Rollergirl Character

Name: Jennifer Mullen
Derby Name: Glamazon
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 115 lb
Archetype: Athlete/Crowd Pleaser

Absolutely gorgeous, with a capital Hot. Athletically built.


Body: 15
Brain: 9
Nerve: 12

Health Points: 15

Yum Yums: 2


  • Stunt Driving +3
  • Kick Boxing +2
  • Magic Tricks/Sleight of Hand +1

Character Traits

Job - Model: 10
Team: St. Louis Archrivals Rollergirls - and Saint Lunachix
Uniform: Standard pink and black outfit with fishnets, etc. She adds red racing stripes to her arms (armbands) and helmet.
Derby Role - Jammer: 14
Gimmick - Tougher Than She Looks: 13

Weakness - Something to Prove: 13

Character Backstory

Who Would Play Her in the Movie? Jessica Alba (black haired Jessica Alba)
Tag Line: "Don't let the looks fool ya, lady."
Dumb Fact: Loves getting into her car through the window.

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