What Went Up. . . .

Damir and Peregrine left Nevermoor and spent 24 days walking back to Peloria. The first three days were uneventful, but on the fourth day the pair were charged by three horse-sized hedgehogs. These gigantic creatures made a dreadfully loud howling sound as they attacked Damir and Peregrine. Damir and Peregrine both fired to protect themselves, but the creatures were incredibly fast; they were both severely wounded. Thankfully, Peregrine managed to wound one and Damir another, and while the creatures retreated momentarily, both Peregrine and Damir vanished (P = potion of invis, D = Puff and Gone). The two tried to hide behind some rocks, but one of the beasts saw them; they waited, bows at the ready, as it barrelled down on them. At seemingly the last second, both let fly their arrows and drove the beast to the ground. The death throes of the beast frightened off the other two, and Peregrine kept firing at the wounded one to ensure their retreat. After a short discussion, Damir and Peregrine decided to track down the beasts in to protect other travellers from such an ambush. They followed the trail to a smallish cave in the mountains; there, the howlers had been attacked and wounded. The nature of the wounds and the bootprints near the cave piqued Damir's and Peregrine's interests, so they decided to find out about the new occupants of the cave. Damir cast Ghost Sound to recreated the noise of the howlers, drawing two short-bow-armed warriors out of the cave. Meanwhile, Damir and Peregrine remained out of sight, bows at the ready. Through the Speak with Allies spell Damir had cast, Peregrine told Damir to contact the pair while Peregrine remained hidded. Damir hit them both with Damir's Distraction spells, then began to let the Ghost Sounds die off as though the howlers were leaving the area. Damir closed, bow in his off-hand only, to speak with the warriors; he talked circles around them literally and figuratively until Peregrine had flanking position on them. Damir asked what they were doing there; they lied poorly, so Damir spoke to them some more until their guard had dropped. Once the two lowered their bows, Damir brought his up and talked them into surrendering, in part thanks to his maintained spells. He hobbled them with his rope, then briefly explored the cave. Finding little of interest except for some backpacks with "climbing gear" and a spring in them and a small sack of money, Damir interrogated the captives. He and Peregrine worked the truth out of them through threats and close-fired arrows (Damir: "Do you have children?" "Raider: "No… what? Why?" Damir: <Peregrine, fire an arrow into his lap; try to miss him, please.> *as arrow arrives* "Do you want to?"). They admitted that they were working with some raiders who might be returning in a couple of days. Damir and Peregrine set up the "climbing gear," which was really the equipment required to set up a spike trap. They then waited for the other raiders for two days, but the others never arrived. After that, Damir and Peregrine trussed the captives and walked them along the road to Peloria. Another 17 days passed rather uneventfully, but 4 days out from Peloria some stirges attacked the party in the forest. The stirges picked on the unarmed, trussed men first, nearly killing one; the second was grievously injured (Con drain), so Damir turned him invisible so he could escape. Peregrine fired at the collected stirges as they rushed Damir, and Damir quickly turned himself invisible to flee as well. Damir and Peregrine managed to then drive off a few more; the ones that had fed their fill fled, and Damir cast a healing spell on the fallen captive. They returned to their journey and finally returned to Peloria to turn in their captives.

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