Glitter Bomb


  1. Glitter Bomb is just a tentative name
  2. Pegasus with crystal heritage somewhere in ancestry
  3. Sheds glitter clouds when super-excited; also spews huge glitter burst with head-bump (pony equivalent of a chest-bump)
  4. Either a member or a member-in-training of the Wonderbolts, ideally
  5. Really excited about competitive flying and formation flying; think massive football fan
  6. Sporty and energetic in a jock kink of way



First set of rolls were:
16, 17, 14, 7, 15, 13

Attribute Score Modifier Magic
Str xx xx 0
Dex xx xx 0
Con xx xx 0
Int xx xx 0
Wis xx xx 0
Cha xx xx 0

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