Geskas, Undone

This session starts with the PCs' arrival to the city of Geskas Andan.

Rough Outline

see Geskas Andan information page for details about locations in the city

  1. Arrive in city late in evening - scenic overlook and discussion of what to do
  2. inns - party in Drafthouse except for Aida and YM in rich inn
  3. day 2, Darias finds out about inner-city passes, signs up and tells party
  4. 4 days of hanging out topside
    1. Maleos research w/ enchanter
    2. Aida & YM sparring, meeting some town guards
    3. Darias crafting
    4. Jotham crafting, then heading out to check up on animals in area (tells party he'll be around and they can find him whenever they want to continue north)
    5. Saul at shrine a lot; also disappears occasionally. Sometimes turns up to watch Aida & YM spar or to check in with Darias or Maleos
  5. on day 6 in town, get inner-city passes and are escorted deep into city
  6. days 6-10 in town, darias researching; other things happening
  7. day 11, island day
  8. days 12-15, research for maleos, darias
  9. days 16 and 17, maleos mapping, darias working
  10. day 18, party leaves GA to head into aelphin city to northeast

Arrival in External Marketplace


  • Maleos trading w/ enchanter
  • Jotham crafting coldcrystal, then going naturalist-ing
  • Saul occasionally around, but party not entirely sure what he's doing
  • Darias crafting armor
  • Aida and Y-M pampering and sparring; making friends with guards

Inner City

  • Party goes into mountainside and sees first dharven inside-city
  • 4 more days killed doing research, etc.

There's Something About Lake

day spent on the lake w/ the mysterious island

Say Goodbye to Spa-llywood

4 days spent researching; another 2 in town as Maleos updates maps

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