The Move

After travelling for quite a while along the foothills and through the borderlands of the elven forest of El'terran, the party turned up into the mountains to travel toward Olidammara's Valley. Along the way, Damir spread some more of the gold he'd recovered from the waystation, depositing in each shrine of Fharlanghn as he passed. He dropped 10 GP in each of the two shrines he encountered along the road and another 4 GP in the shrine in Olidammara's Valley (once he reached there). In the mountains, the party was set upon by a hill giant and some winter wolves that were working together. Damir took quite a bit of damage from this encounter, being the only one of the group who didn't become totally invisible to the creatures. Two of the three wolves ran when they'd taken severe damage, as the third had been killed; the giant was paralyzed from the waist down by a neck-puncture inflicted by Damir. The giant, in fear of death, surrenderred and begged for his life (in grunts). Damir couldn't kill him and asked Malicor via the sensor if he could send a Pelorian priest to help them. Malicor sent Miss Bliss to them, and Damir asked her to take the giant to Peloria for a "change of heart" and then to Nevermoor to help the reconstruction efforts. Peregrine tracked the giant and wolves back to the lair; the wolves were waiting there, and Peregrine and Damir assaulted them with their bows, dropping them. Emby was offended by this, as the wolves were running, but Damir told her that he trusted Peregrine's judgement about what creatures should not be allowed to live. Peregrine then said that they were not a natural part of the ecosystem. The group raided the cavern and found some gear and money, including a chain shirt +1 that Damir claimed and a magical scroll of lesser restoration. Damir took only the chain shirt and allowed Peregrine and Emby to split the rest of the loot (the gems and gold). After a few more days' travel along the base of one of the mountains, the party reached the area that Malicor had indicated as being the last known location of the orcish wizard they were chasing. They began to stalk quietly forward, and after a few miles they came upon a severe rockslide. They found a body in the rockpile (thanks to Malicor's magical might); when they dug it out, they found the orc lying there dead. The party took his gear: some magical armor-enhancing items, a spellbook, an encrypted message, and a light crossbow and bolts. Emby took some of the armor, the spellbook, and the crossbow; the other armor enhancer went to Peregrine (bracers +2 and a cloak +1 were the items, I believe). Peregrine took the orc's head with Damir's reluctant help; the party then continued on toward Olidammara's realm and the area where the two roguish Scarlet Wolves had last been seen. The first town they came to had know information on them, so the party passed through without stopping; in the next town (the minor nexus), however, some people remembered seeing them and thought they'd headed on toward the major nexus town. This jived with the party's information on their plan of travel, so the party continued on after spending a night; during that time, Peregrine teleported back to Tantor and collected the bounty on the orc, sending some of the money to Malicor and purchasing a new pair of bracers and cloak of night for himself (Cloak of Night, traded Bracers of Armor +2 for equivalent bracers). He also had the wizards' guild translate the encrypted message, finding out that it told of a meeting location for emergencies. When he returned, the party spent the night at the inn; they left early the next morning. When they arrive in the main nexus town, they find that the two rogues are dead, having tried to muscle in on the established crime families' turf (another Malicor trick - he made the crime families believe these men were muscling in). Peregrine found this odd and too coincidental. He discussed with Damir the possbility that Malicor had done this and the possibility that the last Wolf had turned on his buddies. Damir talked the morgue guards into letting them take the heads, and Peregrine took them and left for the nexus town so that he could again return to Tantor and collect the next two bounties. Due to the walk to the minor nexus town, Peregrine was gone for four days, nearly five. While there, he collected the bounty and again sent money to Malicor, along with a letter stating that he was found the deaths coincidental and wanted to know if this was Malicor's doing so that Malicor could have the full bounty if it were. He also delivered a letter to Emby's family at Damir's request, telling them that Emby was safe and happy. Emby had added a postscript message to them and had signed this letter as well. Peregrine purchased some equipment to carve more arrows and returned to the other nexus town, then stayed the night there. He returned to the major nexus town as quickly as possible.
While Peregrine was away in Tantor, Damir and Emby spent some time in a "safe" area of Olidammara's major nexus town. The two slept together in the inn, uneventfully for the first two nights. Damir took her out and about to explore the town on those days. He also looked around, gathering some information (for bardic knowledge) and learning the place. He found a building he could climb up that had a beautiful view of the mountains and the sky, so he took Emby there on the second night, stealing her spellbook from her room so that she could study and they could talk under the starlit sky. Emby seemed to enjoy this, calling it a sweet gesture and snuggling up against him to study under the starlight. On the third night, Damir was a little more agitated than usual - for some reason, he was particularly affected by being near Emby that day. She picked on him a bit about this, and then allowed him some serious make-out time; when he started to feel her up, however, she short-circuited things by saying, "That's interesting." Damir stopped at that point and told her that they should just go to bed; he slept next to her, but an arm's length away, and was a little more distant the next morning. When she woke, he told her he would leave and return with breakfast; then he ate alone. When she apologized to him, he accepted and let things go. The whole day, Damir pondered some sort of minor revenge and hit upon an idea. That night, he spent some time with Emby and made up with her, then began to kiss and cuddle her as usual. He held back more than usual, letting her lead and concentrating on her reaction to keep things from getting to be too much for her. After a while, he let her remove his shirt and kiss his chest. When he pulled her into his lap, he didn't place her across his legs; he sat her so she was straddling him and pulled her hard against his lap so that she could feel how excited he was. He kept her interested and too comfortable/excited to stop him; eventually, he pulled her shirt off and rubbed his chest against hers as he kissed her neck. When she'd settled in to this, he flipped her around quickly onto the bed and attacked her bare chest with his lips and tongue. She struggled to pull her pants down, and he tore them off. He kissed down her body and then took her with his fingers and tongue, bringing her to climax as quickly and as gently as he could. When she was finished, he pulled his pants off quickly, then picked her back up and set her straddling his lap again. He kissed her deeply and asked if he could make love to her, and she agreed. He gently slid into her and make love to her tenderly while she pressed against him. When they finished, he clutched her against his chest and lay back to sleep. They woke a few times during the night to make love again and again, and they didn't actually wake up for the morning until quite late (for them - perhaps 9 or 10). They talked and cuddled during the morning, Emby taking Damir once when Damir taunted her into doing so. Afterward, Damir was planning on getting them some lunch; before he dressed to leave, though, he remembered the staff and used a charge from it to make them a nice, romantic meal for two. Later on, Damir asked her to remember "last night" if she ever doubted how close they were. Emby reluctantly told him about a fantasy of hers involving a forceful orc taking her. She admitted that she had a bit of a fetish for orcs and told him that this was brought on by a romance novel (an Olidammaran company, the Broken Lock press, rather than the Tantorian press FIND NAME). Damir told her he didn't care about that because she was his now, and he quickly and playfully tied her hands and made love to her one last time before they finally left the inn that afternoon. They returned to the building with the view at sunset; Emby cast a spell Damir hadn't seen before to lock the view in her mind (which she explained), and then copied it out onto a piece of paper with another spell (Copy). After she did so, she looked slightly unsettled and mentioned that the image was gone from her mind now, something she wasn't expecting. Damir was speechless because he was so touched by this situation. Emby admitted that she wasn't thinking about that when she picked this location, but now realizes everything that happened here is kinda represented by this picture. She hugged Damir and told him she loved him. Emby then asked Damir to play Dreams of a Child for her. When he did, she sang some lyrics of her own devising to the tune. Damir smiled and told her he liked them. Afterward, they went back to the inn to wait for Peregrine. While walking back there, Damir asked how comfortable Emby was with their relationship becoming public knowledge. Emby said that she wasn't worried about Miss Bliss or Malicor, that her mom would be fine, but her dad might take some work; Damir told her that he just didn't want them to find out via gossip. He suggested perhaps writing a letter to them, but decided he didn't want them to find out that way either. Eventually, the conversation progresses to the new spellbook of the orc wizard; Emby shares with Damir her theory that the demon might've known where they were when they had the spellbook blessed and might be able to investigate if he cared. Damir looked a bit shocked by this random thought, and decided to follow his normal pattern of not thinking about it. When they returned to the inn, Damir made a point to work on some music. He used what he remembered of Emby's lyrics (almost perfectly) and rewrote his Dreams of a Child around her lyrics and for her voice, making sure that she would be the perfect singer for that tune.
Later that night, Damir and Emby planned to sneak Damir into Emby's room. Emby makes him invisible, then Damir casts an illusion to talk to Peregrine; he then sneaks into Emby's room invisibly. Damir had also cast Speak with Allies so they could communicate silently. When he gets in there, Damir sneaks around to try to get behind her, but she asks him to take off his shirt as a clue to where he is. He does so while she's not looking and sets it down so that she doesn't see them drop out and become visible. She asks him to give her a second clue when she notices that he tricked her, so he does the same with his pants, leaving him only in his underwear. He tries to sneak around beside her, but she's backed into a corner. She tells him to take his underwear off, too, and he does so while following her as she sneaks along the wall to another corner. He keeps his underwear in his arms, and when he has everything off he tosses it onto her and scampers quietly away. She misses with her second point spell, having hit with her first when he lost his pants. When he tries to sneakily brush her arm, she grabs him, so he picks her up and bulldozes her onto the bed. As he's trying to pin her, though, she vanishes and rolls away. He rolls to his back as he hears her laugh behind him, stumbling to his feet. She calls out "Over heeeeere," but he ignores the voice and listens for footsteps. He starts to cast Puff and Gone, but she pats his butt. He grabs her hand and tries to grapple her, but she has the advantage of leverage and throws him onto the bed. Damir barely manages to roll flat onto his back before Emby unleashes a pair of giggles, one on each side of the bed. Damir randomly lunges right, knowing that one is a Ghost Sound but unable to distinguish between the two. He misses and admits that the tables have turned against him as he looks around, lost for where she is. She tosses her blouse into the air as a clue, so he casts Puff and Gone quickly and tries to cover as much ground as possible to grab her before the spell runs out. He manages to get his hands on her and pulls her to him to kiss her frantically. She grabs him just as frantically, and he begins to pull at her clothing as he pulls her to the bed. She reappears in his arms, and he drags her onto the bed and attacks her, having lost all control over his passion. They make passionate, uncontrolled love on the bed. After he's collapsed, trying to catch his breath, Damir comes back to himself a bit and says through Speak with Allies (after a couple minutes), "You have the best ideas." She begs him to continue, and he continues to rub her until he recovers, then continues to make love to her, much more controlled. He pays her back with interest, then folds up into her arms and murmurs something incoherent before kissing her clumsily a few times. Finally, he nuzzles against her and drifts off to sleep. When he wakes up in the morning, Emby suggests that she cast "Minor Teleportation" and slip into his room, then he practices music in hers. When Peregrine comes to knock, they'll have SWA up and both will open the doors at the same time to see if he notices that they're in the wrong rooms. Damir agrees to this plan, and as her room is the middle room, they wait there. While waiting, Damir discreetly begins sketching, drawing a classy nude sketch of Emby. She catches him at it and asks to see it, and when he shows her she teases him a bit but tells him to draw whatever he wants. He banters with her for a little while, then he brings up a thought he'd had - he asks her if she'd like him to Suggest to her that he had polymorphed into an orc to make love to her. He says that if she's not interested, that's fine, but he'd like to fulfill her fantasy if he can. She tells him that she'll think about it, but she's uncertain that she'd be comfortable with it. He then asks her to tell him about any other fantasies he might fulfill for her; she retorts that he needs to do the same, so he promises to show her something later that would fulfill one of his fantasies. When Peregrine knocks on the door, Emby teleports into Damir's room; both then open their counterpart's door simultaneously. Peregrine simply rolls his eyes and makes no comment. At breakfast, Damir tells Peregrine tha he and Emby have developed a relationship, but that they won't let it interfere with their common goal. Peregrine says very little to this, and Damir takes his silence as acceptance of the situation. After breakfast, Damir tells them that he must run one errand on the way out of town. Emby elects to go with Damir. He takes her to a lingerie shop and picks out a forest green ensemble that consists of a lacy half-corset, sheet short skirt, garter belt, and lace-trimmed panties. When she expresses reservations about how she'll look in the outfit, Damir breathlessly tells her that she'd look stunning. She agrees to wear it for him despite his assurances that he wouldn't be offended if she didn't want to. Damir then also picks up a white teddy, a much simpler but still sexy outfit, and purchases the two garments. He packs them carefully and nuzzles Emby discreetly as they leave the store and set off on their way out of town, selling one of their two tents on the way.

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