Isle of Mist Campaign


See the basic campaign rules for out-of-setting information about this campaign and world.


  1. Player Characters
    1. Aida Yaren (Carol)
    2. Darias Yaren (Ted)
    3. Maleos Taylan (Dale)
  2. Thema the Paladin's Party, from the time the party met them in Demonhome
    1. Thema Ekene
    2. Carbry Righi
    3. Khalil Mawar
    4. Klementyna Aliberti
    5. Salvatrix Dara Avakian
  3. Former Party Members
    1. Saul, aka Peir Sollueur
    2. Yoshirou-Mura
    3. Finnbarre

Here is a Character-Centric Timeline for your reference. There is also some backup information for information not currently in play but that I don't want to delete.

The PCs also have some shared equipment now, much of it residing on their new home-base of sorts, the airship Thunderhead.


We're using RollD20 to facilitate map sharing. If you like, you could also create a page for standard party behaviors, things that you'd just do by default - e.g., standard watch order, that sort of thing.

Book One

  1. Character Introductions
    1. Aida's Character Introduction
    2. Darias's Character Introduction
    3. Maleos's Character Introduction
  2. First Meetings
    1. Darias and Maleos (and Aida)
  3. We're Getting the Band Back Together
  4. Sunbreak
  5. Esmeybe, Esmeybe Not
  6. Demonfall
  7. Home Is Where the Guard Is
    1. Pelor's Compass
  8. Crossing Guards
  9. Hell's Welcoming Party
  10. Trying Times
  11. Wagon East
  12. Sweeper, Agent
  13. Worms' Tongues (2014-02-28)
  14. And the Worm Turns (2014-03-08)
  15. The World in Our Hands (2014-03-15)
  16. South By Northeast (2014-03-28 through 2014-04-05)
  17. Geskas, Undone (2014-04-05 through 2014-04-19)
  18. Aelphs on the Shelf (2014-04-19 through 2014-05-04)
  19. Between Two Sojourns (2014-05-18)
  20. Better Lake Than Never (2014-05-24)
  21. Make Like a Tree and Leaf (2014-06-07 and 2014-06-28)
  22. Sundtar Cats (2014-07-05)
  23. Sundtar the Weather (downtime activities between 2014-07-05 and 2014-07-26)
  24. A Spring in Our Steps (2014-07-26)
  25. Tundra Where? (2014-08-02 and 2014-08-09)
  26. Never Get Outta the Boat (2014-08-30)
  27. Telling Tales (2014-09-06)
  28. You Got Me on My Knees, Laila e'Sienne (2014-09-20)
  29. Oddly Familiar (2015-03-07 through 2015-04-25)
  30. The Brass Is Always Greener (2016-02-13 through 2016-05-14)
  31. Thread Over (2016-06-18)
  32. Swamp Things (2016-07-09 through 2016-08-20)
  33. How Unkkuth (2016-10-01)
  34. The Kilning Fields (2016-10-15)
  35. What the Pluck? (2016-11-05)
  36. Falls Deep (2016-11-19 through 2017-05-13)
  37. Have Some Compass-ion (2017-05-20 through 2017-06-17)
  38. Sadly Temple-rary (2017-06-25)
  39. Isle, See You Again (2017-07-15)
  40. The Session of a Thousand Subplots (2017-08-12)
  41. One Salty Margaretha (2017-09-16)
  42. Don't Swallow the Worm (2017-09-23)
  43. Don't Talk Back to Mama (2017-10-07)
  44. Destabilation (2017-10-28)
  45. Cronch Time (2017-11-11)
  46. Conspiracy Weary (2017-11-25)
  47. The Final Countdown (Nuhnuhnuhnuh...nuhnuhnuhnuhnuh...) (2017-12-30)
  48. Now You're Sinking... With Portals! (2018-01-13)
  49. Jogging Your Ememory (2018-04-21)
  50. Come and See (2018-05-19)
  51. Epilogue (2018-06-19)

End of Book One

Book Two

  1. Prologue (2018-11-25)


The Isle of Mist

The campaign starts on a largish (~200 sq mi) island on which all the characters grew up. This island, the Isle of Mist, is similar climate-wise to San Francisco.

Non-Annotated map of the Isle of Mist


Annotated map of the Isle of Mist


The islanders never leave the island for the mainland. Though there is a bridge to the mainland, it is guarded and warded. Staying away from the bridge is one of the key religious traditions of the island.

Topo of map

  • Endworld 2nd highest point on island (maybe drop this 500' or so from currently listed height)
  • Last beach down a cliffside from everywhere else there
  • Following land from Endworld toward Brightmill, the land drops ~3000 feet (actually drops a little lower, then back up toward Brightmill)
  • Valleysea is maybe 100-250' above sea level
  • Land slopes downhill from Valleysea toward Violetdale
  • Whole of the West (beyond Whitesands Bay) gets higher and higher around sea level.
  • Highest point on isle is area around Golddale, which is maybe 500' to 1000' above even the Endworld
  • Only low spot on the west coast is the swamp, which is a huge sharp downslope like the land has slumped into the sea

See the Isle of Mist page for detailed information about the Isle itself.


The PCs have been slowly gathering maps as they travel.

As far as the PCs could determine from their appearance on the far side of the Bridge, the Isle of Mist is located somewhere off the southwestern coast of the continent known as Demonhome.

The PCs encountered first humans, then some aelphin, and then the dharven in the West as they moved east through the mountain valley and into the mountains.

Major Landmarks

  • The Western Mountains are the first mountain range the PCs came across. The highest peaks (in the middle of the range) can be as tall as 18,000 feet and average around 15,000 feet. Toward the sea to the southwest, they taper off to only a few thousand feet.
  • Horseshoe Lake wraps around a spur of the Western Mountains. It falls off in depth rather quickly and is nearly 500' deep, as far as the Dharven can determine.
  • The Salt Lake is saltier than the ocean itself. The PCs have barely been there.
  • The Great Lake is essentially an inland sea, though it is freshwater. It is tremendously deep, deep enough that the Mierans have not recorded a reliable depth reading for large portions of it.
  • The Eastern Mountains are the second mountain range the PCs came across. They are lower and more rounded than the Western Mountains, peaking at lower than 12,000 feet and averaging slightly less than 10,000 feet.

Major Locations

The People

Key NPCs

Demonhome Bestiary

Magic and Technology

Out-of-World Notes

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