Too Much to Chew

As the party is preparing to assault the tree-creatures in the Citadel, Amilyn is locked into a vision of a great darkness encroaching from the north upon this small riverside town. When she describes the omen to the party, Damir and Emby both realize that she is talking about Gwivonna. Immediately, Damir plans to return to Gwivonna. Emby casts Emby's Wings from her spellbook upon each of the horses, and the party pushes their horses and themselves near to death in the flight back to Gwivonna. When they arrive, they immediately spread out to watch the town; Damir bids Peregrine, Amilyn, and Emby to hide while he warns the townfolk. Damir climbs up onto the Giant's Boot Tavern to announce to the townfolk that they should head for the schoolhouse/temple; as he says this, the black dragon appears behind him and breathes acid against his back. The tavern's roof collapses, but Damir jumps free and stands on the edge of the roof. The dragon circles to crush him, and Damir dodges the attack at the last instant. In a fit of rage, Damir begins to threaten the dragon with the following oath, one paragraph per round:
"This inn-house is blessed by Fharlanghn, protector of the weary traveler. He will not stand for your selfish acts.
This inn-house is watched over by Ehlonna, the Huntress. She will guide our arrows to your cold, black heart.
This inn-house is guarded by Pelor. The mighty sun shall cast you down into the burning pits of Hell where you belong!
By Peregrine's arrows and Amilyn's cudgels, you shall be brought to Earth!
By the magicks of Emby Mocmar, you shall be bound!
And by the blade of Damir Krupalija, you will spill your life's blood this very day!"
Damir leaps onto the dragon's back as the dragon pushes the tavern walls down; Damir slices at the wing and drops to the ground to dodge the dragon's attacks. Peregrine, finding his arrows useless against the dragon's magically-reinforced hide, runs to Damir's aid. The dragon attacks and wounds Damir and Peregrine while Emby attacks with spells and Amilyn casts assist-spells on Damir. Damir, now Hasted and shielded, continues to attack the dragon until it leaps away into the air. When it does, Damir begins to climb back onto the tavern, and from there onto the inn. The dragon swoops to attack Damir, but Damir bluffs it and leaps onto its back. The dragon takes Damir aloft, planning to buck him off from a great height; Damir slashes at the dragon's eyes, blinding it once again with a deep slash from his flaming sword. Seeing the dragon's plan, Emby casts Fly from a scroll upon herself and chases after him. Seeing that his luck may have run out, Damir slashed at the dragon's crippled wing, crossed his arms, and dove off the back of the dragon before it could buck him off. He mutters a short prayer to Fharlanghn as he falls, asking him not to fail him now. As luck would have it, Emby dives for Damir and manages to barely catch him, breaking his fall but breaking his arm in the process. Damir heals himself and continues attacking the dragon, now with his bow and holy arrows. The dragon whirls, breathes acid at Peregrine and misses, and swoops to level the inn-house. One last volley of arrows from Peregrine brings the dragon low, tumbling him into the innhouse and collapsing a wall onto Damir as the dragon is teleported away. The party digs Damir from the rubble and quickly heals themselves. They then retrieve and heal the horses and ride for the edge of town. At the schoolhouse, Damir stops and tells the townfolk that the priests are coming and will keep them safe, asking them to stay in the schoolhouse until the priests arrive. The party then rides for Peloria. As soon as they exit the town, Damir informs Malicor of the new situation through his earring.
The party reaches Peloria the next day, and Damir requests an audience with the church leaders there. He first requests that they sent aid to his parents to rebuild the inn and tavern. He negotiates 12,000 GP in aid from the priests, promising them that he will send them his 14,250 GP share of treasure from Bastion in return. Damir then asks that they watch over his family and the Mocmar family and bring them to safety should they be attacked. He tells the priests to contact him should they be attacked and he will come protect them, but until them he wants the priests to keep an eye on them. Peregrine then negotiates an enchantment for his bow and commissions some magical arrows; Amilyn negotiates an enchantement to her light mace and commissions some boots of speed; and Emby gets monetary assistance from Damir and Peregrine (2200 GP from Damir, 1500 from Peregrine) for a ring of teleportation (usable once per day, able to teleport 3 creatures plus the wearer). Damir requests a single-use amulet of raise dead, for which the party all contributes; this item is given to Amilyn for safekeeping. The party will have to spend over two weeks in Peloria while the enchantments are completed, so Peregrine and Amilyn remain there. Meanwhile, Damir and Emby return to Tantor to research the book on Fharlanghn's temple they had found in the Citadel. Emby spends the majority of the trip to Tantor berating Damir for his choice of strategy in fighting the dragon; the only point he manages to "score" is that the dragon, while it may be raised, is now dead. He figures that it was being kept alive for some reason, so killing it must've been somewhat bad for the Necromancer. They spend twelve days there researching. RESULTS OF RESEARCH HERE. Based on something Emby has found, she asks that she be allowed to head to Mount Pon either with the party or alone; she wishes to trade knowledge of magical item creation for a magical item she has (Maximize powder) and to try to convice more mages to assist with sacking Drummond. The party agrees to go with her and spend a day or two in Mount Pon, then teleport ahead to the Citadel.
While at Mount Pon, Damir attempts to recruit some wizarding students to his cause, with some moderate success. Because of his relationship to Emby, one of the other students tries to ambush him. He had suspected this man (who had taken Emby to the play oh so long ago) and was prepared; Amilyn and Peregrine helped Damir counter the ambush. Emby decides that she must leave the party for a while to continue her research, and the rest of the party teleports to Bastion with plans to head for the Citadel.

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