The Fire

During the two days' walk to the decrypted meeting location, Damir spends his time out of the tent being friendly but less touchy-feely with Emby; while they are inside their tent, he is as intimate with her as possible, but less desperate for sex. He is more content to hold her and kiss her without taking that affection anywhere. He and Emby take their watches as usual, and the group moves to the cliff face where the meeting was to take place. The group heads into the target cave, where they find… nothing but a damn rock. Upon examination, they decide the rock "shouldn't be there" and notice some writing on the bottom. Emby warns that it could be a trap, so Peregrine tries to disarm it; he fails, and the Glyph of Warding etched onto the stone explodes in his face. His superior reflexes save him from any damage, however. Unbeknownst to the party, the noise alerts some nearby drow who approach to discover what the commotion is about (as it is nighttime and their purpose for being on the surface is to find a drow escapee). Peregrine and Damir spot some of the drow approaching, and Damir tries to parlay with them; when they ignore him, Peregrine casts his prepared Entangle spell, snaring three of them. One quickly pulls free, but the other two remain entangled for quite a while. Damir and Peregrine exchange arrows with the drow, and during the fight Peregrine turns invisible thanks to Damir and tries to sneakily flank them. He is seen by the drow wizardess, as of yet unnoticed by the party. She lights him up with Faerie Fire as he dives behind cover to exchange more arrows with the drow. Emby's wand of web sees much use, as the party tries to entangle as many of the drow as they can. Damir takes a bolt to the chest courtesy of the drow wizardess and drops like a stone. Emby's scream resonates through the mental connection as she returns fire with her most powerful attack spells, laying out the drow wizardess in the middle of her web. The party entangles all but one of the remaining drow and burns them alive, using a large number of charges from the wand but preventing the drow from knocking anyone else out. One of the drow subordinates, a male warrior, managed to escape. The party found some antidote for the venom and woke Damir, then deciphered the remnants of the message on the stone:
AND VECNA (this line done in a different hand than the first part)
They decided that the man they're chasing was heading back to Grog's in Tantor (wear a ruby!), so they decided to quickly return to the gate town in Olidammara's realm and gate back to Tantor. They staged a scene of carnage in the cave with the drow to fool anyone else who came looking for the stone into thinking the message was still safe, then departed. In their last night in Olidammara's town, Damir revealed to Emby his new Sung Spell power as well as his new spell, Mindshare. He and Emby made love while Mindshare was active, allowing each to feel phantom sensations of what the other was feeling. They began intimately but were overwhelmed by passion, ravishing each other unmercifully. After they had made love, they cuddled and "talked" (through the link) for a while, then pleasured each other orally (something Emby had not done before). Exhausted and satisfied, they then passed out in each others' arms. The next day, they awoke early and returned to Tantor.

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