Geskas Andan

Geskas Andan Exterior

Food in Geskas Andan includes lots of fish and water-grown fungi and vegetables. Stews, soups, and gumbo-like concoctions are common. They also make peasantbread-pots with fish, lamb, and pig.

  1. Guardhouse
  2. Powered smithy equipment
  3. Market square
  4. Stables
  5. Stone arch bridge
  6. Elevated wood-and-stone footbridge
  7. Scenic overlook
  8. Undeveloped parkland
  9. South Face Gear ("adventuring" equipment and high-end traveling gear)
  10. The Rainbow (upscale innhouse, 3 gp or 5 gp for single rooms (dep. on view; 16 rooms)
  11. The Golden Goblet (upscale restaurant and tavern w/ meals ranging from 1 gp to 5 gp)
  12. Anja's Rest Home (massage, sauna, pool)
  13. Geghard's Grove (apothecary and enchanter)
  14. Eternity (jewelry)
  15. V&E Clothier (high-end clothing and accessories)
  16. Shrine (small altars at center and 8 cardinal points)
  17. Translator's Guildhouse (scribes and translators)
  18. Drafthouse (common-quality inn and tavern; 24 rooms)
  19. F&F (Ferrier & Feed)
  20. South Mountain Draughts (brewery)
  21. Pots and Pans (blacksmithy; shared forge vented through city wall)
  22. Axe and Pick (blacksmithy; shared forge vented through city wall)
  23. Girdle and Glove (blacksmithy; shared forge vented through city wall)
  24. Waterwheel, 50' diameter
  25. Dirt and stone footpath along river

Geskas Andan Interior, Middle Level

Behind northernmost guard post, a 50' x 200' corridor leads into the mountain to a 300' x 300' room. This room is similar to the smelting facility in Hallvar, containing lots of metalworkers and upper level mining machinery. On the northwest of the room is a 20'-wide guarded ramp that spirals up to the upper level. The north and northeast walls hold the mining lifts that lead down into the lower levels where the actual mining is being done.

Geskas Andan Interior, Lower Levels

TODO mines

Geskas Andan Interior, Upper Level

  1. Guard house and armory
  2. Stone bridge
  3. Piers
  4. Fishery
  5. Warehouse/Larder
  6. Stables
  7. Pen w/ fungal field for stables
  8. Lake Smith (combined smithy)
  9. Gardeners' dwelling
  10. Pint 'o Bread (brewpub)
  11. V&E Clothier Undermountain (clothier)
  12. Sweetbreads and More (bakery)
  13. Lady Svetlana (healer)
  14. Mistworks Glass and Pottery (pottery and glasswares)
  15. Scribe/Historian and library
  16. Hometown Goods (general store)
  17. Ridgi's Rubies and Rocks (jeweler)
  18. Tiny Miners Toys (toymaker)
  19. Schoolhouse
  20. Orbán's (enchanter)
  21. Manor and Public Hall (public meeting room + major's house)
  22. Barracks
  23. Pickaxe 312 (general store)
  24. The Twisted Beard (tavern)
  25. Shrine to Rubreka (goddess of magic and scribes)
  26. Shrine to Vongrim Blackbeard (god of death and birth)
  27. Shrine to Steoma Harlalode (goddess of nature)
  28. Shrine to Babyr Thodar (god of trade and merchants)
  29. Shrine to St. Ambrvae Cuthbert (godess of the sky and justice)
  30. Shrine to Va Zuth (god of sun)
  31. Shrine to Moradin Cuthbert (god of the forge)
  32. Shrine to Azagon Ironstaff (god of combat)
  33. Shrine to Ridgi (goddess of secrets and trickery)
  34. Family dwellings
  35. Mill

Geskas Andan - Hidden Lake Isle

  1. Statue #1 - ~6' tall stone statue of an older dharven woman, proud but heavyset, with complexly-braided hair woven with beads. She holds an ivory staff inlaid with decorative runes, sapphires, and rubies.
  2. Statue #2 - ~6' tall stone statue of a strongly-built dharven man with unruly hair and an unkempt beard. He stands proudly on his pedestal, a golden axe-hammer hung in his stone belt.
  3. Statue #3 - ~6' tall stone statue of a strongly-built dharven woman, lean and muscular. She has an ornate braid in her hair, guiding it to a pile that cascades down her back. She is holding a stone mace and breastplate and wearing a silver and gold helmet.
  4. Stone thrones
  5. These statues are only 4' tall and look down the stairs; they appear to be youthful dharven warriors wearing full plate and wielding squarish shields and crossbows.
  6. Stone staircases
  7. Wooden pier

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