"The Island"

The island is connected to the rest of the Fade by one rusty and rickety chain bridge. The bridge is stable enough for now, but crossing it isn't a fun experience. It'll need repairs within the next decade or it's likely to break apart due to encroaching rust.

The Island

The island itself is one of the smaller ones in The Fade, less than a hundred acres and oblong. Despite its smaller size, it's easy to get lost on the island, as there are no real trails. Most of the island is thickly wooded, too, which complicates navigation and makes it easier to get lost. The only reliable way to navigate the island if you haven't been there before is to climb a tree and see which way the wind is blowing.

Unlike many areas of the Fade, the island still has occasional weather. When it does have weather, it inevitably becomes a lightning storm lasting a few hours. Fires are common in the thick woods whenever these lightning storms strike. Locals sometimes call the island The Unreliable Lighthouse due to its frequent lighting strikes and fires, and skyships stay well clear of the troublesome weather.

The island also occasionally becomes shrouded in mist. Inevitably, the church bell - which cannot be rung otherwise - will ring out loudly five or ten minutes before the mists roll in. And they roll in with a vengeance, shrouding the island in fog so thick you can barely see your hand in front of your face. When the fog comes, Nessa knows to shelter within the church. She's afraid to go outside. When she's inside, she can hear something moving outside. Looking through the windows, she can sometimes barely see the outline of a… panther? the size of a horse, hear him growling, maybe hear him sniffing or scratching at the church door… but he never comes in.

The island is certainly big enough for some rabbits and birds (rabbits and rats and squirrels could have stowed away on boats or been deliberately imported). Nessa also occasionally sees deer when she's out. As far as she can tell, they are the same 3-4 deer. A mother and two fawns. Occasionally a buck, but never with the other three. The deer are unusually colored and patterned; the female is auburn-furred, and the bug is white.

The Chapel of Shards

The church has a bell tower, a main congregation area that's reasonably large with a two story ceiling. There are also a couple of small rooms (the chapel apartment) surrounding the bell tower stairs, but she's pretty much living in the main room. In the end, I'm thinking of a wooden platform at one end of the building (closest to the back) that gives her an open air kind of 2nd floor bedroom, right next to a large window, where her bed could be. Living area is all on the floor, mostly just separated by furniture/ bookcases/etc., not walls. There are basic furnishings in the chapel (from the apartment), but she may or may not be using them. They're not high quality, but they're in good condition.

Outside of the church, there are very large piles of broken stained glass under each of the main windows (maybe not the round ones along the short end(s) of the building), equivalent to maybe 50? 100? 200? broken windows as big as the overhanging ones.


The windows show different scenes. When Nessa entered the building, she didn't know how, but she just knew that if the windows were shattered and blown out, if she took sand of one of the beaches on the island, and used magical fire, she could restore the windows, and even recreate what the images were. Maybe they would also come back on their own, but slower? Each window showed a different image, mostly now they would be images Nessa created, intentionally for aesthetics, or somewhat subconsciously… In any case, the windows always seem to glow as if there's light behind them, no matter the time of day.. It's not uniform…. it might just be a dull glow at night, as if a torch or two were behind the window, but there's always a little bit of light shining in.

Normally, the glass is actually incredibly strong and resilient, like many other things on this island. Maybe it's as hard as stone. But it frequently breaks - usually, it's when Nessa loses control… but not always. It's not necessarily her fire that destroys them, or at least Nessa doesn't think that's always the cause.

Maybe Cave

There is a place on the island that, from a distance, looks like there may be a cave entrance buried by forest. Nessa has never gotten close enough to verify this, though, because the whole area exudes an aura of impending death. The aura is more powerful the closer you get and makes it difficult to get close enough to the possible cave entrance to see it clearly without running away in terror.

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