You Rock My World

In the morning, Damir wakes up to the taste of leaves and the realization that he really is out in the woods for the night. Emby, Dextra, and he all eat some breakfast and walk a little ways to a stream to clean up and fill their water skins. Dextra leaves to get her bearings and to scout a good path, and Emby and Damir have a chat about Dextra. When Dextra finally returns, the ground begins to shake in a massive quake; Dextra tells Damir and Emby to run clear of the trees, but instead Damir charges toward her to cover her from falling branches. Neither Damir nor Dextra is actually hit by anything sizeable, and Dextra begins to chew out Damir for his brashness. Damir falls to the ground laughing; his fall causes the weakened ground upon which he and Dextra are standing to cave in, dropping them 18 feet into some kind of underground room. Dextra is injured, and Damir heals her, then casts a dancing lights spell. They begin to try to gain their bearings and find out how to get out of this pit. They are in a long hall made of cut stone with support pillars roughly every 20 feet; by torchlight, Damir and Dextra cannot see much more than this. They do notice a fine layer of dust covering everything in sight. The walls are 15' apart, and the corridor runs north-south. Damir sees that Emby, still above, is injured slightly; he asks if she is okay, and upon hearing that she is, he asks her to retrieve his piccolo for him. Emby does so, then scoots too close to the edge of the hole and falls in. She casts feather fall upon herself to prevent more injury; not knowing this, Damir rushes to catch her unnecessarily. Damir uses his dancing lights to illuminate up and down the corridor; to the north, they see a largish humanoid corpse covered with giant pony-sized ants, and to the south the corridor seems to be blocked off. The ants take note of the party and move towards Dextra, who has taken a defensive position just in case the ants did move in to attack. Damir fires his bow at the first ant to approach, missing but beginning combat. Damir and Emby begin the battle with bows, but Emby becomes worried that Dextra won't be able to fend off all the ants should we miss too much; Emby rushes over with her halfspear to try to attack an ant, and she is bitten and rendered unconscious. Damir and Dextra fight off the rest of the advance force of ants and use the last of their healing salve and healing potion. Emby recovers, and they all begin scouting for a way out They loot the dead orc, finding a longsword, a rapier, and an orc double-axe. They also find a magical sphere that glows and sheds light as a torch (?). Searching the hallway, the party finds a loose rock that opens to a cave. From there, everyone escapes to the surface and flees until they cross the brook, breaking up their scent trail. The party then continues on toward Mt. Pon, but it soon becomes clear that the deadline will pass before they reach their destination. Emby fights camp the night before the deadline, and Damir agrees; they forced-march the final day to within sight of Mt. Pon. Finally, they sit to rest and Emby passes out. Damir argues for a time about carrying her closer, but finally he falls and passes out as well. Dextra, amused, soon falls asleep.

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