Imperial Cyborg 7117

The Cyborg

Externally very nondescript, the cyborg is a dangerous foe nonetheless.

The cyborg is something of a mystery to the PCs. They first encountered him posing as a cargo handler on board a GR-75. When they commandeered the freighter to steal its cargo, they suspected there might be a spy on board. They were soon proven correct when the cyborg fell into a trap they'd set to expose any of spies on board.

Very little stands out about the cyborg at first glance. He is a decidedly average-looking man, roughly 1.75 m tall and (apparently) 78 kg. When the PCs met him, he had brown eyes and middling-length, unkempt brown hair; whether these are natural or not is up for debate. His cybernetics are top-of-the-line; as a result, only physical contact or medical scans will reveal any of his body modifications. Once the PCs discovered his deception, however, they were able to perform detailed medical scans on him, revealing the following cybernetics:

  • Replacement right arm
    • storage compartment
    • enhanced strength
    • enhanced dexterity
  • Replacement left arm
    • interchangable weapons hardpoint (blaster, projectile, shock)
    • enhanced dexterity
  • Replacement right shoulder bones
    • anchoring so that right arm doesn't destroy his skeleton
  • Replacement right leg
    • enhanced dexterity
    • storage compartment
  • Replacement left leg
    • enhanced exterity
    • storage compartment

The PCs only had medical equipment sufficient to detect gross manipulation; as a result, finer-grained cybernetics may not have been detected by the PCs' medical scans. The statistics below are best guesses based on the PCs medical scans and may not be accurate.

Dexterity 5D (7D) Knowledge ?D Mechanical 3D-4D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
blaster 9D+
Perception 4D+ Strength 4D (7D) Technical ?D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
brawling 9D+

The Spectre


The PCs only know hints about The Spectre based on clues found in the surveillance gear in the cargo of their pilfered GR-75. He was or is the contact or handler for the Cyborg.

From context, the Rebels suspect that the Spectre is an Imperial intelligence officer of some sort, possibly a former spook who has graduated to managing his own team. Based on the amount of equipment allocated to his missions, the Rebels assume that he has a tremendous amount of influence.

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