Group Study Session 1

Everything Must Go!

Chris has said that there's time for Maleos to teach "ten or twelve" spells before the start of the next session, and that he can teach a group at the same rate he can teach an individual.

One of us is going to regret this.

Prepping the Classroom

  • Chain Fox's Cunning
    • Do I really need to explain why this is a good idea?
  • Skill Sharing: Magical Theory
    • This is mostly to make it easier for people to follow Maleos's self-taught theoretical jargon. He chains this and recasts as needed, and teaches it to the other students first so they can supplement with some castings of their own. GM's discretion, despite the fact that no skill points are borrowed numerically, whether or not Skill Sharing provides any minor insights when Maleos casts it on Carbry. (Or, for that matter, whose brain it picks as the "donor" for the skill.)
  • Visual Aids
    • Mostly in the form of illusions, depicting coins of various denominations flowing between magical sources. He'll happily convert to other peoples' metaphors if they can explain them in sufficient granularity.
    • He genuinely feels that by comparing metaphors, especially the nitty-gritty details that don't quite line up 1:1, we can inch closer to understanding the true nature of magic underlying all the metaphors.

I hope you brought enough buffs for the rest of the class

Holy shit, Clerics have a lot of really great spells for this sort of thing!

Let's call it "Inspirational"

"I know the concept of 'trade secrets' is very important to some of you. But we're going up against creatures several times more powerful than ourselves. If we're going to succeed, we need every scrappy advantage we can wring out of our collective crafts. In that spirit, I open my spellbook to each of you. I've prepared a short list of spells I think offer the greatest value to the group in the shortest amount of teaching time, but if you see a spell you like, feel free to ask me. If there is some reason I am loathe to teach a particular spell, I will explain my reasoning. But if you can match me with an equally good reason why you should learn it, I will endeavor to teach it to you. We each have different metaphors and methods, and sometimes very different ways of casting. But that difference is an illusion. A quirk of our bodies and minds. The truth is, the differences between us are smaller than you think. Magic is magic. And if you work hard, you can learn it!"

If you work hard, you can learn it!

Maleos has taught:
Mythic Invisibility (Wiz 2 / Cleric 3)
Skill Sharing (Wiz 2 / Cleric 3)
Mythic Heroism (Wiz 3 / Cleric 4)
to Saul, Klem, Carbry, and Salvatrix

Lesser Globe of Invulnerability (Wiz 4 / Cleric 5)
Mythic Improved Invisibility (Wiz 4 / Cleric 5)
Stone Skin (Wiz 4 / Cleric 5)
to Saul, Carbry, and Klem

Mythic Mage Armor (1)
Haste (3)
to Salvatris and Carbry

Dimensional Anchor (Wiz 4 / Cleric 5)
Mathemagic Principle (Wiz 5 / Cleric 6)
to Carbry

Apologies if I missed the fact that somebody already knew one of these. I think I got them all.

If someone already knows a spell being taught, (I.E. Haste) or has no use for a spell, (I.E. Clerics with Mage Armor) they're welcome to sit in on the class anyway. If they do, they're encouraged to compare and contrast the differences in our techniques. If people want to leave early for whatever reason, they may, but Maleos will do everything he can to try and accommodate them.

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