Have Some Compass-ion

Intermediate Session: The Bandits of Faeon

TODO: PCs can add notes here about the 2017-05-20 session that was just Carol and Dale - Aida, Maleos, Thema, Yoshirou-Mura, and Finnbarre teleported to the northwest forests to retrieve high-quality shipbuilding lumber and treatments

TODO: play out aftermath of intermediate session

Start of Session

TODO going to "head of dino island", which is the last "prepare" compass point - assumption is that the last compass piece is located somewhere there, and the fixme location is only a little bit away in the "stomach of dino island".

Fazl Ehsan

PCs led to Fazl Ehsan to find the last piece of the Compass, which ends up being in the horde of a drakke… a drakke who had been suborned by the Usurper, along with 5 of her most trusted advisors. The PCs worked out a strategy to expunge the worms controlling them and executed it successfully. Once finished, the PCs entered negotiations with the Queen, not only to save their own skins but also to acquire the Compass shard from the horde. With Aida and Yoshirou-Mura visiting under the auspices of the aelphin, the Queen demanded a tribute from their regent. Aida contacted Fionan-Shi for assistance; she came herself, showing her un-glamoured physical form to the PCs in the process.

With the help of Fionan-Shi, the PCs negotiated an exchange for the Compass shard and finalized Thema's cure. They then spent some time researching some spells and recovering from the exertions of the battle before heading to the final location indicated by the Compass.

Important Notes

  • Fionan-Shi arrived physically to help - very, very long teleports, and obviously exhausted her to the point she couldn't maintain her glamour.
  • YM's mom gifted her a toy dragon - major thing since it's more than just a "have a pet" moment, it was also a tacit acknowledgement that she was wrong about YM's choices and has come to accept YM's path.
  • listen to transcript if you want to hear about the various daeva met during the session, esp. the queen drakke

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