Tapped Out

When the party reaches Peloria, they speak with the priests and ask for an immediate audience with someone high-ranking. Given that the priests recognize Damir, they grant his request within a few minutes. The party explains to the priests who the prisoners are and ask them to destroy the sorcerer's broach and raise him from the dead. They agree to do so. As Peregrine wants to participate in everything the priests are doing for personal reasons, the priests begin to raise the sorcerer first. Once he has been returned to life, Damir and Peregrine interrogate him but learn little about the actual battle plans they didn't already know. They do learn some things about the Citadel, however. After Damir leaves, Peregrine continues to interrogate him about his participation in Peregrine's family's murders. When the sorcerer tells him that they'd been sent to punish a deserter, Peregrine becomes enraged and threatens to kill the sorcerer. Damir, watching, sneaks up behind him when he draws his blade and draws his own, waiting. When Peregrine regains control over himself, Damir sneaks away. Peregrine and Damir then interrogate the rogue, learning basically nothing from him. Finally, Peregrine participates in the destruction of the periapt, destroying it with a combination of their magic and his blade. Afterwards, as he is sitting there staring at the altar, Damir comes in with the purloined items from the sorcerer and the rogue. Damir tells Peregrine that it would be a mistake not to use these items as weapons against their common enemy. Peregrine, in his usual arrogant fashion, agrees. The party hands over the 30 longbows, 1000 arrows (both appropriated from the rogue), and Damir's cloak of elvenkind to the priests in Peloria, telling them to take the items to the front as soon as possible.
Peregrine laid claim to all the sorcerer's equipment, but it was distributed to be as useful as possible with the understanding that it'd be returned to him once the war is over. Emby took from the sorcerer a staff of frost, bracers of armor +4, a 3rd-level spell fetish, 5 +2 seeking bolts, and 7 +2 greater flaming bolts. Damir took a cloak of charisma. Amilyn was given the other 3rd-level spell fetish. Peregrine took all of the normal equipment as well as an amulet of resistance +3. From the rogue, Emby claimed a bag of holding II and a light crossbow of wounding. Damir claimed a deck of illusions, a keen flaming rapier +2, and an amulet of hide +10. Amilyn claimed a cloak of resistance +5. Peregrine claimed some studded leather +3 of silent moves.
Having distributed the wealth, the party retired for the night. Emby and Damir spoke about Peregrine's obsession. AMILYN AND PEREGRINE SPOKE HERE. The next day, Peregrine negotiated with the priests to send him to Ehlonna's realm, where he dropped off some stuff he won't be using. OTHER STUFF PEREGRINE DID IN EHLONNA'S REALM. Peregrine returned after two weeks had passed. During the interlude, Damir spent a lot of time straightening things out with Emby. He also met up with the rogues and the Olidammaran priests and gave them the information they needed to help the priests. One day, while walking along in the streets of Peloria, Damir was met by a representative of the assasin's guild wanting to "renegotiate." Damir bluffed the strong side of the negotiations, and when they askes for an additional 3000 gp up front, Damir agreed to give them a deck of illusions if they'd give him 4000 gp worth of gems. After he demonstrated their appeal, the representative agreed to gather forces for the hit on the overweight wizard. Emby asks about the guys Damir spoke with in the alleyway later, but Damir brushes her questioning aside, explaining that he'd hired people to infiltrate the lair.

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