Great Ball of Firepower


cmelliso: Venn in debrief with Tam, fire team, general while MG in medical recovery
Ted Piening: Okay, we're being debriefed all at once? Okay… Well, assuming he wants Venn to start, he'll start runnig through the events as he remembered them. He'd go through several loops we were thrown, and the mistakes, though he'd try to downplay those (the other's more than his - he doesn't want to overly disparage himself and lose the respect of his men (and womenfolk), but also want to make the others look very good… because to him, they ALL performed exceptionally, and were the real heroes of the mission. That would actually be somethg he'd make a point of. "Gold Squadron and my team performed beyond exceptionally, sir. I just tried to stay ot of their way as much as posible.") The most disparaging he'd get would be in his summation of the comm call with the base that wound up gettng some shots fired. "Have yu evr met an ISB agent? I'mpretty sure I played it to the hilt. Still, I have to admit (sounding somewhat embarrassed)… not my finest hour. Ted Piening: when it gets to the part with Tam going Imperial postal… Venn would say how he decidd there was no enough time to save the original 5, and he felt that it was more importn to get out with the general ad hi team before an overwhelming force made it to the base, but there was a… mscommuication… and yeoman Tam was already moving o rescue the priosoners. After taking out 6 entrenched troups before Sgt Lanka and Venn could arrive t back him up, he basically sinlehandedly saved the original mission package. Ted Piening: Pretty much everything else is being reported just as he saw it (though he won't metion Halcyon's outbursts)
cmelliso: Lanka's professionally at attention. You can roll to read her - Con.
Ted Piening: 18
cmelliso: Okay. You see a bit of a twitch, but nothing that you can really read.
Ted Piening: Okay, I'll answer any followup questions the general has.
Ted Piening: how does he seem to be responding to the mission surprises, my decision to abandon th prisoners, Tam, the convicts, etc.?
cmelliso: He's just listening at this point.
Ted Piening: Dour and unreadable as usual.
Ted Piening: What next?
cmelliso: What's the status of the team?"
Ted Piening: "Halcyon's down. Took a direct chest hit at near point blank range. I imagine it'll take weeks of bacta treatment before he's near 100%. Minor contusions, bruises, etc. for some of the team. therwise, we're fine."
cmelliso: "Okay. Team, you're dismissed. SSgt, LCMDR, stay."
cmelliso: The team leaves except for you and Sidara. "What can you tell me about the Major General?"
Ted Piening: "Private deCrion found him listed in the Gamma Cellblock, alone. He was being interrogated by an Imperial naval Commander… Crais, I believe the general called him (if his name is either John or Creichton, I'm going to fucking murder you…). Yeoman Minera shot off the Commander's hand, and when we abandoned the facility, we had to leave him behind. It's uncler whether or not e would have received help in time to save his life. According to the general, the commander may have got some iformation out of him. Nothing critical, but possibly damaging. Hopefully, he'll wind up takingit to his grave.The general mentioned he had vital intel to pass on to Rebel Command. When I mentioned we were under your command, he seemed to thik you'd be the perfect one to ear it, Sir." "Other than that, not much. He spoke little on the flight. Mostly rested and recuperated frm his "questioning.""
cmelliso: "SSgt, you concur with all of the LCDR's information?"
cmelliso: "Yes, sir"
cmelliso: "Anything to add, SSgt?"
cmelliso: "..No, sir."
cmelliso: "All right, LCDR, SSgt, dismissed. Stick close - I feel like I'll be speaking with both of you again very shortly. I suggest you clean up and get some rest while you can."
Ted Piening: "Thank you, Sir."
Ted Piening: attention, then leave
cmelliso: You've got maybe two hours before you're gonna be called back.
cmelliso: SSgt Lanka is breaking away quickly unless you stop her.
Ted Piening: as they're leaving in the hall… "Sgt?"
cmelliso: "Sir!"
Ted Piening: Walks caually over… "I get the feeling we're going to gt very busy very soon, but when hings have slowed down, I'd like to talk with you about a few things."
cmelliso: "Yes, sir!"
Ted Piening: "And Sgt…"
cmelliso: "Yes, sir?"
Ted Piening: Looks her in the eyes - "… thank you."
cmelliso: (very, very slight nod)
Ted Piening: Ted Piening: turns and walks away
Ted Piening: second,
Ted Piening: heading to medical to check on Halcyon
cmelliso: He's in Bacta - they actually have some. As you said, he'll be in there a while, and he might never return to active duty even with the treatment. He was pretty heavily hit.
Ted Piening: Venn tries to keep the mask up, but it's pretty clear that he's feeli' guilty.
Ted Piening: Stares at Halcyon in the bact for a while, then, as if to distract himslf, he asks about th general.
cmelliso: Well, the doc-bots aren't gonna say much about that…. :-)
Ted Piening: ah, no people docs
Ted Piening: Still, lightyears better thathstandrard HMO…
cmelliso: Well, they're in with the General. and he's locked up right now with them and Rieekan. "No information at this time."
Ted Piening: Very well, thank you."
Ted Piening: one more look back at the bacta tank, and leaves…
Ted Piening: … and now looks for Tam.

Kane's Debrief

Kane's Debrief:
Tried to bluff way in, but didn't work. Had to fight way in.
Were you able to identify ISD incoming?
Nope - too far out, and we were bugging out.
after: "I'd recommend you boys start working on getting those ships fixed. I get the feeling we're gonna need 'em soon."
Think they know we're here?

Argument Club

…. TODO - fill in SSgt Lanka's conversation with Tam
Tam: had to complete the mission. Scheduled meeting with Rieekan already to tender resignation.
Lanka yelling because of resignation.
("You'd be rid of me, Sergeant."
"Did I give you PERMISSION to go to jail, soldier!?!?")

Tam and Venn

cmelliso: Roll a search.
Ted Piening: 27
cmelliso: Okay, so, you track him down in the range. It's locked, and SSgt Lanka is in there with him
Ted Piening: I'll watch them for now.
cmelliso: She's yelling, he's standing at attention.
Ted Piening: still waiting
cmelliso: Okay. After a while, she'll storm out, leaving Tam at attention in there. She sees you, averts her eyes for a second, then stands at attention and salutes. "Sir!"
Ted Piening: Nods to her, casual salute, serious face , "… Sgt."
cmelliso: She marches off
Ted Piening: when she walks off, takes a moment to ake a breath, coo off a bit, then goes into the range.
Ted Piening: walks in, slowly strides towards Tam
Ted Piening: looks at Tam square in the eye, not a hit of mirth in his usualy charming and friendly demeanor… "i think things are about to get busy." pause "I'm guessing Sgt. Lanka made most of my points quite vocally, but as soon as whatever is coming is done with, we are going to have a long discussion." pause "Until then, let's get one thing straight. You follow every order you're given or Riekeen and Lanka won't have a chance to throw you into a security cell. I'll do it myself. Do you read me, Tam?"
cmelliso: "Sir!"
cmelliso: Also, before you say that second part: PA: LCDR Tyree report to General Rieekan's office at once. LCDR Tyree, to General Rieekan's office at once


Ted Piening: Heading to Rieekan's
cmelliso: Okay. They are going to wave you directly in when you show up
Ted Piening: Go in, at attention, "Reporting as ordered, Sir."
cmelliso: Okay. The MG is there, as is Gold Squadron's flight commander.
Ted Piening: acknowledge the generalnd flght leader
cmelliso: "Close the door, LCDR"
Ted Piening: probably salute both of them
Ted Piening: "Yessir?"
Rieekan: "General Garnik, go ahead."
Garnik: "Thank you, General Rieekan *cough*"
Garnik: "Gentlemen, we have a chance here to recover a critical mission, but there will *cough* be a significant degree of danger involved" "General Rieekan has *cough* agreed to present this mission on one condition: there is no order. This is a volunteer mission only."
Garnik: "These *cough* men are representatives of KDY… and Rebel sympathizers. They have been passing information to me about a particular build for the past 6 months. *cough* This shipment will be leaving the manufacturing facility on Belderone within the next day and shipping within the week. We aim to steal it."
Garnik: "These gentlemen are… were… engineers at KDY. They've made *cough* contact with sympathetic freighter pilots for KDY. All we need to do is make contact with these pilots while they're en route with our cargo, pretend to board and occupy their freighter, and escape the planetary picket. The pilots and crew are ready to defect; the "raid" is just an excuse to keep their families safe."
Ted Piening: "What exactly is it we're stealing, Sir?"
cmelliso: Garnik: "A planetary ion cannon."
cmelliso: "And if we want it, we need to leave within the next two hours."
Ted Piening: eyebrows go up at that a bit "… It's what I've always wanted, Sir."
Ted Piening: "I'm in, and while I can't speak for them I think most of the team you sent me out with would require estraint to keep them from going as well."
cmelliso: Flight CMDR: "Sir, Gold Squadron is… well, we're still undergoing significant repairs from the previous mission. We can't be ready in 2 hours."
Garnick: "CMDR, we're not asking Gold Squadron - that would blow our cover anyway. We just need you to delay repairs and focus on repariing our transport as quickly as possible. And we may need a backup pilot for this mission. LCDR, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I'll give you the full details soon - I want you to gather your team immediately after this briefing."
Ted Piening: "Yessir." pause, more subdued "Sir, wll we be getting areplaement for Private Halcyon?"
cmelliso: Rieekan: "LCDR, feel free to select any base personnel for your team. If you have any questions about suitability, SSgt Lanka knows most of our soldiers well enough to advise you."
Ted Piening: "Yessir. Approximately how many would you suggest are needed for this mission?"
cmelliso: Garkin indicates one of the KDY guys.
cmelliso: Engineer Parsons: "The pilot and co-pilot are both planning on defecting, and they've selected their flight crew for the trip. There should be no actual fighting on the Moby Dick - Everyone should cooperate with the 'boarding party'. The only risk is if the Empire has managed to place a spy on board, in which case you would need to take him or her out as quickly as possible to eliminate any possible sabotage to the ship."
cmelliso: Garkin: "There are likely 2-4 patrol craft within response range of the freighter, There will be some speed required if you want to get out of there without shots fired."
Ted Piening: "I see." "CMDR, would you mind briefin Captain Novaliss about this operation. I've not been able to find him recently. Acid mentioned he was helping one of the other pilot's out with a 'special project,' whatever that means."
cmelliso: "I'll find him. I need to check in with Acid anyway."
Ted Piening: "Anything else, sirs?"
cmelliso: That's the initial brief. Gather your team, then they'll have mission details.
Ted Piening: okay, I leave, and use the comms to call Lanka, Starfall, deCrion, and Tam to the briefing room we sed before heading out
cmelliso: Okay, they'll report fast. You notice Lanka is waiting on the opposite side of the room from Tam.
Ted Piening: okay, noticed, but igored - get'sright down to business "Okay, people, I know you were prbably hoping for a little more down time before we got back to business again, but that's the way it is." short pause "First off, I'd like to repeat what you heard me say in the debriefing. You all performed incredibly. Job very well done." emphasizes last part, very serious - "Second, I want any confusion or problems among the group cleared up right here. Yeoman Minera disobeyed an order to withdraw. I let it slide for two reasons. One, it just seems incredibly stupid to throw omeone in a cell for prett much singlehandedly decimating a ug in stormtrooper squad, and two… if time and almost inevitable capture of the ntire team weren't at risk, I would have wanted to go in with nothing but rocks and sharpened sticks. Yeoman Minera saved nearly a dozen lives… but he also ut the lives of the team in jeopardy. Sgt Lanka and I have both spken to him about this. I've been assured this will never happen again. *pause* And mke no mistake, I will not let something like this lide agai, either. I'm prepared to move on from here." pause "Tam, doyou have aything you want to add?"
cmelliso: "Sir, I had planned to discuss this in front of General Rieekan, but it seems circumstances have changed. I hereby voluntarily resign my position, and I am officially turning myself in for disobeying a direct order."
Ted Piening: "I believe I already made my view clear on this incident, Tam. And if you'd like to embarass the rest of the team who went to bat for you in the debrief, you're welcome to. However, no matter what anyone might think of you personally, no one would ontest that you're probablyone of the best shots on this base, and i think we're going to need a good shot for this next mission. If you're in a cell, you're no goig to be able to get our backs. And I'd say you owe the team that much." pause "But I'll leave that up to the team. If, atthe end of this, brief anyone her doesn't feel cfortable goin ito combat with yeoman Minera, he's out. I don't want anyone looking over their shoulders at their own teammates on this one… W're going to have to be looking for oher things."
Ted Piening: pause
cmelliso: Tam: *snaps to attention* "Sir, yes sir!"
Ted Piening: "Before we begin, I want to make two things clear. First, this is a high priority and dangerous mission from Generals Riekeen and Garnik. Second, this is NOT an order. Ths is an all volunteer mission."
cmelliso: Now everyone snaps to attention
Ted Piening: "Anyone who doesn't want to go can leave now and get some well-earned rest. By theForce, you've all certainly earned it."
Ted Piening: waits
Ted Piening: no one moves t leave?
cmelliso: Nope
Ted Piening: Venn slightly smiles and nods to them
Ted Piening: "Okay, this should be a tricky but simple mission… just like the last one." "The KDY engineers we pulled out of that Imperial space jack were bringing Gen, Garnik intel about a big piece of military hardware that will be shipped in a week… a planetary ion cannon." just watches the eyebrows
cmelliso: You see the biggest reaction from Starfall
Ted Piening: "I'm not sure when General Riekeen's birthdy is, but I DO know what I want us to get him…"
cmelliso: Starfall: "Sir… that's huge. Huge. How… how are we going to get that here?"
Ted Piening: "The KDY engineers made contact wth the pilots of a transport that's carryng th cannon out of the KDY yards at Belatrone. They are willingto defect, and have chosen the crew of the hip as well. The plan is that we use the YT2400 to "attack" and board the craft, "capture the crew, and fly past the planetary pickets. A cople pilots, probably Captain Novaliss and one of Gold Squadron will handle that last part. The "attack" part is a ruse to protect the lives of the pilots' families." pauses a little at that - looks up "The pilots and crew SHOULD be on our side. This mission SHOULD be a surprise to KDY and the Imperials. We SHOULDN'T face opposition." pause "Given our last plan, I'm not banking on 'shoulds.' That's why I want a replacement for Halcyon and at least two more soldiers. Sgt. Lanka, General Riekeen has given us leave tochoose anyone on the base. I'l be relying n your knowledge of the personnel." pause "We've also been wrned it's possible ther mightbe a spy on board, so we'll have to bealert and remember our "roles." For hose who aren't aware, Yeoman Minera used to be a police force officer. I'm hping his sills at catching thse who don't wishto be found might help us if a spy is on board." pause "We're to leave in 1 hour and 36 minutes."
Ted Piening: "Questions?"
cmelliso: Lanka: "Sir, do we have mission details?"
Ted Piening: Those will be providd shortly. We'l probably have to familiarize ourseves on the flight.
cmelliso: "Yes sir!"
Ted Piening: Aside from being extremely cool under fire, I have no idea what kind of securiy measures KDY or the Imperials may have used on the cannon or the ship. We'll be relying on you to troubleshoot those issues.
cmelliso: deCrion: "Yes sir. I'm in, sir."
cmelliso: Starfall: "I'm in as well, sir."
cmelliso: Lanka: "I'll prepare recommendations and will have them for you in five minutes, sir."
Ted Piening: "Okay… now… does anyone have any problems with going into a hostile situation with Tam watching their backs?" looks at each one of them, settling on Lanka
cmelliso: "No, sir!" from Starfall and deCrion, slightly followed by Lanka.
Ted Piening: pauses "Tam… *are* you going to have our backs, or would you rather stay here?…"
cmelliso: "Sir, if General Rieekan agrees with you that I should be on the mission, I'm in."
Ted Piening: "Fine. Go ask him. If he doesn't ground you, coordinate with Starfall and deCrion. You three will be responsble for gtting an andall gear we may need on this mission on the YT. Cntact the Quartermaster and take whatever you need. If they give you any grief, use my name. When *that* doesn't work, use the General's." pause "Sgt. Lanka and I will get the rest of our mission package and te remainder of th personnel and met you at the ship in… 1 hour and 22 minutes. Dismissed. And thank you."
cmelliso: Okay, the soldiers hustle out, and SSgt Lanka says "I'll have that list in General Rieekan's office in five minutes, sir."
Ted Piening: "You know far more about the troops than I do right now, Sgt. I have complete faith in your judgement. Take hatever reccommendations to the General. If he agrees, give them the 30 second brief, and w'll give them the rest of the details with everone else aboard the ship. I'm going to speakwith Major So Andso (whoever would have the details, probably the intelligenceofficer and whoever has drawnup the preliminary mission plans)."
cmelliso: "Yes, sir. See you on board." Okay, you've scattered your troops, and they're gathering gear.

Actual Mission Briefing

  • Ion cannon is huge - ~20m diameter
    • Fills cargo bay of GR-75
    • KDY guys piloting want to defect
  • Defection plan already in place for fake pirate raid
    • Need to fire on ship at low power
    • simultaneously broadcast pre-shared key so pilots know this is not a real pirate raid
  • Crew is comprised of defectors
    • May be Imperial spy on board - need to watch out for that
    • Watch for picket
    • Gold squadron out of the game - transport on its own
    • Looking for the Moby Dick

Actual Mission

space battle - fighting approach in YT-2400 (maneuver, shields, sublight engines shot up, "Lucky Shot" as false name)
then another space battle - fighting onto GR-75
then ANOTHER space battle - trying to get GR-75 past picket to hyperspace point (two picket ships accidentally shoot one another at one point; GR-75 lost shields, fire control computer, sublight engine)
got away to first jump point, then scout ship there - why?
also, cyborg spy! cracks Tam's skull (actually hurt him), plus trying to wire up special comms device to YT-2400 comms (thinking no one else is onboard transport) - Kane jumped him (nearly shot Tam in hallway), would have been shot thrice if not for previously disarming Tam's blaster per plan. Kane stuns spy into submission, then tries to pull comms device from YT and gets shocked into unconsciousness for his troubles
Corpsman searches other crew - one pops suicide capsule
Left cyborg in escape pod to float for a while after removing hyperspace engine, killing subspace antenna
Continued on in GR-75 to Hoth

Commandos on mission:

  • Zaff Ran (grunt)
  • Amanha Orden (ensign, intel officer)
  • Katiara Rourke (corpsman)
  • Petty Officer Sinadra Wilson (repair tech under Maral)

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