Gwivonna Campaign


The Gwivonna campaign is a D&D 3rd Edition campain run by Dale Stearns. The campaign world is "semi-industrialized," as many wizards and clerics have specialized in magic use as a public utility. For example, major towns are linked to one another teleporters. The campaign world is a low-to-moderate-magic world.

Campaign Notes

Session notes for the Gwivonna campaign.

Notable Personages

Player Characters

Damir Krupalija
Emby Krupalija: formerly Emby Mocmar

Notable Non-player Characters

Markus and Matilda Krupalija: Damir's parents
Kael'n and Jannis Mocmar: Emby's parents
Allicanadra Kan'thith, aka Daeus "Old Man" Malicor: a member of the famous adventuring group known as the DragonSlayers
Miss Bliss
Ferella Lilac
Xandra Jaspra
Kattifrathlum "Chastity" Du'Quistis
Priscilla Allequalandra: owner of the Silky Doll
Sylvia Curoque
Skolakadaz: bronze dragon; helped fight against Drummond in the war
Fellan Haresbane: Chaotic Good swashbuckler mirror-clone of Damir
Ramius Krupalia: Chaotic Neutral roguish mirror-clone of Damir


Lord Gallagher Drummond
Za’hak Vinren
Akalla Hathha
Ishok Gil Din Bar
Nimas Khazcorim
Igol Paunce
Moritri des’Ven
Theo Slencrow
Lieutenant Mark Nimor
Major Ko’ral Belingas
General Clyffe Markwood
Malinda: Female black dragon working for/with Lord Drummond

Historical Personages

TODO add the (rest of the) DragonSlayers, perhaps?
Allicanadra Kan'thith - an elven female wizard
Lance Jethro - human male bard, usually plays gitar
Torik von Steeledofenn - dwarven male warrior
Underfoot Batterram Kentobah Mini-axe… etc - male gnome illusionist

Misc. Characters

Ichinose Frink
Lyle Frink
"Elderberry" Brokk
List of Minor Characters

Notable Locations

Here are some pages about notable locations on the world of this world needs a name.

  • The Village of Gwivonna - Gwivonna is a small village in the TODO region of the world of TODO.
  • The Village of Tantor - Tantor is a larger village in the TODO region of the world of TODO. Tantor, while not exceedingly large, has a teleporter because the TODO region is relatively remote.
  • The Village of Mount Pon - Mount Pon is a wizarding academy.
  • The Temple City of Peloria - Peloria is a city built around a fairly significant temple to Pelor. Peloria is built on a nexus point, which is why the temple was built there in the first place.
  • The Elven City of Salymphuiyn - Salymphuiyn is an elven city located in the forest across from Gwivonna
  • The City of Bastion - Bastion is a city in the province of Nevermoor.
  • The Fortress of Nevermoor - Nevermoor is the seat of Nevermoor province.
  • Drummond's Citadel - The Citadel is a "fallback fortress" in the Ruins where Drummond kept his more devastating necromancies.
  • Damir's Inn - An inn near the TODO river bridge on the road between Tantor and Bastion.

Open/Unresolved Story Arcs


  • black dracolich is still alive
  • bronze dragon - party (especially Damir) owes him
  • elves in the east - Damir feels he owes them a visit since so many died in the war
  • dwarves in the south - Damir owes them a great deal of money (~12,000 GP)
  • Priests of Pelorial - Damir owes them a great deal of money (~15,000 GP)
  • Chastity from Gwivonna - Damir feels he should check up on her
  • owner of the Silky Doll from Gwivonna - Damir is just nosy
  • Citadel mopup
  • demons that were behind Drummond and know that Damir killed him
  • Sylvia Curoque from Tantor - again, Damir's nosy
  • Fellan
  • Ramius and Ramius/Ferella
  • Drow in the east
  • Druids and their plans
  • Damir's inn
  • Amilyn's spiritual quest
  • Emby - going back to Mount Pon?
  • Check up on the rescued dryads (from Drummond's temple)
  • Check with Arcane at Mount Pon about appointment Damir missed

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