A Town of Cards

When he returns home the first evening, Damir is confronted by his father about what he was doing in Nevermoor. Damir attempts to dodge and weave and nicely bluffs his way out of most of the conversation, telling his father that he was helping the priests and received the scar defending them. When his father questions this, Damir tells him that perhaps the priest who treated him for his injury was only an apprentice, explaining the imperfect healing. Markus doesn't fully buy this, but Damir's lies are so convincing that he goes along with this story for now; Damir promises that he will be travelling to Tantor next, and tells his father that he is going there to perform. Markus calls Matilda up so that Damir can tell her this as well; he does so, convincingly. Markus then asks Damir if he's seen his "friends," the whores. Damir tells him that he has, and tosses him a gold piece so that he can check out for himself whether he sleeps with them or not. Damir bids them goodnight. In the morning, Damir leaves to run a few final errands; he meets with Chastity (as detailed above), heads to Malicor's to pick up the book (also detailed above), and then heads back to the Silky Doll. Damir disguises his scar with some makeup he purchases in town (purchases Disguise Kit), then heads off to the Silky Doll. He slips Chastity a note thanking her in Elvish for the wonderful lunch, then pays for his tokens and enters. He takes four women into the room and bids them farewell with a small party, letting his scar show briefly so that the ones who saw it before will see that it is "healing." As he comes out into the main room, he finds that there is a pot being collected to see who can get Damir into bed. Damir takes the next four in and again parties with them, then repeats with another two. So far, he has seen all of the girls except for Xandra Jasper, the dominatrix, and a younger girl named Lianna who is quite taken with him. She has made herself unavailable when he was inviting groups into rooms. Damir takes Xandra into a room to speak with her; she is disappointed that he only wants to talk. Damir asks her about her wizard clientelle, and she tells him about one odd one, an orc. Damir recognizes the description from the assassin's interrogation and thinks that this is the same man. Xandra asks who these people are, and Damir tells her not to be concerned with them. He asks what the wizard purchases, and Xandra tells him that only wizards are interested in that stuff. Xandra asks why he might be interested in this since he is not a wizard… is he? Damir refuses to answer this directly at first, simply smiling slightly evilly at her with a twinkle in his eye. Damir casts a prestidigitation in front of her face to impress her, and she gasps. She shows him the vial of fiery orange liquid and tells him that it is something called "liquid pleasure." She tells him that she tried a drop on her skin once, and it certainly felt pleasurable. He pays her for the vial with his last gem, a diamond worth 250 GP. She wishes him good luck, and he replies, "She's stayed with me so far." Getting back into "character," Xandra snorts and asks if that is who he's saving himself for. Damir retorts, "Who says I'm saving myself?" She saunters up to him, bares her fangs and runs a fingernail down the back of his neck; she tells him to tell her his deal. Damir smirks and says, "Perhaps I'm just too damn talkative." He then chuckles and says, "Or perhaps I just wanted to be a friend to those who have few." Surprised at this, Xandra pulls her head back and looks at him, asking if that was a compliment or an insult. He tells her that it is simply a statement of fact; he doesn't agree with how people put them below others, and he wanted to partially rectify that situation. She tells him thank you and nuzzles his neck just as the lamplight fades. He gives her a quick hug and then turns to walk out of the door. Finally, he is down in the main room looking for the last girl he owes a goodbye to. Liana has done herself up majestically in a dramatically elegant dress and has perfumed herself with an apple-like scent. Liana takes him into the room, and they begin to talk. She asks how she looks, and Damir tells her she looks beautiful. She sneakily tells him to play it for her, so he improvises some "theme music" for her on his piccolo, closing his eyes. She dances around him, trailing a silk scarf across his skin and warming him up quite a bit. When Damir finally does open his eyes, he sees that the dress comes apart… and is, in fact, scattered across the room. Liana is standing in her lingerie. She asks him to show her how to play the piccolo, and Damir agrees to show her. She rubs against him as he shows her at first, and when he moves away to sit, she lounges across his lap. After showing her for a while, Damir reaches for his piccolo. Liana quickly slips it down her bodice, telling him he has to take it back if he wants it. Damir smiles and tells her that she'll have to give it back when he leaves. She tells him that he's being immature and charges him to pounce him; as she does, Damir deftly grabs the piccolo without touching her. She pulls a release and her bodice falls to the bed, but Damir slides quickly out from under her. When she pounces again, Damir rolls her and pins her, trying to tell her that he doesn't want to sleep with her. She is very upset, and Damir lets her up and gestures for her to sit next to him. By this time, however, she is too angry and begins to shout at him. Damir calms her down after a while, but only by blocking her exit and telling her the truth: he is saving himself for another woman. He doesn't reveal who, however. He talks to her for a while, apologizing and then making it up to her by being nice. She tells him she won't tell the other girls, but he should. As he's leaving, she withdraws from the pool. Damir walks out the door, again casting Damir's Distraction on Chastity; this time, however, he pulls it to mimic casting as a third- rather than fifth-level bard. He is hoping that she will now be happy just seeing him without the spell being required, but is still trying to condition her to be happier - a dangerous game, but he feels he must try. He then walks out of the Silky Doll and returns home to leave town. His mother sees him, however, as he is sneaking out. She calls his father out to see him off. Markus tells Damir to be careful. He tells Damir that if he gets into anything illegal or immoral, he'll spend the gold and hire Peregrine to hunt Damir down. Damir jokingly says that his dad is just upset because Damir can take him now; Markus challenges him to a fistfight. Damir sighs and acts like he's starting to take his armor off, then casts Puff and Gone and walks off. He meets Peregrine a little ways down the road after Markus has asked Peregrine if Damir was helping him hunt. Markus also asks Peregrine to keep Damir safe. Damir and Peregrine are off to Tantor now, and the trips is uneventful.

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