Prologue - Fresh Meat

All coming together for common cause of trying to make Nationals.
Have to take out KC Roller Warriors to qualify

Nice balmy late-September day.
Everyone loading up into van together to travel from STL to KC a day early to get used to the course and everything - need to smash the Warriors!
Intend on pit stopping in Columbia for gas and rest.

All newer additions to travel team - don't know teammates well as teammates (we've played against them before).

Kat's nickname for Invader Kim is officially "Snack-Size" - when she shows up to van, Kat looks at her and says, "Saddle up, Snack-size."

Dawn riding shotgun; Glamazon takes driver's seat. Dewey sneaks into the middle of the van.

As the car starts up, Kat pulls out like a 5-lb bag of beef jerky and starts snacking. Dawn looks back and sighs - she can't have any.

Glamazon throws some Skynyrd on the stereo and whips out of the lot and into westbound AM traffic. Moxie starts pulling out Trivial Pursuit cards, staring people down. "We're either playing or we're singing."

Kim starts off thrilled to play, but when Moxie glared at her, Kim's grin went away, and she went to a more "Let the Wookiee win" attitude. Kat reluctantly joins in with a shrug; she's essentially thinking, "Fuck this trivia shit."

A couple of hours are whittled away; the team approaches Columbia, and the game starts to wind down in preparation for the gas break. Glamazon is speeding along, clearly cruising far above the speed limit as they see the Columbia signs blowing by. Kim, peering intently out the back window, sees "cherries and berries" out the back; she calmly states, "Smokey on your tail."

For just a second, Glamazon looks like she's considering swerving off the highway. She seems to think better of it, though, and she slowly pulls over, calmly unzipping her top just a bit as she hits the shoulder. As the officer approaches, she turns on the charm and rolls down the window. Meanwhile, Moxie calls out from the backseat, "What rocker's best-selling U.S. single was Veronica, co-written with Paul McCartney?" Kat, still calmly snacking, flashes the officer a wink and a tongue-cluck.

The officer says, "Ma'am, do you know how fast you were going?" Upon hearing the "ma'am," Moxie throws down the card and starts rolling up her sleeves. Seeing this, Kim immediately spins around to say, "Elvis Costello!" Moxie calms down when she hears the correct answer. The officer, clearly weirded out, considers a ticket but settles on a warning due to hotness. Duly chastised, Glamazon manages to keep it together for the next couple of miles until the team pulls into a gas station.

At the gas station, Dawn's idly listening to the background music as she browses through the store. She hears, "… guard Jerome Williams… something something. In other sporting news, Westboro Baptist Church is in town, planning to protest the match between ARRG and the KC Warriors." Dawn also hears the girl at the QT saying something about a dog biting Jerome - "It's like he has rabies or something."

Dawn smashed a box of donuts accidentally when she heard about Westboro. She apologetically handed them to the cashier, who shrugged and started sneaking donuts out of the smashed box.

Dewey, Glamazon, and Dawn notice that another skater, SuperTramp, has headed over to the alcoholic beverages section to snag some refreshments, slipping it into her fountain drink.

Glamazon heads outside the station and intercepts SuperTramp, saying "You can get on, but that's not," pointing at the cup. SuperTramp replies by flipping the bird to Glamazon. Glamazon slaps the cup, trying to knock it out of SuperTramp's hand; at that, Kim ducks behind Kat, who finally notices the confrontation. Glamazon slams the cup to the ground; SuperTramp looks like she's going to swing on Glamazon for a minute, but then breaks down crying. Kim, knowing that the injured boy from the radio is closely related to SuperTramp, watches while Glamazon, surprised, asks if SuperTramp is okay.

Glamazon: Sorry about the drink, but… you had alcohol in there. I'll buy you another one… but no alcohol in the car.
SuperTramp explains what is going on, and they make up, Glamazon buying her a new pop and a Twinkie… but no alcohol.

With the excitement winding down, Kat piles back into the van as Dawn starts wrangling everyone else. Dawn tosses a bag of candied orangle slices to Kat; Kat replies "Nice."

Kim asks if anyone wants a bite of her pie; SuperTramp just leans forward and snags a bite.

(everyone gets a YumYum aka NomNom)

Moxie asked trivia question about TV show ending in 2001. When no one answered correctly, she unzipped her top a little and started slow-motion running in her seat. Kim gets a far-away look as Dawn yells, "Oh, Baywatch!"

Get to KC. Kim rooming with SuperTramp. Moxie and Glamazon end up rooming together, as do Dawn and Kat. Kat turns to Dawn: "It's mothafuckin' pool time." Kim heads outside to scout the area about for some parkour opportunities between here and the stadium… you know, just in case…. Moxie decides to hang in her room; there's no way she's doing her hair again.
When Kim comes into the pool area, Kat good-naturedly ribs her with a loud, "Stop lookin' at my tig ol' biddies!" Kim just responds, "Huh?", to which Kat just cackles.

About an hour before they have to head over, Kat reluctantly heads out of the pool to "makeup up." Everyone else follows suit so that the team can be sure to get to practice on time. Kat is bringing along her DeWalt boombox; she's got her track assortment queued up, starting with Busta Rhymes "Woo-Hah!!"

As we are setting up, the team is greeted by the bubbly KC co-captain, Roof Canal. Decide to run a scrimmage with Dale jamming and Eric on pivot. Pack manages to block out the opponents' jammer and score a quick 5 before Eric ends the jam.

Second jam, Dawn & Kat goat; Moxie smacks down little girl; Kim jams through and scores. Glamazon rocks another blocker's world. Kim calls off jam after another 5. Rest of practice goes well as well.

After, have a little party. After the party, Kim asks Supertramp about her brother. Supertramp calls; Kim tries to listen in but is caught. After Supertramp returns, find out that Supertram's adopted brother has broken out of the hospital and disappeared. Supertramp has to fly back. Super upset; tells Kim "win this bout for me."

Next morning, a little more practice, then a big lunch.

Plan to have Kim jam with Dawn as pivot. When Glamazon is jamming, have Dewey play pivot. Kat plans to hang to the back of the pack and give out whips if the jammer can't get a whip from the pivot. Also, Kat has her Bulldozer move - if a blocker is giving us troubles, whip Kat into that blocker and she'll put 'em down.

Before the meet, Kim hands phone off to Katemus Prime, the team captain (serving as the travel team coach as well), asking her to take the call if SuperTramp calls with news, and saying that she can play Angry Birds, "but please don't buy anything."

TODO i missed this block due to phone call - someone else please patch this

Kim does kata exercises barefoot wearing a sundress while the afternoon light streams in through her hotel room window, illuminating just one half of her face. BECAUSE FIREFLY GET IT!?

Kat doesn't have a complex ritual; she just chills, occasionally cracks wise, and paints up her face with team-color Caterpillar-checkerboard.

Moxie reads her favorite passages from The Art of War on repeat.

On the way into the stadium, Kim reacts to the crowd of Westborough Baptist Church protesters by blankly making direct eye contact with one protestor, then slowly rotating her neck like an owl as she passes, until she can't crane any further, whereupon she suddenly snaps to another face further ahead.

As we're walking to the venue, Kat cranks up her boombox again, AC/DC blaring while she screams "THUNDER!" at the crowd.

As the team is passing, one of the Westboro crowd wings a tomato at Kim, hitting her dead in the face. Presumably Kim fails to utilize her mad dodge skillz because she was focusing on doing that creepy thing with her neck. She staggers for a moment, then continues walking in a straight line, swiftly pulling out her phone, snapping a photo of the person who threw the tomato, then pocketing it again, all in one smooth, almost mechanical motion.

Kat and Moxie trade a look, then just lineback that person (who sneezes in their faces). When the lady hits the ground, Kat bends down and screams in the lady's face, "THUNDER!" and shows devil horns. She then hoots at the crowd and marches back to the team to head in to the stadium. Kat and Moxie notice that all the Westboro crowd is very sickly, but Kat doesn't think twice about it.

When she hears the sounds of Kat and Moxie beating down her attackers, a thin smile briefly crosses Kim's lips.

In stadium, Glamazon says "nice hit" to Kat. Kat just says "Gotta protect the jammer" and smiles. Kim comes up and stares quietly for several awkward seconds before saying "Thank you." O__O Kat wordlessly extends a fist. After a minute, Kim awkwardly fist-bumps.

(Hypothetical later conversation - Kim: "How did they know?" Kat: *snort* "Everyone knows!" I got a nom-nom for this, so it goes on the record!)


  • Glamazon: pirouettes
  • Kim: "rotating statue", stiff-bodied, trying to make it look like she's just standing there but spinning slowly on her skates
  • Dewey: plays up heel role; intimidating stare and pounding hand
  • Kat: fist-pound and sumo stomps, then weightlifter yell
  • Dawn: spin and shoots through middle of the pack, just very quick turn. Shoots Ted.

(everyone have a nomnom!)

Warriors come in to Chumbawumba's "Tubthumper". Kim has a forlorn look on her face, but Kat just mutters under her breath, "Not after I'm through with ya…." Dawn overhears, as does Glamazon; Kim gets a couple of fistbumps for her troubles.


Side notes called up during session:

  • Glamazon mostly straight with a little tinge of bi-curiousness
  • Kim is a lesbian
  • Other PCs are fairly straight

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