Greyhawk: Morally Grey


This campaign world is a modified version of the Greyhawk campaign setting, updated for Pathfinder rules and influenced by Chris's 4-color Greyhawk. The campaign title is a joke that alludes to some of the character/alignment options that were discussed prior to character creation. It may or may not end up reflecting the final tone of the campaign. :) That all depends on what the players do.


The year is 2136 CY. Almost 60 years after The Apocalypse was brought to an end by the combined forces of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves. New life is flourishing in once-scarred fields around Greyhawk, the world's largest city. Its shops and businesses bustle with activity as trade resumes, ancient alliances are renewed, and populations begin to spread out again into the countryside. It is a good time to be alive.

Everyone knows about the Demonwar, when Devil, Drow, and Dragon encircled Greyhawk and laid siege to it for 51 years. But humans are short-lived, perhaps mercifully so, and so the horrors witnessed firsthand during the Apocalypse have since passed out of living memory. Only the eldest among humans could have seen combat during the final phases of the war. But the evidence is there. In written records, in the culture, in peoples' family trees.

It is a good time to be alive. But it is perhaps an inconvenient time to be a demon.

Players and Characters

Character Summary Player
Ardan Corvo A swashbuckling Acrobat with a penchant for thievery, a way with women, a zeal for life, a taste for excitement, and a past that may soon catch up with him. Ted
Martris Drayke A charismatic swordsman/spellslinger who manipulates those around him. Eric


**Session 1: A Cleric, a Demon, and an Acrobat Walk Into a Bar.** Our antiheroes meet again after months of solo adventuring, but a trollop's test makes for an awkward reunion. And then the priest gets involved…

**Session 2: Pass the beer!** Enter the unlikely cleric Markus. Brewfest provides a welcome break from Cairn-crawling. So how come this Matris fellow can't seem to get drunk? Our heroes foil the most ill-conceived heist ever, and Ardan meets the one that got away.

**Session 2.9: Better to be pissed off...** The final day of Brewfest. What could possibly go wrong? Also, I have one day left 'till retirement and I just bought a boat!

**Session 3.1: Beware the fell slag!** Just the hook, so far. There was Halo 3s to be had!

**Session 3: Fuck that shit...** Something horrid lurks beneath the Tower of War, and I don't think we can deal with it right now…

**Session 4: The Wizard, the Roc, and the Necklace** Finally, a job! A local wizard's pastime leads to the chance discovery of a valuable necklace, and he needs meatshields to help him retrieve it. He admits there is more to this bauble than meets the eye… the question is, how much more?

**Session 5: Footprints in the Land** The Able Carter coaching company has put out the call to all able-bodied adventurers: Find our missing carts! With help from Matris's familiar, they manage to spot one such cart from the air. Looks like Giants! Possibly Giants who used Fire. Oh, and the tracks lead back towards Greyhawk and into the Tower of War. Fancy that.

**Session Ardan 1: Party Time** Side-quest. A fancy party. A "noble" Acrobat. A lady's smile behind a fan. A challenge to blood. A hankerchief fallen. — The greatest danger to a band of heroes is not dragons or demons or war… It's when the rogue gets bored. Incredibly detailed write-up by Ted!

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