An Unexpected Army

The party’s arrival in Bastion comes as something of a surprise, but they quickly inform the priests of their plans. They warn the priests that they are worried about an attack on Bastion, the Citadel, Peloria, or possibly more than one of those targets—they’ve learned that Drummond isn’t the type to sit around and wait while he’s besieged. They then quickly set off and pass the next few days en route to the Citadel.
On the last day of travel, Peregrine’s keen eyes spot a pair of trolls on a nearby hillside. The party begins to sneak toward them to find out what is going on, but they spot Amilyn and come rushing toward the party. The fight is made the more bitter when the party realizes that the trolls regenerate, but thankfully Damir’s trusty flaming blade causes them permanent harm. Both are rendered unconscious and dispatched by Damir’s blade. During this execution, Damir comes to a sudden “out of body” moment where he realizes what he’s currently spending his life doing; he mutters to himself about this, but the party does not respond. Peregrine, meanwhile, searches the area and finds evidence of many more people/creatures (probably goblinoids) and a recently-abandoned campsite. Damir asks Peregrine to go ahead of him and Amilyn as quickly as possible and recon, turning back should he find anything. Peregrine sneaks ahead of the other two. Many hours later, during the night, Peregrine spots an encampment only a few miles from the Citadel. He turns back to meet up with the party.
On his way back to Damir and Amilyn, Peregrine is accosted by an illusory vision. (DETAILS HERE). He is given his uncle’s ear and a letter telling him that Drummond has his uncle, but that they will trade for Damir. Peregrine, of course, is livid at this indignity, but there is an important job at hand. When the party regroups, Peregrine informs the other two that there is a goblinoid-and-giant army ahead, only a few miles from the Citadel. Damir suggests that they teleport to the Citadel to warn the priests, then ambush the soldiers. The others agree, and the party teleports to their former “safe house” in the Citadel. Damir runs to warn the priests to pull in their patrol and erect whatever defenses they can. The party then leaves the Citadel. Once outside, Peregrine and Amilyn start slathering themselves in swamp muck. Damir begins to do so as well once he realizes they’re masking their scents, but tentatively. When they look at him and tell him to put it on better, he sighs and falls into the mud, rolling around and covering himself completely, then rubbing mud on his sword blade to reduce the chance of it glinting should he draw it. They begin to sneak up on the attacking army, but they are heard by one of the guards, a human. To maintain some part of the element of surprise, Peregrine chooses this moment to attack, killing a goblin (who is wearing some sort of war paint). During the confusion while everyone is waking up, Peregrine and Amilyn fire into the crowd while Damir creates an illusion of summoning a team of priests. He then moves in to get the attention of as many of the goblinoids as he can. One of the guards, the human, rushes him; Damir’s very surprised to realize that it’s Brokk. The two square off for an instant, and Damir tells Brokk that if he runs now, Damir won’t have to hurt him. Brokk considers this for a moment and decides not to fight Damir, at least not now. He calls the retreat, and the painted goblins follow him. Damir then, having recognized the bugbear who seemed to be leading the troupe (from when he was imprisoned in Drummond’s hideout), shouts to him, “I remember you! I never got to say thank you for your bag of potions.” This had the desired effect; Damir immediately became a primary target. Damir then drops the illusion (which will persist for a few rounds), hastes himself and Peregrine, and begins to slowly retreat. Peregrine now rains down feathered death upon the bugbear and others while Damir draws most of the fire from the goblins and the giants. Unfortunately, some wargs that had been out patrolling return to harass the party. Fortunately, Peregrine kills the bugbear in time, throwing the army into disarray. Having killed a few goblins, the bugbear, and a giant, the party is beginning to become overwhelmed with the full force of the army. Damir uses his Thundering Song ability to shock many of the army into stunned stupor momentarily, then calls for the retreat while their haste spells are still active. He’s being pursued by wargs, so he fires holy arrows into one, killing it, and then retreats. Amilyn activates her haste power (her boots) and then follows, with Peregrine close behind. They return to the Citadel to tell the priests that the army may have been routed but that they should still prepare for attack, and that the party would be sleeping at the Citadel that night. Damir then went out to find Brokk, since he hadn’t headed for the Citadel as Damir had told him to. Damir told Brokk about who he’d been working with (unknowingly) and left him some papers (the rumor mills) that described… sort of… what Damir had been doing since he’d left Gwivonna. He then left, telling Brokk to either help fight or get away.
The next day, the party went to see if they could recover the corpse of the bugbear. They did, and they found him relatively intact, so they decided to teleport with him to Bastion in order to interrogate him. They told the priests at the Citadel that they’d be going to Bastion, then teleported there.

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