Mmm! Yummy Cold Revenge!

Damir spent the night at his parents' inn and then left early in the morning to make his deliveries to Malicor and then leave for Tantor. He picked up his statue from Mr. Frink and took it to Malicor's house. He delivered Miss Bliss's note and the statue, giving Malicor quite a start until he read the note. He then left and found Ferella following him, telling him she was going with him to Tantor. They made their way, taking about 3 days, without any major interruptions. They visited the Mocmars; apparently, Emby had written them about the trip to Mount Pon. Damir told them "the whole story," glossing over or omitting everything vaguely dangerous and implying that the difficulties in getting Emby admitted were only due to a misunderstanding. During this monologue, Ferella decided to pick on Damir in revenge for the whole "Silky" thing; she asked him to tell them about "her favorite part of the story," the part involving the KOBOLD CAVE. Damir glossed over this, claiming Emby and Dextra scared most of the kobolds away and that Emby put the rest to sleep. They freed a prisoner and all was well. By the time Damir and Ferella had finished chatting with the Mocmars, it was mid-evening. The Mocmars asked that Damir and Ferella stay the night there. Ferella stayed in Emby's room; Damir rolled out a bedroll on the living room floor. Entering Emby's room brought back a flood of memories for Damir; he found it very difficult to concentrate while in there. Damir and Ferella slept that night with the intention of getting up in the morning, finding a place for Ferella, and getting her acquainted with Tantor. Then Damir planned to head back to Gwivonna.

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