Hoth to Trot (Side Sessions)

There will probably be a sizeable number of happenings during this side session, particularly because the PCs have split into two parties for a short period.

Unloading the Freighter


  • Planetary Ion Cannon (disassembled)
  • Cloaked Imperial beacon (inactive)
  • Spares for ion cannon
  • Turbolaser-grade power converters
  • Cooling loops and drivers for turbolasers
  • Inactive protocol droids (2)

Stuff from Cyborg:

  • Projectile weapon (from cyberarm)
  • Imperial encrypted comm unit
  • Medical kit
  • Suicide pill

Rebel intelligence analysts were able to recover a partial encrypted Imperial burst message from the encrypted comms unit that was damaged during the GR-75 raid. The message, which has not yet been decoded, is reproduced below.

PSK 5PK-T3R-11419

Because of PSK header, the Rebels have nicknamed the cyborg's handler (the assumed target of this burst message) "The Specter".

TED: I'm assuming that the Rebels have FAR more capable cryptographers on Hoth, but if Venn has a free moment sometime, he'll inquire as to whether or not they've been able to crack the code yet, and offer to take a look at it if they would like him to.

Hoth Team Cyborg Recovery

Okay, first, I'll finish debriefing General Rieekan and find out that the YT crew gets back after everything went smoothly, yes? When do they return?
cmelliso: Another few days
cmelliso: 3-4, depending on Kane
Ted Piening: and that's about what the people at oth estimate the trip would take?
Ted Piening: Hoth
cmelliso: A littel longer, but depends on how roundabout the return is and how much time they spend on Alderaan
Ted Piening: Okay, if it takes more than one day longer than the eta, Venn will request permision to take a ship andsome personnel togo search for them.
cmelliso: Okay. They may be able to get some contact to Hoth when they reach Alderaan, too, again depending a little bit on Kane. I didn't write down exactly who you sent on the YT, by the way, so if you would throw that note at the end of the session wiki page, I'd appreciate it.
cmelliso: There might be some side-stuff to play out amongst the crew at this point, too, which could get interesting.
cmelliso: I've gotta run some stuff on my own to backfill some side sessions with Tam, though.
cmelliso: That's one of the stylistic choices I've made for my games, btw - I know the temptation to make my PC look good when I'm DMing, so I tend to actually kind of run stuff for them with lots of die rolling to help keep myself honest. :-)
Ted Piening: That's cool… I'll say Venn is too preocupied the moment to chat with Tam. As for Venn wanting to after hem, I wasn't expecting leadership to acquiesce right away. "Calm down, wait another day."
Ted Piening: Yeah, I noticed.
Ted Piening: I try to do that too
Ted Piening: I just kind of say to myself "cool scenes can be run off camera" - when on-scene, try to make my GMPC 80% as cool as the PCs
Ted Piening: That tends to hel me keep things balanced
Ted Piening: like what's going on ith Tam
Ted Piening: and Venn
Ted Piening: okay…
Ted Piening: Next, Venn will want to know what the general plans on doing about the cyborg and is meaty ablative armor.
cmelliso: You're going to hate me so hard, but he's going to send the Nebulon and Gold Squadron to recover that guy.
Ted Piening: Actually, that's pretty much te overkill Venn would definitey approve of in this case. However, he would protest sending them out after the metal man and the meat popsicle before his team is confirmed as safe.
cmelliso: They'll want to finish emptying and repairs and stuff, so it wouldn't be next-day service. A couple of days.
Ted Piening: and thy'd be back b then?
cmelliso: Not likely.
Ted Piening: He'd protest then.
cmelliso: Your team's important, but capture of this spy is more important. We need to know if Hoth has been compromised.
Ted Piening: After a little mre protest, he'll agree. Do they want hi and the rest of his team to go along?
cmelliso: Maybe, but primarily, they want to debrief you about every little detail, and they want some members (technically inclined) scouring every square centimeter of that cargo bay looking for any abnormalities. They're going to overhaul that ship hard. (and long)
Ted Piening: … Are the techies getting aroused?
cmelliso: Not really. There's a lot of work
Ted Piening: Okay, and they'll find the unactivated beacon
Ted Piening: close call there
Ted Piening: Okay, any problem picking up tin man and Frank Poole.
Ted Piening: ?
cmelliso: He he he… Okay, you'll pick up the beacon, yes. And Frank Poole isn't there. You don't have a clue how that's possible, but he's gone.
Ted Piening: these nicknames doing anything for you?
Ted Piening: The cyborg and the pod?
cmelliso: I think that's hilarious, yes. 2001/2010/etc.
Ted Piening: Were the cybrg and the pod there?
cmelliso: Nope. It's all gone, Dave.
cmelliso: How the fuck that could possibly happen, you're really, really not sure.
cmelliso: But the Neb B crew picks up an ion trail that's not very old.
Ted Piening: I'll suggest we follow it
cmelliso: It just heads out of the gravity well.
Ted Piening: I'm assuming the Privateer captain i n commnd
cmelliso: Yup
Ted Piening: Is there anyplace the craft could have hidden?
cmelliso: Not after the Nebulon scours the planetary system, no.
cmelliso: And that's ion trail they're picking up is far too big for it to have been the pod.
Ted Piening: Dammit.
Ted Piening: We DID completely disable the comm system on that thing, right?
Ted Piening: Did we find that guy's implanted comm?
cmelliso: Yep. Removed the subspace comms completely, and scoured the guy as much as you possibly could
Ted Piening: Could the scout ship have extrapolated that leg of ourtri and the empire searched nearby str system on the route? Or is that a little too needle/haystacky?
cmelliso: It'd be really difficult, but it's possible. Barely, but possible.
cmelliso: They've got the sensor package to try it, though.
Ted Piening: So, it's either that, or the cyborg somehow reactivated his limbs without the use of any of them, repaired his comms in hard vacuum,and got picked up. Or, there may have been an undiscovered signal that drew them there, one that may even have ld to Hoth (although hey probbly would have been there already if that were the case). Or, some random ship may have picked him up n chance.
cmelliso: Or the scout could have followed your course, or maybe sent out an array of probes trying to follow your course and managed to find him.
Ted Piening: I'll suggest we do an intensive scan of the system before leaving, in case th Imperials may have left a remote probe here in case someone came back for the cyborg.
cmelliso: Good plan. And you'll find one, and it's dead, luckily for you.
Ted Piening: Suggest we make it VERY dead.
cmelliso: It got hit by a solar flare, so it's pretty dead, but everyone needs target practice.
Ted Piening: indeed
Ted Piening: Okay, heading back to Hoth, I'll discuss this with the generals
Ted Piening: ther reactions?
cmelliso: Well, they're not happy that the cyborg got away, but they're not blaming you, and at least Hoth appears to be safe (since it's still standing, and it has been for a while since you dropped the cyborg)
Ted Piening: okay… checkin up again on Halcyon (don't really expect any change), asks about what's happening with the rescued prisoners and the defecting freighter crew, and I'd like to finish with conversation with Sidara after the YT2400 gets back.
cmelliso: He's mostly healed via the magic of bacta (it's been a long time, after all), and he's back in drills, but he's still stiff and in physical therapy.
The rest of the defectors check out, so they're put to work, though some are going to be sent elsewhere.
cmelliso: The convo with Sidara may have to wait until after I can talk to Dale, in case that influences anything.
cmelliso: All right, I"m starting to lose my shit. I think I'd better go to bed. I'll probably have more shit and less brain damage tomorrow evening, if I can get all my housework done.
Ted Piening: Okay… conversation with Sidara is basically just interpersonal stuff (Venn actually wants to apologize to her and thank her, mostly)… the prisoners?… and Venn would ask Halcyon how e's doing, thank him for his service, etc.
Ted Piening: okay, we can deal with that later
cmelliso: Okay. We'll have a talk with Halcyon tomorrow, I think. That could be interesting.

Kane and Krin, Sitting in a Frigate

me: You'll have about a day where they're unloading the GR-75 and shuffling materiel around onto Hoth, the Nebulon, and the YT as appropriate.
Dale:  He's actually entertaining thoughts of convincing Krin to go into business with him, if he can figure out/ get her to spill why she's here in the first place.
 me:  Okay, so you'd be trying to develop some sort of relationship with her, though that may just be friendly at this point?
 Dale:  So he might be a little more careful not to risk making things weird with her.
Yeah it'd be more friendly with her specifically.
 me:  Okay.  Give me the gist of what type of conversations you'd aim to have with her.
Dale:  Actually I had the idea of making outrageous claims about all the awesome stuff he was going to see on Alderon, stuff that they both know does not exist.
 Dale:  Then when he gets back, Baron Von Munchausen time. :P
 me:  So, deliberately fake-bragging her, okay.  So roll me a Persuasion.
Dale:  Just so we're clear, the goal is to entertain her.  If she believes him, it better have been a critical fumble
 me:  I'm just getting a feel for how well your joking hits her funny bone, really.
Also, what are you doing during this conversation?  Are you tracking her down at work and helping out, or catching her off-hours and just hanging?
Dale:  She has off-hours?  For some reason I pictured her as a workaholic.
 me:  She works a shift like everyone else, but she'd been working harder recently due to unloading all the necessities for Hoth.
 Dale:  Guess I'd make it at work then.  Help her out.  13, 13, 11
Dale:  "And… if I'm really lucky, the yojango plants will be in bloom… ah, but if I tell you any more the Hutts will have my head."
 me:  "Oh, I saw the yojango plants bloom when I was a kid!  Took me 2 weeks to get my eyesight back, and I still can't taste purple.  You better get yourself an EV suit for that."
 me:  Krin's definitely friendly, though.  She's also super happy to chat with you while working.
 me:  Anything you guys want to do before you split the party?  E.g., anything aboard the Privateer?
 Ted:  I'll assue we'll keep the defectors aboard there too, at least until the intel people can givethem a once over.
 me:  Yup
They may never go to Hoth.  Most may go to Alderaan with the YT.
 Dale:  I'd ask the senator if there's anything he wants me to bring him back from the trading post?
 Ted:  We'd also probbly parkthe transprt just outside the system in case it did have a beaon or somethng
 me:  You'd get swept before entering the system.
 Ted:  Hang on… there were like 20-30 peple on the transport. Is the YT really gonna be able to take allof the parts and people? I thought jus the people (20-30) who escped from Bilbringi nearly broke the damn thing
 me:  No, it's the number of separate rooms you wanted
You wanted to keep everyone separated and secured, and that's what wasn't possible.
Because there aren't that many secured areas on the YT.
 Ted:  But the Bilbrngi group didn't nearly break the life suport?
No, to Kane.
 me:  And I think they're are 18 people on the GR, and I don't mean all 18 will go.  Some will, though.
The crew (6) is likely to try go stay on the privateer.  Some of the cargo techs may, too, but a few will probably go to Alderaan.  So not most.
Privateer, even.
 Ted:  Venn will give ensign Orden (who is the one whose goin to be speaking with the Alliance command at Alderaan) some letters (to his family) and ask her to see that thy are passe on. He'll be sure that he feels it's important to him, and thank her.
 me:  Okay, that's doable.
 Ted:  cool
split the party like a pair of jeans on Jabba the Hutt
 me:  Dale, any Privateer actions for you before heading off to shiny ALderaan where it's not so damn cold all the damn time?
 Dale:  Yeah probably flirts and stuff
Dale:  My flirting would probably read about like my Diplomancy.
 me:  You can also just kind of describe to me how Kane would approach this stuff and throw some rolls at me, if you'd prefer.
Like, for example, WHY is Kane hitting on the CWO?
Is he just a guy who flirts with all the girls?  Does he have a particular interest in her?  Purely physical, or is he interested in more of a relationship/dating kind of thing?
 Dale:  Probably he's just a flirt… I'm thinking mostly physical but with an element of playfulness in there.
 Ted:  Probably Persuasion. Or Con, if you were trying to trick her into it "Oh yeah, it's totally as big as an E-11 blaster carbine."
 Dale:  I don't think people lie about their own dicks IRL if there's even a chance of their bluff being called.
 me:  So, you're just a flirt, or are you trying to develop something with her, even if it's just a WBTYM
 Dale:  Wam Bam Thank You Ma'am.
 Dale:  He's actually entertaining thoughts of convincing her to go into business with him, if he can figure out/ get her to spill why she's here in the first place.
 me:  Okay, so you'd be trying to develop some sort of relationship with her, though that may just be friendly at this point?
 Dale:  So he might be a little more careful not to risk making things weird with her.
Yeah it'd be more friendly with her specifically.
 me:  Okay.  Give me the gist of what type of conversations you'd aim to have with her.
 me:  She's more the type to load-balance the ship, if you know what I mean.
 Dale:  I… think you mean literally load-balance the ship…
 me:  I do.
 Dale:  It does sound vaguely innuendoy.
 Ted:  Oh yeah, baby. Shift that center of mass, just like that.
 Dale:  Actually I had the idea of making outrageous claims about all the awesome stuff he was going to see on Alderon, stuff that they both know does not exist.
 Dale:  Then when he gets back, Baron Von Munchausen time. :P
 me:  So, deliberately fake-bragging her, okay.  So roll me a Persuasion.
 Dale:  Just so we're clear, the goal is to entertain her.  If she believes him, it better have been a critical fumble
 me:  I'm just getting a feel for how well your joking hits her funny bone, really.
Also, what are you doing during this conversation?  Are you tracking her down at work and helping out, or catching her off-hours and just hanging?
 Dale:  She has off-hours?  For some reason I pictured her as a workaholic.
 me:  She works a shift like everyone else, but she'd been working harder recently due to unloading all the necessities for Hoth.
 Dale:  Guess I'd make it at work then.  Help her out.
 me:  Okay.
Persuasion roll?
Izzat perception?
 me:  Yup.
 Dale:  13
Okay, give me 2 more.
 Dale:  13 again, but with a different distribution!
And 11
 me:  Okay, cool.
 me:  She's pleasant, very talkative (obviously), and really good at taking your BS and just "yes, and"ing it until you're like "What the shit have I gotten myself into?"
 Dale:  "And… if I'm really lucky, the yojango plants will be in bloom… ah, but if I tell you any more the Hutts will have my head."
And now we know where Lucusian names come from.  Desperate bullshitting.
 me:  "Oh, I saw the yojango plants bloom when I was a kid!  Took me 2 weeks to get my eyesight back, and I still can't taste purple.  You better get yourself an EV suit for that."
 Dale:  goddammit
 Ted:  Are we sure CWO Krin doesn't work at Coffee of Doom? Caus this is hilarious.
 me:  I kinda think of Raven a little tiny bit, sometimes.
 Ted:  I was thinking Dora
 Dale:  Odly enough, I was thinking Faye.
 me:  Really, QC in general.  It helps me get into the "talk excessively" mindset.

Selling on Alderaan

Sent YT-2400 with Kane, Sidara, Starfall, Wilson, Orden, and untrustworthy crewmen to intel officer's choice of rebel base (Alderaan)
Kane to be in charge of selling unnecessary equipment
Ted:  Venn will give ensign Orden (who is the one whose goin to be speaking with the Alliance command at Alderaan) some letters (to his family) and ask her to see that thy are passe on. He'll be sure that he feels it's important to him, and thank her.

 me:  Okay, so anything you wanna do during the trip to Alderaan?
 Dale:  En-route I'd already said flirting, but after how this last one turned out…
 Ted:  Well, you can take a more "direct" approach withthe others, i you want
 me:  Krin's definitely friendly, though.  She's also super happy to chat with you while working.
 me:  Again, I wanna ask, what's Kane's goal?  Is he just flirty in general, or is he actually hitting on someone for a reason, or is he just a player?
 Ted:  Yeah, kinda tought you were going fo Starfall and Wilson
 Ted:  So, Starfall alone, or her and Wilson?
 Dale:  Probably both of 'em.  He's generally being flirty and trying to have a good time on the trip.
 me:  Okay, just kinda lightly flirty, then, bantery?
 Dale:  Yeah, then he'd see what happens.
 me:  Okay.  But just with those two?  How do you behave towards the others on the trip?
 Dale:  Huh.  That's a good question.
I mean not like, distant.
 me:  So, let me go this way.  Sidara?
 Ted:  the Sarge
not Wilson
 me:  Yeah,  How do you act around her?
 Dale:  Actually the Sarge he's probably a little more cautious around.  He's never seen her without the stick installed.
 me:  True.  And she's still very kinda cold and professional.
Dale:  Might float a couple of jokes her way when her subordinates aren't around, just to see if he can get her to crack a smile.
 me:  Did you spend much time on the blaster range?
Dale:  Probably some, yeah.
me:  Okay, so she's going to know you from that, and from the Bilbringi trip.
me:  So she probably wouldn't really outwardly react to any just overt jokes.  She's still kinda on-point-mode, watching prisoners and such.  She might give you a "Just fly this boat, Gaffigan" at some point, though, if you're funny.
Dale:  Yeah, that's probably the best I coulda hoped for.
 me:  Roll me a Perception, though.
Dale:  Okay, I rolled a 1 a 3 and a 1
The 3 was my force die
Was this a fumble?
 me:  Nope.
 me:  Okay.  You don't get a good read of what's really going on with Sidara.  She's pretty poker-faced.
 me:  How about Orden?  How do you interact with her?  She's the one you're not interested in, the intel analyst.
Asian Parker.
 Dale:  Oh, friendly.  Just not quite as… je ne se qua.
me:  So, you're just kinda "Hey, how's it goin'?"?
Dunno if I put that in the wiki, actually, but I'm picturing her as Chinese or Vietnamese looking.
 me:  Like, give me a small example of how you think Kane would deal with Orden.
Dale:  Uh, same amount of attention, just less… subtext?  Body language and eye contact and stuff would be more subdued.  
 me:  Okay.  Polite, friendly, but blatantly no level of attraction.
Dale:  He was actually curious about the defectors.  Sidara willing, he'd ask them their stories.  What made 'em wanna defect?  It'll pass the time, and he might be able to get a read on some of 'em.
 me:  Okay.  Cool.  Yeah, as long as you're just chatting and keep your distance, she'd not interrupt.
 me:  Most of 'em are kinda just in the "Empire seems fascist, worried about my family's future, scared about what will happen to Alderaan, Kuat, etc" route.  Most of these guys are from Kuat.
Dale:  Okay.  Do they seem legit?  I'd make a note for the intel guys who will be checking them out more thoroughly of anything that seems to check out or seem sketchy.  It's not my job, but my guy's pretty streetwise.
 me:  Roll me a streetwise/something related to that.
 Ted:  like streetwise?
 Dale:  Not bad.15
 me:  Sweet.  Okay.  Yeah, they seem pretty legit.  You get the feeling some are not telling you the whole story, but you dont' think they're hiding "spy"
me:  So, you're kinda treating them like a more cautious version of how you treat Orden?  Is that a fair conclusion to draw?
Dale:  Yeah I mean they're on the other side of the bars so to speak.
 me:  Is it kinda "all business", just killing time, or do you have an ulterior motive?
Dale:  The only ulterior motive was to find out if they were lying and to a lesser extent let them get it out.
 me:  Okay, so you're just killing time, or you're just trying to figure out if they're lying, or are there other reasons you're talking to them?  I need some kind of picture of Kane as a character.
Dale:  He's actually interested in their stories, and he also wants to give them a chance to vent, kinda be sympatheitc, reaffirm that they made the right choice, and also maybe make the intel guys' job a little easier.
Also so their memory of this trip won't just be the sarge standing over them with a rifle.
me:  Okay, so primarily social.  Kane's a fairly outgoing guy, then?
If so, go ahead and give me your approach with the two you wanna hit on.
 Dale:  Kind of yeah
 me:  Remember, Starfall's a smart grunt, a little competitive, and strong.  Wilson's a grease monkey, more tomboyish in attitude, but very feminine (I kinda vaguely picture her like the Schlock doc)
Dale:  Okay so for Starfall, he'd congratulate her on her performance during the raid and maybe show her his gun.  That involves all kindsa little movements into her personal space.
me:  What's your gun?  Heavy blaster pistol?
 Dale:  Yeah.
 me:  If so, you'd definitely have some openings, 'cause she's a carbine woman.  You'd have a good-natured argument going debating the benefits of each, and you could get in to point out shit about the weapon.  Roll me a Perception
Dale:  That'd be 20.
The force die asploded
 me:  Oh, very nice.  Okay, you start to notice that the first thing she does upon handling a weapon is flip it to stun, and her carbine's always set to stun by default. You going to go for comparative target practice with her?
 Dale:  Sure!
me:  Okay, you'd also notice that she goes always for kill shots during practice.  Head or heart, every time, always shoots to kill whenever the gun's on "fight mode"
Dale:  Damn.  That's ambitious.  And kinda cool.  How's she doing on hitting them?
 me:  Not bad.  She's green, but she's quick. and she's kind of a natural.
me:  Give me a Persuasion roll for her unless you've got more specific things you wanna do.
 Dale:  "Betcha can't beat my score."
me:  Give me a blaster roll, and we'll see.  Also, are you gonna try to get physical with either during the trip, or are you keeping it purely light and flirty?
Dale:  He might go for it if he sees an opportunity.  
 Dale:  25 on blaster 
 me:  Okay, so you top her blaster score, but it's close.  I said persuasion for the other.  And just give me what you wanna do, overview, and we'll move along.
Dale:  pfft. this is sad.  12 to try and proposition her.
Dale:  Wilson it'd be more talking about ships.  It's clear he knows more about piloting them than fixing them, but he knows the basics.  As with the others he's kinda trying to be social and entertaining and see where it leads.
Dale:  11 on Wilson
I'll try and dig up a photo.  It's probably going to end up coming down to more the look on the guy's face and the attitude than physical appearence.
 me:  I know you've got kind of a Mal/Solo vibe you're trying to build up.
I'm just wondering if you've got any more of a physical description than what's on the wiki.
 Ted:  Handlebar moustache, shaved eyebrows, favors chaps made from shag carpeting?
 me:  Short blonde hair, blue eyes, cauc., rugged and muscular - 3D str puts him in the "average" range, but there's some range there, and 4D Dex means he'd be pretty athletic.
Putting the stamina up to 4D means you're probably a little stronger than the average athletic human male.
 Dale:  I googled roguish and I'm annoyed but I kinda like this shot of Nathan Drake from Uncharted.  Just need to bleach the hair and fix the eyes.
 me:  Yeah, Nathan Drake's a good exemplar for roguish, that's for sure.
Okay, excellent.  That's what I needed to know.
I'll say this - during the trip, you're likely to get much closer to Starfall than to Wilson.
 Dale:  Yeah I sort of figured.  Not sure why.
 me:  She'd flirt back with you more, whereas Wilson seems happy to talk to you but not really all that interested in you romantically.
 Dale:  Fair enough!
Ted:  and when they get to Alderaan?
Dale: Fortunately we can get Alderaan over with pretty quickly, it's mostly just shopping.
Dale:  Gonna turn around those machine parts, try and get the best deal I can, buy what the rebels wanted, try to have money left over, and buy a little more of it.
Okay, toss me negotiation or something related (no bookie)
 Dale:  14
on Bargain
And I'm a little annoyed because I got three 1's
Oh wait
The force die was a 6 hang on
So 18
 me:  Okay.  throw again.
 Dale:  Second time was 20
Remind me, did Venn say he wanted anything from teh marketplace when Kane asked?
 Ted:  nope
thanks, but not this time
(Tempted to say 'a horgon')
30 geek points if you get that reference
 Dale:  one sec
 me:  Okay.  After a half a day of footwork or so (helped out by some of the Rebel contacts on Alderaan), you pull together a couple of potential buyers and get them into a bidding war.  You've got a good 14% over wholesale on those, meaning you can easily pick up the stuff you need for the Rebels and have another 9000-ish credits burning a hole in your pocket.
Dale:  Okay so here is my question.
I nwas sent out with turbolaser cooling components right?
To sell?
 me:  And droids, and some other weapons components, I think.
 Dale:  Okay.
How much does a turbolaser actually cost?
 me:  Like 50,000 cr+, I think.
It's somewhere in the 10's of thousands of credits for a turbolaser emplacement.  For a new one, that is.  It could be cheaper to buy used.
Dale:  Oh one thing though
 me:  Yup?
Also, what are ou going to do with that extra 9-and-change-thou?
 Dale:  I'd try to find something really cheap and really weird at an outdoor marketplace.  Like a non-standard engine part or some kinda handmade jewelry.  But it needs to fit in the palm of my hand and be cheap and look hella odd.
 me:  Okay.  For the whole amount?  Or for less than that?
 Dale:  No for like 5 credits or something
The 9k I'm actually returning to the rebels.
Unless there's like, whatever they sent me for, I can but moar of it.  (Until the cargo hold is full.) and there's a great deal on it.
 me:  Okay, well, roll me the bargain
Dale:  21
me:  You can get a decent deal, and you could pull in about 10% more consumables and a medical droid in relatively good shape.
Dale:  Awesome.  As long as it's stuff we'd be reasonably sure to use, I'll do it up.
me:  Done!  Now you've just got the trip back, and I assume that's similar to the trip out, only without the detainees.
Dale:  Yup!  LEGROOM!  Okay so I spend a little of my time on the ride back looking at my trinket and thinking.
me:  Planning a good story for CWO Krin?
Dale:  Yup! A tale of magic and heroism, describing the trinket without actually showing it to her, each moment more fantastic than the next.  The goal is to get her to finally say "that's bullshit," at which point I can show her the trinket as "proof."
me:  So, you're doing this just because you want her to come with you, or because she's romantically interesting to you?
Dale:  More the first one.  And also because he's amused by the bullshit game, despite losing last time.
me:  Okay.  So, you're a little competitive, too.
Gotta get one up on her.
me:  Okay, that's important to know about Kane.  Spiffy.
 Dale:  What's she gonna do, stack some crates into a pyramid and claim it's a temple?
 me:  Anything else you wanna do before you get back to Hoth?
Ted:  Maybe pick up some more comfortable longjohns?
 me:  She'll probably pull an ice cube out of the food synth and tell you she caught a comet while on EVA.
Dale:  Oh!  Yeah, storing it in the food synth was a good idea, to keep it cold.  I assume the comment was also square?
 Ted:  lol
 Dale:  *commet
 Ted:  actually, "comet"
Dale:  "But what will you do if the other comets come looking for it?"
me:  "I've got a home all ready for them.  I mean, this planet's practically a comet preserve.  They can run and play, dance through the ice caves, make little ice nests for their ice babies… we'll just have to protect them from the vicious, vicious tauntauns…."
Dale:  "Yeah, those tauntauns are getting more clever by the day.  If they figure out ablative armor, we're in big trouble."

Venn's conversation with Halcyon

me: So, Venn, you would have seen much less of Tam than you would have expected after the last mission, He was in debrief for a while, then in medical for a while due to his skull fracture and concussion.
I'm good for another couple of hours. I slept in today.
Ted: Very well, better hadle Halcyon first.
me: After Tam is out of medical, he goes back to (voluntary) double shifts for a while, including shifts up to the Privateer once it comes back. You have access to Halcyon. He's in physical therapy still.
Ted: First asking the docs how he's doing.
me: Okay, the good news is that he got into the bacta in time to save him, the bad news is that his right lung was essentially charcoal when he went in. They had to build a complete new lung and many of his right front ribs and sternum. His cardiovascular fitness is down a ton as a result, and he's going to be in physical therapy for weeks before he can get back on duty.
Ted: Okay, go and talk o him. "How're you doing, Halcyon?"
me: He's a lot paler than he was before, and he's lost some muscle. When you show up, though, he snaps to a rude attention.
Ted: Rude attention? He trying to insult?
me: Sloppy attention.
Ted: "As you were. Sit down."
"How are you feeling?"
me: "Sir, I'm fine, sir."
Ted: "That would be impessive, since you've been eating medical food." "Have they told you anything about what happene with the mission?"
me: "Sir, no sir. I'm off of active duty, sir." he's kinda spitting this a little
Ted: "Try noddig more Halcyon. I don't want the docs complaining that I got you to ruin you bacta treatments." gentle humor "Well,just wanted to let you know. Our mssion to the prison ended up getting the engineers we were gong for, plus 3 more, some minor prisoners, and a Rebel Major General. Getting those individuls then let us capture a new bulk transport loaded with our engineer's newest constrcton project. We've got Echo Base a planetary defense ion cannon."
me: "Congratulations, sir." poorly hidden sarcasm
Ted: "Well, I just wanted to let you know you helped score a significant victory for us. Good work." "Now I'll letyou get some rest. I hope to see you up on activ duty again, soon."
Ted: (feeling a little indignant and guilty - Con 24 - but hidingit well)
me: "Sir, yes sir."
Ted: leaves
Well, that went about as well as I thought it would
me: You get the obvious impression that he's mad. Give me a perception or similar roll to read his mood.
Ted: 26, but with a mishap
Dale: What do you wanna bet he blames Tam somehow?
me: You can't really tell if he's angry at you, at the team, or at himself. Maybe elements of all of that. But you think he's pretty damn pissed at you.
Ted: A lot, if I coul find someone gullible enough to take that bet
Ted: Well, that's gonna weigh on Venn. I mean, he's used to have people pissed at him (he was in government), and he knows Hlcyon is being a buck-passing prick (so he'll tryto forget it), but Halcyon was a member of Venn' team. It's gonna be i the back of his head, at least for several days.

Venn's conversation with Sidara

Ted: Well, after they're back and she's off duy, he'll ask Lanka if she would mind joining him for a drink and some food-like rations.
in the lounge
me: That puts her off her pole for a second. She'll stutter a word, first time you've heard her shaken at all. "Y-yes, sir."
Ted: "Okay, I have a few oher thigs to do. I'll be there in about an hour. Come whenever you're finished with ay otherduties you have." smile and walk away
me: "One hour, sir."
Ted: show up at the lounge in an hour
she there yet?
me: Yes, just.
Ted: I'll head over to the table she's at ad sit dwn.
me: Okay, she'll stand when she sees you walk over.
Perception/read her mind?
Ted: I'm no Jedi, but yes 22 btw, she in bdus?
me: Body language says confused, actually a little bit nervous, but she hides that very well. She's in her uniform.
Ted: Smiles and sits down, orders a rink and some food. Asks her if she'sordered, etc…
me: "No, sir." She'll order as well.
Ted: "So, how did the mission go?"
me: "Well, sir. Mr. Novaliss is a skilled negotiator. He managed to pick us up some extra equipment for our troubles, including a new surgical droid. Everything else went smoothly - no troubles with the… escorted personnel during the trip."
Ted: "That's good. And Sidara, we're off duty. Please go easy on the 'Sirs'." "Do you mind if I call you Sidara?"
me: "No, sir…"
Ted: (he's acting friendly and charming, but matter-of-fact,btw)
me: Again, you're detecting some confusion.
me: Also, strictly speaking, you're Navy and she's Army, so its' a bit of a weird thing with the chain of command. You were her CO on that one mission, but you're not really in her direct command chain anymore.
Ted: (I also kinda got the impression the Alliance isn't really by the book military, more rag tag - hough that doesnt necesarily mean her))
me: "I wasn't quite home, sir. We were… well, almost exactly halfway around the world from my hometown. Still, closest I've been in a while." small smile
You're right - the Alliance is a little loose because of limited numbers and mixed operations. But she seems very military. That's why I said "strictly speaking" - the command chain right now is very odd. :-)
Ted: "Did you at least get a chance to speak to anyone? My… previous work… kept me quite busy. I actually haven' been home in over year. I'm a little jealous, actually." smile
me: "Yes, sir.. I understand your situation is.. rather different." serious face
Ted: "How long has it been sice you were home?"
me: "A while, sir. Years. On the plus side, I've been able to see a lot of the galaxy."
(The small talk will continue until you want to broach a real subject)
Ted: Yeah, he's trying to get her to relax, and to learn a little more about her…
me: Roll me a persuasion to see if you can get a little more relaxation out of her. She's pretty wound by nature, and she's not sure what you're on about. She's also pretty introverted by nature. But she's talking much more openly to you than you would have originally expected
me: Okay, Ted, briefly describe your persuasion play to me. How do you want to get her to open up?
Ted: That'd depend a bit on her reactions. He's pretty adept at reading peopl and putting them at ease. Mostly talk about Alderaan. Ask her what she enoyedost about being home. Mention similar things on Antaras. Try to form a small convertional bond.
me: Okay, you can build a bit of a bond with her.
Ted: 31 "So, Sidara, I mainly asked you here because I wanted to… apologize."
me: That shut her up
Ted: "For questioning your motives for putting Tam through his 'welcoming period'." pause "I asked around about you, and base on your… well, family history… I first thought youmight have been punishing Tam for having worn the wrong uniform once." pause "But, after serving with yu more, on missions and in the base, I began to realize you were better than that. You were just doing your job, and I'm a big enough man to realize when I'm wrong. I'm sorry." pause "As a matter of fact I also wanted to thank you. Your help on the missions we've been on recently was vital. I doubt we could have pulled it off without you. So… thank you." (very serious - not Sidara serious - just meaningful serious hen he's saying this)
sorry about the wait
me: slightly flustered, trying to hide it "Well, sir, I just do what I need to do. If you've asked around, you know that I've been in the military since I was.. well, for a while, now. I need to trust my men, and… Yeoman Minera looked like a promising young soldier, but I needed to know I could trust him, depend on him." pause "Still, I appreciate your candor, sir."
Ted: "I understand. I suppose the generally bad reception Tam received, despite being nearly single-handedly responsible for getting me off of Coruscant, made it harder to tell 'well-meaning drill sargeant' from 'another untrusting stranger.'" "And tha you agan for all the help you've given me."
me: a little uncertainly "Yes, sir"
me: You get the feeling she's not sure exactly where she stands with you. You're technically a CO, but you're also treading some unfamiliar ground here.
Ted: pause for a bit "I was also wonderng if you had any criticisms or suggestions regarding our previous missions. Any advice that might hp me in similar situations." pause "After that… well, I was hoping we could chat for a bit. I've been trying to adjust to my new duties, but I really don't knowanyone on the base aside from Tam. And (*chuckling*) if you think being a former stormtrooper on a Rebel base is a stressful situation, you should try Imperial politics. I don't think I had one casual conversation while on Coruscant."
me: She's taking this as a chance to move back to small talk a bit, and she's going to try to lighten things up. She won't voice any criticisms, but you get the feeling she might have some. But you also get the feeling that she wouldn't tell you what they are - it's not in her nature. I say this because they were small and could be regarded as a difference in what you knew or something. She would say something if she had large criticisms.
Ted: "Anything that you could sugest as an improvement?"
me: You start to think that, and you get the realization that you might get further if you couched it in hypothetical terms
Ted: okay… "hypothetically speaking, if…"
me: She'd kind of go over how she might approach similar missions with a small fire team. Nothing specific about your tactics, but she'll happily discuss what she knows. You're realizing she doesn't question her COs easily.
Ted: Do I get the sense that some of her uncomfortableness might be due to confusion about hethr Venn inended this as a "date" or not?…
me: That may also be exacerbating her discomfort.
Ted: "Actually… I just realized a couple of potential social mistakes I may have made here. First, I hope I didn't accidentally give you the impression that this was supposd to be a date. I just wanted to speak with you somewhere where live weapons and loosepower cables weren't in th way. pause Also, I get he sense the rank differece might be an issue here. pause Am I close?"
me: blushing inadvertently "Well… yes, sir."
Ted: Which one did she react more to?
me: Roll me a mindreading check.
Ted: 23
me: Okay. She's definitely been wondering if you've been intending this as a date.
Ted: smiling "Well, I'm sorry for the confusion… I honestly was just hoping to clear the air and maybe have a relaxed conversation with smeone aside from Tam for once."
me: "Of course, sir."
Ted: sly smile "Just for once it would be lovely to have a nice chat with someone who only chimes in with "yes sir" and "no sir"… " broadgrin at Sidara
"I admit my plan may have been a bit over-bold…" grin does that get her to at last crack a grin, or loosen her shoulders?
me: No, not really. She's fairly uncomfortable now - embarrassed, and thinks you're digging at her military bearing while she's flustered.
me: Actually, I should probably say that, in fact, you'd know not to go that route - the military is her life, for a long time.
She's very dedicated, and she prides herself on being extremely professional.
Ted: Okay, backtrack
from "of course sir"
me: If you want to lighten the mood, highlighting her professionalism in a good light, or changing the subject to something else she's interested in, would be a good tack.
Ted: Okay, ask her how training has been going on the range.
me: Okay. You steer the conversation towards lighter topics, and she can break through her embarrassment that way. She'll talk about blaster training and similar things.
You might roll me one more telepathytations roll
Ted: 25
me: Okay. You get the feeling she's maybe catching a twinge of disappointment.
Ted: "Is there something wrong?"
me: You might not to broach that directly, though.
Ted: Okaeedoke (Venn's a socia adept… Ted most certainly is not)
me: She's maaaaybe a little disappointed this isn't a date.
How long do you picture this meal going?
Two-three hours? Longish? Or more like a normal meal?
Ted: That will get Venn thinking maybe a little differently over the next few days or weeks (till kinda dwn ith the Halsyon, cyborg, etc…)
Ted: He had initially planned it maybe a hour or two, depending on wheher she cared to talk with him or was more of a Halcyon in atitudetowards him.
If he wats to keep talking, he'll keep talking.
If not, he'llthan her for sharing her advice with him, an excus himself.
dammit IM
me: Okay. It could go long. It seems like she's happy talking with you, and an hour or so in, you definitely get the feeling she's a little semi-star-struck. At minimum, she's got a lot of respect for you.
Ted: Oh, she'll learn…
me: Probably true :-) Still, you are something of a military and political hero, and she's been able to work under you… well, within your chain of command.
Ted: Seriously, he'll keep that in mind. He'll try tokeep things professional, since she seems ucomfrtable wit anythingelse, but he wants to knd of lose that formal, exalted air as smoothly as he can. A bigwin would be for her to actually use his first name.
me: She's thinking now that she might have been overly flattering herself thinking this might be a date.
Getting her to break the formality would be a longer-term goal than this meal, but you can lay some groundwork (and have).
me: Venn's definitely got the social chops to direct the end of the meal in the direction he wants it to go. The only question is, which direction does he want it to go?
Ted: Hmm. Well…up until her somewhat disappointed reaction to his not bing a date, Venn had developed a lot of respect for Sidara, and was oping to just find a friend on th base. A better working realtionship, at least. After her slip up… well, he's probably a little unsure now. She's attractive, certainly. However, she isa little "starstruck" and not comfortable with using his name, so… I'm pretty sure he's steering it toward "as relaxed a conclusion as possible"… hopefuly with her smiling a bit more. still, something for him to think about
me: So, lay some groundwork for a more friendly relationship, but keep her comfortable. Good good.

Venn's conversation with Tam

  • Why the hell did he disobey? (Is this gonna be a problem in the future?)
  • Is there something Venn can do to help?
  • Make it clear that, while Venn is impressed with his bravery and skill, if he can't trust Tam, he can't continue to allow him to serve with him.

TODO - also need to find out what Tam's been doing for the past week-and-a-half/two weeks while he's been incommunicado - OOC, slowly developing relationships with Krin (PT started it) and Orden (lots of time in debrief). Nothing really has gone down, but he's physically attracted to Krin, but intellectually interested in Orden (despite her fucked-up personality). Also developing less antagonistic relationship w/ Sidara, slowly becoming more mentor-mentee (particularly after previous mission)

Still todo in detail, but basically boils down to guilt, some depression, and a bit of needing to prove himself. Tam's not really introspective enough to realize what all is going on in his own head, but he's had problems connecting with people, he's been ridden hard for months, he's been torn from everything he knew, and he's now wondering if his whole previous life as a cop and soldier was a lie. Tried to tender resignation w/ General, but held until General could talk to Venn. Venn told general to reject.

TED: Venn will likely be far more preoccupied with Sidara and other Alderaanians on the base, as well as new tasks as Echo Base is now likely to at least be a major port for the Rebels (minimum… until they decide to make it the new major leadeship center), but he'll make it a point to include Tam in any projects/events he can, particularly with other understanding members of our core group. He'll make a point of trying to bring him along whenever he's spends an couple hours in the lounge. Basically, he's trying to surround him with friendly faces and positive team-oriented activities. Venn suspects that an outright "psychological evaluation and therapy session" might give Tam some insight, but likely wouldn't be very helpful. He thinks, for now, letting Tam figure things out for himself, and just offering group support is the best way to go. If things don't improve after a month or two, or if things get worse, he'll reevaluate.

Venn's conversations with Antarans

  • Other Antarans - probably just to meet them and get to know them in general, see if there's anything he can do for them
  • General - want to get to know him a little more, learn about him, see if he is from a family I know, etc. - plus the normal stuff from the other Antarans

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