Home Is Where the Guard Is

Waking Up in Bridgeton

wake up morning after battle. no smoke, blood, etc., so must have gone OK
guards come to talk to everyone involved

General Simeon Broz, head of Stormwall

everyone tells story, leaving out only disk
inspected heavily by magickers, but nothing found

"What do you think the statue meant when it said 'You must fix this'?"
maleos leaning toward Bridge being damaged and statue trying to warn people to fix - maybe sword was magical and it was trying to siphon power off for its own uses? further research required, but think "fix this" means "fix the Bridge."
darias - not a clue
aida - report to Isle so everyone knows and can deal w/ it appropriately

Dealing With Amulet

detect magic on disk - overwhelmingly divination and evocation, very complex, no command word (seems continuously active)

maleos theory - statue spoke to them because darias was carrying disk

argument between maleos and darias about nature of item

esme brought to camp, wards tent while maleos casts identify on it. can't understand what was being said - almost like many foreigners talking at you at once. only got one thing - "Pelor's Compass"

asks esme about possibility of understanding… "demon language"?

esme thinks anything from Across too dangerous; maleos posits might be designed to lead people to the Isle. esme argues safest thing is to throw it over the side before someone sees you with it.

maleos walks out, heading out of camp. darias interrupts his thoughts. maleos walks out of camp, starts looking around thinking very hard about how to pitch it in so he can find it later. it starts glowing softly in his hand. runs toward cliff face, then wings it hard into the ocean.

maleos reports to esme everything that happened except for the fact that he was trying to be able to find it later - instead tells her he was looking for a spot he wouldn't be seen


maleos wakes next morning clutching disc in hand


messengers letter to Esme - i have identified one function, returns to owner when thrown away. not sure how to remove responsibility. will attempt to remove it. believe it is probably key to something. invite any insight. etc. etc.

darias crafting
aida training with militia

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