancer. He also has cast 2 3rd-lv and 3 1st-lv spells; he is invisible and at the door to the torture chamber. He then sneaks around the wall in the hallway, looking for equipment in the rooms nearby. The first room he comes to has a pile of blankets and a sword; when Damir enters, he realizes that there's someone sleeping there. He sneaks away with a bag with four potions in it; he identifies two as curative (moderate wounds) and cannot identify the other two (bull's strength, cat's grace). He sneaks into another room, finding tack in there - he steals a saddle bag and slips the two curative potions into it along with the third, unknown. He then pokes around, finding a room with a thick, cold door which he bypasses. The next room has dry goods and water, so he steals three waterskins and downs the fourth potion (cat's grace). He then gets into an alcohol stash and fills the flask. He takes some food and a backpack, dumps the sack, and creates a hidey-hole. He then goes into the torture chamber. The guard there is still out, so he rigs up a noisemaker trap against the door and goes to hide, sleeping for four hours and recovering 2 HP. He is awoken by a crash and then hears a creature roaring and tearing through rooms (the bugbear who'd been asleep and whose gear he'd stolen). He waits for the bugbear to search this room (dodging a thrown shelf in the process). When the bugbear leaves, Damir sneaks to the door and watches as he tears into the door Damir hadn't opened. Damir takes this opportunity to sneak out into the hall; in the process, he is spotted by the still-tied torture chamber guard. Damir quickly dispatches him, then creeps to the bottom of the stairs. He casts his last Puff and Gone and bolts for the door on the first floor (eveningtime). He sets of an alarm as he's sneaking out, but runs out the door anyway; they all give chase. In the courtyard, he sees undead wandering; before his spell wears off, he downs the second unknown potion (bull's strength) and tosses the flask as a distraction. It works, and Damir makes it to the wall unimpeded. He climbs the wall, dives down the other side taking damage, casts haste, downs a potion, and runs. Soon, a fireball explodes around him, and he downs another potion while running. He barely makes it to a canyon before his pursuers catch up, but they cannot find him when he dives into a hidden cave. The dragon is kept on patrol, so Damir decides to rest for the night and try to run again in the morning.
Meanwhile, Peregrine and gang have been scrying on Damir. When they see him get out of the base, they plan a rescue mission; a gnomish illusionist and a priest of Heironeous will take Peregrine to Damir. They have Haste, Fly, Improved Invisibility, Speak With Allies, Endure Elements (Acid), and See Invisibility cast on them and are teleported to near Damir. When they appear, Damir does not hear them. He does hear the ensuing battle between them and the dragon, however. After a while, Peregrine comes to Damir's hidey-hole and calls him out, giving him a cloak and a rapier. Damir flips his dagger into the dragon and hurts him, staying to fight alongside the others. After a while, they drive the dragon off, though Peregrine falls. The priest brings him around, and Damir borrows a wand from the gnome and creates an illusory wall. When the dragon finally returned, the four stayed hidden; the dragon failed to notice them until they actually completed the teleport, but hit them with a fireball as they leapt. Damir was knocked unconscious by the explosion, and everyone else was injured. They returned to camp, where Damir was brought around and everyone was healed. Damir came around, realized where he was, didn't see Emby, and collapsed, falling into an exhausted sleep. They take Damir into a tent and let Emby watch over him, but she falls asleep quickly as well. After a few hours, a wizard wakes Damir, nearly getting punctured for his trouble; he returns Emby's backpack. Damir and Emby then sleep through the night, as do Amilyn and Peregrine.

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