We're Getting the Band Back Together

Uphill in the Mud, Both Ways

This is a draft proposal for the first session - needs to be rewritten a little bit to deal with change to order of operations

As the campaign opens, spring is nearly upon the Isle. The Sunbreak Holiday is coming up. This two-day feast would usually signify the start of planting, but this spring has been exceptionally wet. The rain has been mild but steady for weeks, and most of the farms are still nothing more than sticky mudholes. The unpaved roads are no better than mucky streams; the paving stones are in danger of sliding out of place on the more well-maintained roads. In a bid to bring an end to the rains, the priests of Violetford have decided to perform a special ceremony to Pelor at the start of the grand feast, hoping to gain his attention so that his warming light will gently pierce the veil of clouds shrouding the island.

In preparation for the grand feast, Maleos has been slogging through the muck and mire for the past week, trudging the well-trodden route between Violetford and Golddale. Officially, he's on a grand errand for his father's business, arranging for the delivery of a large number of mountain berries from Golddale to Violetford. However, Maleos has his own plans to attend to as well. He's been keeping tabs on some childhood friends, and he has a cunning plan to get the band back together for the festival.

Moira has been living in Golddale for many years. She's long since been in service to the church and has worked her way from novice to initiate. Thanks to her position as a scholar in the rites and ceremonies of Pelor (and due somewhat to her family's political staus), she's been selected to travel to Violetford to observe the upcoming ceremonies. This is both a great honor and a great responsibility, as she is expected to study the ritual intently and commit as much of it as possible to memory.

TODO Tristan's status - need to figure out how Maleos will have coordinated meeting up with him in Golddale. Maleos will try to convince him to come to Violetford with him to see everyone.

Finally, Maleos has found out that Darias is nearly finished with his final project for Mastersmith Torin. With the completion of his project, Darias will attain his journeyman status and will finally be able to set up his own shop. Maleos plans to convince him to blow off his work for just a couple of weeks to go on one last tear - after all, isn't this upcoming holiday just the perfect excuse?

Daybreak on the 15th of April finds Maleos less than a day outside of Golddale, even accounting for the poor road conditions. For once, he has little in the way of merchandise for the trip, and his father's lieutenants can be trusted to manage the return journey with the berries once Maleos has negotiated a deal. All that stands between him and a nice "spring break bender" with his childhood friends is the negotiation of a good deal on mountain berries… and the roads between Golddale, Brightmill, and on home to Violetford….


Start with Maleos visiting Brightmill - set up same as on wiki, but diff starting point

Ceremony between Ted & master, finished with handing trademark over.
"One last thing for you to do before you leave my shop. Open those shutters, willya? It's goddamn hot in here."

Darias does, sees Maleos trying vainly to hide just outside (had arranged meetup beforehand with Darias's master).

Scene ends with Darias telling Maleos, "Well, let's get drunk!"

Later, in Timor's:

Darias: "So, playing hooky?"
Maleos: "Had some business, took care of it, now I'm free. Was thinking about settling our long-standing dispute about who's sneakiest."
*good-natured ribbing back and forth for a few*
Maleos: proposal is to trick one another until one can't explain to the other what the other did
Darias: "Okay. No using magic, though."

On the way out of town, just happen to run into Tristan escorting rare cart of paper-trees into the town.

A little small talk while they all meet up and reintroduce selves to one another.

Tristan gets paid on delivery, then talks to Darias and Maleos.

Flooded out road - divert to forest path

Get rolled by Abennar Botterill. Gold, some spell components, bowmaking tools (Tristan), and sunrods stolen (Tristan again)

Head toward Violetford. Pass group of wizards and priests trying to clear up road. Head into the guardhouse. Hear clatterings and clashing in the back, old guy holding down the desk.

Reporting what happened with flood and with assault.

Guard calls out, "Hey, Tyb, come on out here. GOt something for you."

Very good shape middle-age gentleman comes out, toweling off face. Followed closely by practically a girl (very young woman).

While Tristan and Maleos finishing report, Aida slips out and heads out to bar to question whoever's there.

Meanwhile, Darias at bar asks for tab, starts drinking (shows trademark for credit).

Aida walks in and sees Darias at bar (Fiddler's Fig). Looks older, wider, and… dirtier.

Aida: "What the hell happened to you, brother?"
Darias does a double take.
Aida: "I Hear you lost a fight with a tree."
Darias: "Hmmph. Nice costume." Makes a mental note to put the smack down on Maleos later. Also looks disapprovingly at Aida's armor.
Aida: reaches back, slides her hammer forward. "Perhaps I could give you a hand next time."
Darias: "Axes are a little better against the trees."
Aida: "You think?"
Darias: "You sure you should be walking around with that thing out in the open?"
Aida: "You sure you should be asking such questions when you're obviously three sheets to the wind?"
Darias: "That is the best time to ask such questions."
Aida: "Well, I'd be drinking heavily, too, if a tree whipped my ass. Welcome home, brother." Big hug.

Maleos and Tristan walk in at this point.

Tristan: "So the guy gets his ass kicked by a tree, walks into town, gets drunk, and the next time we see him, he's getting some? What the fuck?"

Maleos walks up to Aida and Darias and says, "Oh, so you two know each other!"

more conversation

Maleos: "You had a sister named Aida?" In a hushed whisper of surprise "TAGALONG?"
Aida: turns to Maleos "Oh, you'd like to meet Tagalong?" holds up warhammer


Aida: "Well, I have to go feed Mousetrap."
Darias: "What?"
Aida: "That's what I named the cat I took in after you left."
Darias: "Oh… that's… nice."
Aida has look on her face like, "Oh, shit, I've said too much," then books it for the door.

Maleos sends a messenger back to dad to beg for some coin.
Darias heads to mom's inn a little later.
Tristan staying with mom and uncle.
Maleos goes home.

Darias Goes Home

Drunkenly stumbling home at 1 or 2 AM
grumping away from any watchmen
dour when heading home, thinking about shitty day and horrible fight where he didn't even get to fight
comes up to house; stops outside wracked with guilt/bad memories
walks to door and knocks

Aida opens the door. "Are you really knocking?"
Darias: "I forgot I don't have a place to stay."
Aida snakes arm out and pulls him in
Aida has set up table with two chairs, and something is bubbling away over the fire. Aida goes over and starts pouring some hopefully-tea into the mugs
Darias: "I take it mother's asleep?"
Aida: "The chickens haven't woken yet. Mother's asleep." Aida pushes mug into Darias's hands.
Darias drinks tentatively. "So, I guess my room is… what, being rented out now?"
Aida indicates a pallet made up in front of the hearth.
Darias puts down drink, stumbles to pallet, and passes out.
Aida's last words that night: "Who's a tagalong now?"

Next session will start 'tomorrow' in-game. To date, PCs earned 150 XP each.

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