Golddale (Isle of Mist)


  1. Furthest of the cities
  2. Located atop a smaller but larger and flatter hill
  3. Heavily into mining and forestry
  4. Smallest of the cities
    1. Around 16,000 people
  5. Cultural Notes
    1. Only place where you can find large quantities of iced milk
      1. made from their goats' milk plus imported sweetener and salt
      2. frozen for storage in the lake and kept in the cold mines
    2. Pack goats work the mines and also used for milk
      1. very big - size of pony
      2. bred to be more cooperative
      3. still very sure-footed
    3. Roughest of the cities
      1. Carries more weapons and heavy equipment than anywhere else on the Isle.
      2. Sort of self-policing because the older miners know to keep the violence levels to a low roar so that they keep enough workers to keep the mines active.
    4. Mining
      1. More vacation time in Golddale than you might think because the minework is so difficult. Can't afford to stop the mine by killing workers.
      2. Miner-mages assist with mining particularly by building enchanted devices to assist with difficult and dangerous mining tasks. Mining is still dangerous, but not nearly as dangerous as it would be without the miner-mages.
  6. City Layout
    1. Laid out like a mining town - a bit less organic/more planned than Violetford with a gridded structure of sorts
    2. Lots of boarding houses, inns, taverns, and stables.

Key Landmarks

Need names and architectural styles for these.

  1. Temple
  2. Watch House
  3. Militia Barracks
  4. Couple of different larger mines


  1. Miners
  2. Messengers (small station)
  3. Smiths
  4. Enchanters (small)
  5. Healers (small)
  6. Hunters
  7. Armorers (small)
  8. Woodworkers (small)
  9. Merchants (small)

Tentative Notes

Suggested by Ted

  • Annual tradition of sending best crafts and jewelry around to show off at festivals in other cities and large towns.
  • People of Golddale are very rugged and live a rough-and-tumble life compared to the other city-dwellers, and they think of themselves as tougher and more skilled than other cityfolk for that reason.
  • Smaller militia than Violetford's, but due to training in the cold and at altitude, they think of themselves as more than equal to Violetford's militia. Untested, but when militiamen from the two get together, they often go to sport to test their mettle against one another.
  • Miners have slang names for various regions around the Ring Peaks, including:
    • "Ehlonna's Crotch" for the Fishstink Swamp
    • "The Mountains' Pissbowl" for the Valleysea
    • "Olidammara's Tits" for the twin Ring Peaks to the northwest of the city

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