Hugh "Redline" Remsen

Character Notes

Redmond Barrens go-ganger

cf: Lee Coppoletta


Hugh Remsen is a child of a pair of Evo mid-level managers. He should be going to college now, but he's rich and spoiled. He could do something with his life, but he'd rather blow through his father's money by screwing around with his bike and running up and down 90 and 405. Redline met Lee after he became a detective. Lee investigated the murder of one of Hugh's former classmates. While the relationship began with the normal pig jokes, Lee won Redline over by talking bikes… and by kicking his ass in a bike drag.

Physical Description

Height: 2.0 m (6'7")
Weight: 100 kg (220 lb)
Hair: Dyed in orange and black waves
Eyes: Cosmetically modded to orange

Born 2053.

Redline is a tall, skinny rich kid. He acts out by hanging with go-gangers, and his tattoos and cosmetic mods are another way to prove his independence from his yuppie parents.

Basic Personality

Redline is spoiled, selfish, and a bit childish. Like any guy, he loves to go fast and blow shit up.


  1. Hunches over a bit due to his height.

Character Statistics


Physical Score Mental Score Special Score
Body 4 Charisma 2 Edge 2
Agility 4 Intuition 3 Essence 6
Reaction 4 Logic 2 Magic 0
Strength 3 Willpower 2 Initiative 7


Active Skills Score Knowledge Skills Score Language Skills Score
Negotiation 3 Bikes and Cars 6 English Native
Pilot Ground Vehicle 4 Seattle Gangs 6 Japanese 4
Etiquette (Street) 2 (4) Fences 4
Ground Vehicle Mechanic 5 Evo Politics 3
Perception 1
Pistols 2
Con 3

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