Hell's Welcoming Party

Funny, This Doesn't Look Like Hell…

Note: start date of this session is roughly May of character-centric year 21

vista down into valley


map so far…

  1. Location of Isle of Mist (to scale)
  2. Rough location of village


Rabbit - miss
Deer-like creature - hit

Demon Patrol

As the PCs are coming down the mountainside into the valley, they hear an approaching patrol (who aren't doing a very good job of being quiet). The patrol is made up of four fat, small-humanoid demons with sharp claws. Two of these are leading large, ugly, blue-scaled, befanged doglike creatures on steel chains. One of the humanoids is carrying a sack with a large number of silver coins.

The coins the PCs find are entirely unrelated to the coins of the Island. The only similarity is that they seem to be made of silver very much like the silver used on the Island. The coins are in varying conditions, but some of the less-abused coins have clear markings on the faces. These coins are round, smooth-edged, and roughly the size of dimes. They have a rough portrait of a proud, noble face on one side. The other side is embossed with a towering pine backlit by the setting sun.

gain 850 xp ea

Village of the Damned?

Felbraed is a small fishing village. The humans there swear fealty to no one.

The villagers are not outright hostile to the PCs, but they are also not particularly welcoming. Most of the village buildings are houses, but there are the following shops:

  1. Blacksmith's forge
  2. General store (identified with a painting of a heavy feedbag)
  3. Warehouses (3) stocked with salted meats and fish, brined vegetables, and other preserved foods
  4. Tavern (identified with a painting of a mug of ale)

There are farm fields to the north and west of the village. The villagers have small farms with chickens and pigs but no livestock. They're using giant ponies to help them with their fields.


TODO PCs can shop - allow retconning for basic gear

The village is made up of only around 250 people.

Key NPCs:

  • Village leader - Lim Sheehy
  • Blacksmith - Hideyos Goraidh Mulrennan
    • early 40s
    • quiet, not super bright

Surprise Attack

lizard things for food
gain 150 xp ea

Finding Common Ground

Learn to communicate in small way
vaguely Viking-esque with leader being oldest physically-fit warrior

don't really trade to east, only to north. hard mountains to east

tavern owner copies out map for PCs


Into the Forest

Heading north toward nearest village
2nd night, find apparently empty camp - attacked by lizard chickens x3
killed, find statues, some rations and basic adventuring gear, 2 statues that look like they've been partly eaten

find chest w/:

  • 1100 sp
  • potion vial w/ milky white liquid - Maleos identifies as potion of cure moderate wounds
  • potion vial w/ silvery glittery liquid - Maleos identifies as potion of invisibility
  • stick of musky-smelling incense
  • tightly-bound spell scroll (Blondie identifies this as a scroll of create food and water)

gain 550 xp ea

Blondie has disconcerting dream that night, caught by Aida. Fight, brightness, falling - maybe a name. Saul? He thinks his name might be Saul.

Another Village

After a week of travel from Felbraed, come across first village marked on map.


burnt out completely

later that afternoon, encounter party of 2x trolly-dogs, 2x trolls, 1x fish-face fat large bony-skinned demon, 4x batlike small critters on trolls' shoulders. PCs hide, everything OK

150 xp for this encounter

Yet Another Village x2

Second and third Xs much like first.

City, Gleaming City

As approaching, see flames.
see fire damage


Villages, north to south:

  • Éanna
  • Iomhar
  • Pedr

Learn that city is called Kaede. These people call themselves "aelph". In their language, they call their language "equaen"; it's very lilting and singsong and does not sound dissimilar to the language spoken by the humans, but listening to it for long enough, you can tell it's not the same language.

told they can stay for a few days

older male priest at temple of what you believe to be Pelor is named Tighearnán. He calls his god in his language "Onónion Birvir." Briefly tells you about vision he had - mostly alludes to it saying he saw you were coming. Alludes to:

  • Band of young warriors, lost and alone
  • A purging fire
  • Danger and dismay
  • A crossroads

Priest updates your map w/ this:


between fishing village and elven city, spent 2.5-3 weeks traveling

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