Gerolamo Xanthe

Gerolamo is a muscular man of slightly below average height. He fancies himself a smith, but he's sort of an average one at best; most of his musculature is a bit of a put-on. Despite his limited skill in the practicalities of smithing, he is a creative and inventive designer. He's worked with the miners of Golddale for many years, consulting on designs for mining and refining equipment; he's developed a respectable knowledge of mining equipment and the requirements of large-scale construction during that time.

Gerolamo is a bit odd on the Isle in that his job does not require much physical labor but he chooses to lift weights and swim vigorously on a daily basis. He looks a little younger than his actual 50 years as a result. Fittingly, he has focused much of his learning and teaching in transmutation magic; in the years he's worked in Golddale, his designs and magical instruction have improved the safety in the mines significantly.

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