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Cars and Trucks

Ford Ranger Pickup

The Ranger is a full-size pickup truck, a rare breed of vehicle in the 2050s, 2060s, and 2070s. The Ranger follows on from the popular F-series pickups but includes a basic autopilot.

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Avail Cost
-1 10/20 110 2 16 10 1 45,000 nuyen

The Ranger comes equipped with off-road tires (+1 handling off road) and a high-power diesel hybrid engine allowing it to tow up to 7,500 kg.

Military Vehicles

Nissan Pachyderm

The Nissan Pachyderm is an armored personnel carrier (APC) similar in functionality to the Ares Citymaster. The Pachyderm is slightly bigger and roomier, but the high-torque hybrid engine allows the Pachyderm to nearly match the market-leading Citymaster's performance specifications.

Handling Accel Speed Pilot Body Armor Sensor Avail Cost
-2 4/28 110 2 18 20 3 20R 55,000 nuyen

The Pachyderm, much like the Citymaster, can function as a mobile command post or as a simple APC. The Pachyderm features a chemical seal, 30 man-hours of life support, and a small pop-up turret. Unlike the half-track Citymaster, the Pachyderm is a traditionally-wheeled vehicle with a total of 4 axles and 14 wheels. The Pachyderm's other interesting features is its mid-body actuator (think "armored mini bendy-bus") which allows the large vehicle to maneuver more easily in tight city streets.

Hovercraft, Boats, and Subs


Fixed-Wing Aircraft





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