Invisible Sun Drink Receipes

Zero's Drinks

Zero's, a bar in Fartown, has a wide variety of drinks available. These are some of their specialties.

A Death

A Death is a frozen strong vodka (so it's syrupy) with bitters, and each should have a slightly different flavor (like a dash of grenadine, or a dash of mint, etc.). Strong, not necessarily pleasant, and often a little bitter.

A High Water

A High Water - cheap, harsh; maybe something like vodka on the rocks or similar?

Red Wine

spicy sangria of some sort?


can I use fizzy color-changing whatever? Or maybe a dissolving thing that has different layers of different flavors. Or a layered drink of some sort. Best if I can make it red and green or red and black (or all three).


super-cold champagne? super cold and fizzy are the critical aspects

Wardrobe Change

Another good candidate for a layered drink or something very colorful

White Noise

No ideas yet.

Other Drink Recipes

These are just vague ideas I've seen elsewhere that might be good candidates for the base of some kind of drink in the setting.

Huck Finn

Huckleberry vodka, lemonade, and blue curacao
Saw at Bob's Burgers & Brew

Kentucky Flower

Maker's Mark, bitters, muddled orange, and St. Germain Elderflower Liquer
Saw at Bob's Burgers & Brew

In-World Drink Ideas

Devil's Advocate

This slightly sweet, dark beer superficially resembles Fuller’s London Porter. While being consumed, a miniature figure resembling a human in a devil's costume appears sitting on the drinker's shoulder and delivers smug banter, coy suggestions, and general all-around bad advice. 50% of the things it says are based on actual thoughts that crossed the drinker's mind, while the other 50% are randomly generated based on social context.

It's advertised primarily as an ice-breaker at parties. The unspoken agreement, according to the commercials, is that a drinker isn't responsible for what their shoulder-devil says, only for the consequences of actually following their advice. There's a persistent rumor that the devils secretly pool their information when multiple beers are drunk together at a party, with the goal of voicing popular unspoken thoughts more often than unpopular ones.

In the event that the drinker becomes too inebriated, the devil disappears and an angel appears on their other shoulder, saying things like "You've had enough," "Please don't let this person drive home," or in extreme cases, "Call a Healer."

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