Gwendolyn "Wendy" Bolt

Some fast facts about Wendy:

Sylvan elf
Multi-diety: Olidammara, Obad-Hai and Ehlonna
4'10", 90lbs.
Bronze skin (but pale in the winter), green eyes, hair color varies (depends on the season)
140 years old

Quirks, flaws, basically all the good stuff

Friend of the forest
Kleptomaniac/loves the thrill of the hunt
Wants to make a name for herself without anyone knowing her real name: she wants to be infamous
Contradicts herself at times
Wants to trust people, but trusts herself too much to give in
Knows she should be a vegetarian, but loves meat too much
Again, loves the thrill of the hunt: literally as well as metaphorically


Leaving elven home (South) - wants "something different". Kind of one of the rare "bored and impatient" young elves.
Wants to be infamous - wants her alias to be famous.

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