I'm A Fighter, Not A Philosophizer

5:44:07 PM Maleos: Oh yeah I was going to talk to Y-M, wasn't I.

5:44:28 PM Maleos: And there was something about her getting more pensive as we near A-R. That didn't come up during the game,

5:45:13 PM GM: It didn't immediately come up cause it would've burned more time

5:45:20 PM Maleos: That makes sense.

5:45:55 PM Maleos: Well let me at least have the conversation with Y-M about aelphin culture. If I can think of a way to say the first sentence without it all imploding on me.

5:47:13 PM Maleos: Maleos all trudging along thinking "C'mon, Maleos… just say something! if Aida can do it, you can!"

5:47:49 PM GM: K. Go ahead

6:29:00 PM GM: Also, I don't know… hell, roll me a Diplomancy check

6:32:53 PM Maleos: I should probably try talking to YM before we resort to diplomancy checks, but…

6:33:20 PM Maleos: I DID put points in it…

6:33:46 PM Maleos: 14

6:36:18 PM GM: Well, this is just in case you as a player hadn't already noticed this, but aelphin society tends toward the matriarchal. So at least it's something of a good sign that a female came to visit, because she's more likely to be in charge of something than a male.

6:38:59 PM Maleos: Ahhh.

6:39:14 PM Maleos: Clearly I should have been consulting with the face of the party.

6:40:17 PM GM: I wasn't sure if you'd noticed or not, but except for Tighearnan, all of the… higher-ups, let's say, that you've dealt with have been female, and males have only shown up as messengers, guards, assistants, servants, etc.

6:40:37 PM GM: And people kind of treated Tighearnan like he was a little bit odd.

6:42:30 PM Maleos: Interesting.

6:44:40 PM GM: That's not to say that you've felt actively discriminated against or anything, just that the society is matriarchal, and so having them send a woman when you asked for a decisionmaker is probably a good sign, but it probably also means that they actually sent a decisionmaker.

6:46:02 PM GM: Maybe "probably" is too strong a word. "More than 50% likely" is what I mean.

6:46:18 PM Maleos: Gotcha

6:47:15 PM GM: So, yeah, if you want to give her a little run down on what you've learned in dealing with PF and Iealdith, that's definitely going to be appreciated. Also, you could try to ask her delicately who she is if you want.

6:47:28 PM GM: And then you can talk to YM as well, if you like

6:48:49 PM GM: You'll notice YM's worry, as I'd mentioned before, and then after… a week or so, maybe a week and a half, she becomes suddenly less pensive and more usual.

7:00:38 PM GM: Pensive != Penis sieve

7:04:05 PM Maleos: Yeah, Maleos is curious about her duties.

7:05:24 PM GM: Okay. You can talk it out or roll Diplomancy to see what you can find out if you wanna skip that bit

7:07:18 PM Maleos: Let me talk to YM first, I think I have a plan of attack for that conversation, at least.

7:08:28 PM GM: Okay, go for it.

7:14:04 PM Maleos: Basically, he'd start with some kind of small talk… at some point there'd be a pause where a human would normally respond, or some other such awkward hiccup in the conversation, and then he'd go "You know, I'm beginning to worry that I don't know how to properly speak with aelphin." See where she takes it from there. Kinda direct, but it's the best I can come up with. At least the thing that changes the subject is an awkward pause on her end.

7:14:39 PM Maleos: Or a hrmph or the like.

7:15:10 PM Maleos: Though hopefully we won't get THAT far… I'm beginning to realize OOC that hrmph is a warning of danger ahead

7:16:01 PM GM: (Yes, they don't really express outright indignation, but when you say something insulting or crass, that usually gets a hrmph."

7:16:03 PM GM: )

7:16:22 PM Maleos: (First noticed it when Darias thought he was being clever!)

7:17:03 PM GM: Hmmm… Yoshirou-Mura is reasonably okay with you. She'd probably say "You're figuring that out, are you?" You can tell from that response that a) YM is not the most restrained of aelphin, and b) Aida is rubbing off on her.

7:17:29 PM Maleos: Both of those things are good news for Mlaeos and probably not so great for YM.

7:19:10 PM Maleos: "Yes… I wonder if you might give me a few pointers on proper manners? The sorts of things even a child would know… though I suppose we don't have anywhere near that long…"

7:19:46 PM GM: (Maleos, by this point, would probably figure out that YM's relative lack of restraint probably was a thing that didn't help her in her upbringing in Kaede)

7:20:22 PM Maleos: (going for a small joke there at the end)

7:22:04 PM GM: Yoshirou-Mura can give you the basics, and will start doing so. For starters, knowing your place is very important, and knowing the relative place of whoever you're talking with. It's always better if you don't know to defer to a basic level of "I don't know you" politeness until you figure out their role. There are indicators of role that aelphin learn to read, but she doesn't expect you to learn them quickly because they're subtle, and you can get by with a little more because you're an outsider.

7:22:34 PM GM: Directness is, generally, looked down upon; better to communicate indirectly, politely, and still get the desired message across.

7:23:15 PM GM: Best still if you can present information in such a way that the person your'e talking to comes to your conclusion without you ever stating your argument - that's the ultimate in "aelphin debate."

7:27:11 PM GM: There are other rules she'll tell you as well about implicit privacy (essentially "don't eavesdrop, super rude, very very looked down upon") and maintaining a calm and level demeanor and tone

7:28:01 PM GM: She tells you about some rituals such as the Wine Ceremony and the Spring Lanterns, but she doesn't try to teach them to you - they're very complex.

7:28:32 PM Maleos: "Interesting… very interesting… that explains why it's often so difficult to tell what an aelphin wants or is thinking…

7:29:24 PM Maleos: "All right… so… let's say Tighearnán is standing behind the altar in the big tree temple in Kaede, explaining a dream to the other preists. Behind him, the unthinkable happens. A small fire has begun to burn. It can be probably be put out rather easily if it doesn't have time to spread, but it appears Tighearnán hasn't noticed it yet. Who speaks up first? And what do they stand to lose by doing so?"

7:29:45 PM GM: Many things boil down to intricate rules of politeness and propriety. There are areas she explicitly won't touch on unless Maleos asks.

7:31:05 PM GM: "In that situation, there is a polite way to interrupt Master Tighearnan's story and point out that an urgent matter requires attendance. Anyone could raise the issue and would not lose face, as the issue at hand is clearly urgent and dangerous. The interrupter would then apologize for the intrusion and return to attentiveness."

7:31:44 PM Maleos: "That one. I need to learn that one. If it takes me a year."

7:33:54 PM GM: "It's not difficult… well, perhaps I speak too soon. The response must be in proportion to both the urgency and intensity of the cause of the interruption. For your fire example, it would be satisfactory for a listener to stand and excuse herself politely to address 'the minor fire behind you, Master.' Once finished, it would then be acceptable to return and simply say, 'I apologize for the intrusion, Master. Please continue your explanation, if you would."

7:36:58 PM Maleos: "Hmmm… All right… and what if the speaker knows that Tighearnán has no ability to directly confirm the emergency? Say… it is not a fire at all, but a wasp. But not a wasp that belongs in this world. Some sort of demon-wasp. And only the lone warrior who has fought a demon before can recognize its true nature?"

7:43:23 PM GM: A very small smile is momentarily noticeable on Yoshira-Mura's face. "Yes, of course. One of those pesky demon-wasps. Again, the response must be proportional to the risk. Should the pesky demon-wasp be ready to sting the Master, it would of course be acceptable to intervene, though you would need to stand ready to explain your apparent rudeness. However, should this all-too-common demon-wasp merely be flitting about the room, it would be more polite to note its position, await the end of the story, and respond afterwards." she tilts her head at you "Of course, it does strike me that you're not truly asking after polite behavior, which of necessity goes off the branch (idiomatic: out the window) during battle. You appear to be digging into how to best tell my people how they should be responding to the situation we currently find ourselves in. The correct answer is to not. Explaining the situation differs greatly from doling out orders."

7:48:55 PM Maleos: *looks away, slightly embarrassed* "You don't know that… that example could have served any number of rhetorical purposes. Perhaps I was reaching for a way to flatter aelphin demon-slayers."

7:51:19 PM GM: "That would be another suggestion I can make. You broke eye contact, admitting you were lying and had been caught out. An overreaction for the situation, in my culture. Not a major transgression, but… odd behavior nonetheless. Better to lower your eyes slightly and give a very slight bow from the neck."

7:52:24 PM Maleos: "Huh. Kind of like…" *nod* "I concede your point. Kinda thing."

7:52:51 PM GM: "Precisely."

7:55:23 PM GM: "To your previous question, should you have a point of view to express, compile information. Present your information as factually as possible, but subtly emphasize the information that reinforces the course of action you wish the person to take. Do not anticipate they will necessarily agree, not unless you truly have done an excellent job preparing your argument, but realize that at a minimum they will have new information from which they can draw their conclusions."

7:57:09 PM Maleos: Is carol there with you?

7:57:21 PM GM: Da

7:57:53 PM Maleos: "Hmmm. Part of the problem is, how much can I afford to reveal about our situation and capabilities without accidentally leaking that information to the enemy? At least if I know what they plan to do with it, I can at least try to weigh the risks…" suddenly trails off. "Hey Aida!"

7:58:57 PM Maleos: "Am I a control freak?"

8:00:53 PM Maleos: (OOC pretty much just expecting a "YUUUUP!")

8:00:58 PM GM: Aida just looks at you funny.

8:01:32 PM Maleos: "What I mean is do I overthink things?"

8:02:55 PM GM: Yoshirou-Mura reluctantly decides to say something. "Maleos… I have known you and your friends for… six months or so. I would hesitate to call you a 'control freak', yet it is apparent that you play many of your cards close to the vest. You also… take some offense when others do the same."

8:04:49 PM Maleos: *bites back a response, turning it into a wince followed by a sigh. Then relaxes his face, turns to YM, and lowers his eyes to the ground and nods*

8:06:36 PM Maleos: Wow so actually a lot of those nods in the existing conversations we've already done were surprisingly well-timed.

8:06:53 PM GM: Maleos's or Yoshirou-Mura's?

8:07:54 PM Maleos: Back when Malleos was talking to Íomhar-Saito in the future

8:08:18 PM Maleos: She would keep stating the obvious and Maleos was like "yup. And?"

8:08:27 PM GM: Ahh.. So, Maleos's or Iomhar-Saito's?

8:08:38 PM Maleos: Oh, Maleos was the one nodding. I think

8:08:46 PM GM: I see

8:09:10 PM GM: Anything else with YM?

8:11:05 PM Maleos: Well, he'd try to learn more if he could. Basically the main problem is he has tons of information, of varying degress of relevance and value, and most importantly, the ability to generate tons more information. If he needs to put the map on the ground and how everyone the clusters of glowy dots again he'll do so.

8:12:25 PM Maleos: But she's probably seen it before. These dots were Tragn a week ago, these dots are known demons, these dots are the unknown

8:12:34 PM GM: I think I've hit the high points. She'd go over some other things as well, but they're basically like little rituals - how to introduce yourself properly in various circumstances, that sort of thing

8:12:46 PM Maleos: mmm.

8:13:41 PM GM: And you could show IS the dots if you'd like, but based on what YM has told you, you could also make the assumption that IS would doubt the validity of your data in the absence of any corroborating evidence.

8:14:04 PM GM: Not that she wouldn't check into it, just that you shouldn't expect her to just blindly go, 'Yes, this is what you say it is."

8:14:11 PM Maleos: Speaking of rituals. Maleos would like to begin working with Saul to create one. It can be cast in say half an hour or so by Maleos and Saul working together, and the effects of which are we cannot be scried upon for the next 24 hours.

8:15:06 PM GM: Hmm. Scrying blocking spells exist, so I'd need to look one up to see what the effective spell level for a 24-hour version would be.

8:15:46 PM Maleos: Fair enough. Okay then. In THAT case… the best thing Maleos can do is to only pass on the known facts, and if he gives her compass results, tell her exactly how he phrased it. If she sees enough of this info come true, she'll start thinking of his reports as "reliable."

8:16:03 PM GM: Yes.

8:16:23 PM Maleos: Okay…

8:17:16 PM Maleos: Trolls within 100 miles of A-R : 16

8:17:34 PM Maleos: Targhn within 100 miles of A-R: 19

8:18:01 PM GM: 100 miles? There are smatterings, at least a dozen trolls and many more tragn.

8:18:07 PM GM: Some in similar directions and ranges, some not

8:19:31 PM Maleos: Before I did these checks, I prepared a fresh map with the quill, and I'm etching the dots onto the map and noting that the distances are within this approximate range. So basically a scattering of red lines in a 100 mile circle around A-R. And I wouldn't need to copy the whole map, just the area around A-R. So it wouldn't take TOO long.

8:20:02 PM Maleos: Trolls in red, Tragn in blue

8:20:18 PM GM: Okay

8:20:51 PM Maleos: And the time, as precisely as I can ascertain, when I did the compass check

8:21:24 PM GM: Which is within a few hours

8:21:44 PM GM: Like, probably within an hour either side of the real time

8:23:15 PM Maleos: Right.

8:35:54 PM Maleos: Poor YM. She's always either the rudest person in the room when she's among her kind or else the only non-rude person in the room when we're travelling.

8:36:16 PM GM: It's a unique experience for her, being the most polite

8:36:28 PM Maleos: I can only imagine what Halvar looked like to her.

8:36:50 PM GM: Broad and stony, for one

8:37:11 PM Maleos: I meant the people of Halvar.

8:37:50 PM GM: Ditto. :-)

8:38:12 PM Maleos: 9_9 I meant the social interactions with the people of Halvar.

8:38:51 PM GM: She wasn't the rudest there! :-)

8:51:39 PM Maleos: Oh god.

8:52:00 PM Maleos: Maleos has been nodding in acknowlegement to pretty much every statement made by an aelphin.

8:52:33 PM GM: Nodding in acknowledgement is different from bowing submission, but yes, he has, and he might have been giving a slightly off impression.

8:54:06 PM GM: Could be worse. You could be Darias. He nearly drew a duel with the guard captain. :-)

8:54:18 PM Maleos: At A-R?

8:54:34 PM Maleos: A duel with Y-M I could see, but why A-R?

8:55:42 PM Maleos: Like I can't even remember what crass standoffish thing he said.

8:55:55 PM Maleos: Help me narrow it down.

8:56:19 PM GM: Oh, he was just being blatantly rude to her.

8:56:33 PM GM: When he went to talk to her about Iealdith before you left to kill her.

8:56:59 PM Maleos: Sigh. Yeah. That sounds like him.

8:57:55 PM GM: On the plus side, since she DIDN'T challenge him, you have evidence that the aelphin aren't holding you to the same standards that they hold themselves.

8:58:30 PM Maleos: Clearly.

8:59:07 PM Maleos: I fear the day they come to respect us as something approaching equals. It will not end well.

9:00:01 PM GM: But you can also see how they treat merchants from other races. They've obviously decided to ignore small slights from outsiders that are trying to be polite in exchange for opening ties with said outsiders, though carefully.

9:08:45 PM Maleos: "I wonder if I can put this into words… politeness, for humans, is… something of a luxury? Reserved for special occasions…? Imagine if 30 to 60 percent of the things you did each day were… if not as urgent as combat, certainly at least as important as combat…"

9:09:18 PM GM: (To YM?)

9:09:24 PM Maleos: (Yeah.)

9:10:16 PM GM: silently listening, waiting for you to finish your thought*

9:18:45 PM Maleos: " 'Please' and 'thank you' is usually as polite as a human would ever need to be, in order to interact with most other humans… I mean unless you were speaking to someone exceptionally important. A queen or somebody. Then you might call them 'Your Honoured Highness,' and there are a few small customs associated with such exchanges. Attitude is more important than manners… especially for a merchant, like me… and then things get strange when you deal with someone like Darias… for lack of a better term, he's a real 'human's human.' The ruder he is with you, the more he likes you. Because if he felt uncomfortable around you, then he would be watching his step. Well. In theory, anyway. Actually, come to think of it, I'm not sure I've ever seen him on his best behavior." *thinks back to a childhood incident, decided not to mention it.* "I hope some of this was educational or interesting for you."

9:21:32 PM GM: Again, a small, tight smile shows up on her face. "Most of my travels with you all have been highly educational."

9:22:13 PM Maleos: *raises an eyebrow* "Yeah? What'd you learn?"

9:23:10 PM GM: "I've learned a considerable amount about dealing with humans, assuming you and your friends are representative of most. I've also learned a great deal about the art of combat and have seen far more of the world than I had anticipated."

9:24:15 PM Maleos: "Ah." *thinks back to the map* "We're only just beginning. Just wait until I figure out how to move a hundred miles instantaneously."

9:27:50 PM GM: "I suppose that would make reaching a destination faster, though we would see nothing of the intervening space."

9:28:58 PM Maleos: "Yeah, that…" *frowns* "Yeah. That was a very human thing of me to say, wasn't it."

9:29:47 PM GM: side-tilt-head-nod that you're learning means a kind of reluctant acknowledgement or agreement of what you just said "As you say."

9:31:30 PM Maleos: "Well, I haven't got a hundred years to spend appreciating the journey. We have points of light on a map to visit. Demons to slay and a world to set right. We can enjoy the scenery on the walk back."

9:32:53 PM GM: "I have also learned that humans seem not to think in small terms."

9:36:41 PM Maleos: "I try very hard not to overreach, and to be open to the possibility that I am mistaken in my prior understanding. Short of that, I take the biggest step I can towards my goal. Why wouldn't I?"

9:38:18 PM GM: "Taking large steps can leave you off-balance when the ground shifts underneath you."

9:38:47 PM Maleos: "Feather Fall."

9:39:39 PM GM: "Perhaps. Yet in the best of circumstances, you pants still get muddy."

9:40:01 PM Maleos: "Clean Self. In a pinch, Prestidigitation."

9:41:00 PM GM: "And yet, with slightly more consideration, you could come away from the situation with two, three, perhaps even more spells uncast and available for… larger issues."

9:41:39 PM Maleos: *head tilts* "Am I doing this correctly?"

9:43:48 PM GM: small, slight frown "Perhaps I am not the best etiquette teacher."

9:44:27 PM Maleos: "Well. Do what I'm doing. Then do what I'm supposed to be doing."

9:45:27 PM GM: She'll give you some pointers, but she's also essentially noting that she is… clumsy and brash.

9:45:42 PM Maleos: Yes. And it's refreshing.

9:48:48 PM GM: Hence she's basically like "maybe you should talk to someone better than me if you want to be good at etiquette"

9:49:25 PM Maleos: Yeah. Yeeaaaahhh. Somehow I don't think anyone better than her at aelphin ettiquette would want the job.

9:50:19 PM GM: Possibly true, but remember, this is Yoshirou-Mura.

9:51:53 PM Maleos: "That raises an interesting question. If I attempt aelphin etiquette, and fail, is it better or worse than never having made the attempt in the first place?

9:53:35 PM GM: cocks head slightly, thinking "Probably better, given that the attempt was genuine. You would at least have tried, and as an outsider, putting forth the effort means that you are aware of some of our customs and are attempting to… meet us halfway."

9:54:41 PM Maleos: *nods* "That seems sensible."

10:00:15 PM Maleos: Hmmm.

10:03:16 PM Maleos: "All right. No doubt you've seen us humans do a great many things which never would have occurred to an aelphin. In your opinion, were any of those things helpful?"

10:03:54 PM GM: "You certainly ask exceedingly broad questions."

10:07:57 PM GM: "In general, you seem to have… a sense of urgency. This can be both helpful and detrimental. You are also more… interested… in developing superficial connections with many people you meet."

10:16:11 PM Maleos: "Mmm. Yes… well, for the first part… some of the sense of urgency comes from what we're doing… we've been just in the nick of time to save lives, three times, now. But I have to admit if I were just a simple trader who happens to know a few spells, I'd probably be amassing money and magic as rapidly as I could right now. Trying to amass the means to do something important. Something that changes the world for the better."

10:25:20 PM GM: "As you say."

10:25:45 PM GM: ("As you say" is apparently code for "I heard what you said and have nothing to add to it.")

10:32:15 PM Maleos: "And as for the superficial connections… well… deep connections take time. We could be back this way in a month, or not for ten years. If it takes that long, I'll probably be almost closer to Aida and Darias than my own family, with you and Saul not far behind. You can't plan connections like that. So if it's a choice between sitting in stone-faced silence or sharing a laugh and a drink with a stranger, I'd rather have a superficial connection than no connection at all. I might be back this way again someday, and we can both remember what we shared." *pauses* "I can only imagine what a deep, fully matured relationship would even look like for an aelphin. What's it like when you've known someone for a hundred years? A thousand? The mind boggles."

10:35:23 PM GM: (again, she's just listening and has little to contribute. She's basically interpreting this as Maleos musing out loud.)

10:36:45 PM Maleos: (It pretty much is. )

10:44:16 PM Maleos: (That said…) "I would love to hear your take on all that. How much of it makes any sense? What am I missing? Because I'll probably never come up with it on my own. Even among humans, each perspective is unique."

10:46:30 PM GM: "I am a soldier, not a philosopher. I've trained for many years to become a soldier to defend my people. That is my perspective. Not the perspective of a merchant, nor an explorer, nor a diplomat, but just a soldier."

10:53:43 PM Maleos: *tries to fit the answer to the question a couple of different ways* "But surely even a solider has an opinion… or…" *eyes widen as it clicks* "AH! I get it. There's something I'm missing here, isn't there? Some… politeness… thing. We don't know each other well enough to discuss the differences between our races. Is that it?"

11:04:21 PM GM: "That plays in. There are also… simple disconnects of understanding. You are learning to deal with my culture as I am dealing with yours. And there is another aspect; I've fallen somewhat far from the tree (idiomatic: I'm out of my comfort zone). Though we're in an aelphin city, it is one I've not been to before, and it is far larger and culturally diverse than my home."

11:05:48 PM Maleos: Oh. Had she never been outside of Kaede before?

11:05:57 PM GM: Nope!

11:10:11 PM Maleos: "Ahhh… I get it. You're still learning what 'an aelphin perspective' even means. And…" *thinks for a moment, suddenly looks startled* "Oh my goodness. You didn't think I was going to try and apply whatever you said next to every encounter with an aelphin race, did you?" *slowly dawns on him that he might indeed have done exactly that, at least a little bit*

11:10:32 PM GM: small nod*

11:11:03 PM Maleos: *looks down and bows* "I think I need a bigger one than this."

11:12:14 PM GM: (Anything else you wanted to discuss with YM or IS?)

11:13:09 PM Maleos: (Nah with IS the best Maleos could hope for is just to give her info dumps and hope that she'll accept further info dumps in the future and gradually come to put more and more stock in them.)

11:13:42 PM GM: Pretty much. You could also try to find out a little about her.

11:14:27 PM Maleos: Oh yeah. He might try to subtly hint that he isn't sure exactly how honored he should be to be in her presence right now…

11:15:30 PM GM: You can also try to apply some of the tricks you'd have learned from YM about interpreting reactions. Roll Diplomancy

11:15:57 PM Maleos: 12+8 = 20!

11:16:43 PM Maleos: Probably however polite he was being, it increased when she said she was "considerably" more skilled at teh magicks than he is.

11:17:08 PM Maleos: And if she did a really good job, he might realize that they downplay those kind of comparisons.

11:17:46 PM GM: Okay., You're comparing this to the structure you're familiar with, so you don't know exactly what her role would be, but from some of her actions and reactions you glean that she's probably something like a senior priest of a temple back on Isle - not the head, but fairly high up in the hierarchy, possibly only a level or two below the temple head.

11:18:04 PM Maleos: "slightly better than you" is code for "considerably," "considerably" is code for "vastly," "vastly" is code for "I am partially infused with infinity, tremble before me mere mortals," etc.

11:18:20 PM GM: He he he..

11:19:10 PM Maleos: Nice. She should be more than capable of bending the proper ears when the time comes. And hell, this is WAY closer than I got to being taken seriously in Kaede!

11:20:06 PM GM: You'd also figure out that she does have a patron deity, and you believe it to be Eliadien Narmirsyr

11:20:42 PM Maleos: Yes. Yes. If only I had time to research that.

11:21:42 PM GM: Yes. You could ask YM about the aelphin religion, or you could file that information away for later.

11:21:55 PM Maleos: Oh, for the record, I would NEVER attempt to follow her INTO the glade, I merely wanted to see the guards recognize her and see her enter the glade without suffering any ill effects.

11:22:19 PM Maleos: Ah! That works.

11:23:56 PM GM: Yeah, she can enter the glade

11:24:03 PM GM: The guards let her right past

11:24:09 PM Maleos: Righty-o.

11:24:15 PM GM: She has to show them an amulet

11:24:21 PM GM: But that's all

11:24:31 PM Maleos: Interesting.

11:24:49 PM Maleos: Did I get much of a look at said amulet?

11:24:53 PM GM: She keeps it hidden under her robes otherwise

11:25:04 PM GM: She makes sure to hide it from you

11:25:39 PM Maleos: Okay. Fair enough. Probably thinks I'd try to copy it.

11:26:03 PM GM: Or thinks it isn't worth the risk just in case

11:26:15 PM Maleos: That's what I meant.

11:27:36 PM GM: I never really described her to you well. She's relatively tall for an aelphin, similar coloration to YM though a bit lighter, and fairly strikingly handsome with a forceful, charismatic presence. She wears ornate robes (much like a kimono) and a delicate copper wrist-wrap on her left wrist

11:27:39 PM Maleos: Compass Check. Nearest false credentials for passing that gate. 17

11:27:55 PM GM: It looks like a twining vine.

11:28:01 PM GM: And that's a failed check.

11:28:13 PM Maleos: Well, it certianly can't be very close then, can it.

11:29:17 PM GM: Or you don't have a complete enough understanding of what's going on to picture the quest clearly enough.

11:31:11 PM GM: She doesn't carry weapons, at least not that you've seen

11:31:16 PM GM: But you're in the city

11:31:37 PM Maleos: Either way. If she was showing him a fake amulet or using a mind-effecting magical amulet on him to gain access, I'm pretty sure at ten feet knowing what the bearer looks like and looking right at the gate, I'd lock on almost immediately if that amulet could do that.

11:33:09 PM GM: And on that note, I think I've told you all I can about IS and YM for tonight. I'm gonna head for bed. Talk to you tomorrow!

11:33:45 PM Maleos: Okay. I think this is good enough for "trust but verify." Good night!

11:33:58 PM GM: Goodnight!

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