Isle, See You Again


The PCs wake up on the Isle devoid of any memories of the past few years but with odd sensations that something is wrong. Each feels a pain and, upon checking it out, is greeted by a vision of Olidammara. She cryptically communicates to the PCs, then restores their memories of the time they spent Across.

The Second Annual Reunion Tour

Once again, Darias is nearing graduation to journeyman, and Maleos is in Brightmill to celebrate this with him. The two meet and reconnect, eventually determining that both remember their time Across. They also realize that their own histories have been changed, not significantly, but slightly at key moments, justifying their newfound powers and abilities through their past actions. Unsure of how much history will continue to repeat, they begin to plan for near-term issues such as the trip to Violetford and the potential death of Ramon Eaton at the Sunbreak ceremony, partly just to test out how much control they have over their own futures now.

Another change to history: when Darias returns to Torin's shop, he finds that Torin has recommended him for a contract job with the Stormwall. He would be out of commission for months, potentially, due to the amount of work he would have to do, but the pay is significant and the opportunity to make a name for himself even more so. He now has even more reason to return to Violetford.

Feeling Catty

Meanwhile, Aida would be started her time with the Violetford City Watch officially, but on what would be her first day she is called in to perform a special assignment. She is sent to Brighmill to escort Darias to the Stormwall due to the increased brigand activity along the Miller's Road recently, probably due to the terrible weather this year. Aida is sent along with Joash Donaldson, a likable but not entirely competent watchman with more than a decade's experience.

Aida scoops up her dragonling-turned-cat, Moxie, and heads out of town with Joash, not knowing that Darias never received the letter from the Violetford watch telling him to wait in Brightmill for escort.

Who Ambushes the Ambushers?

Aida and Joash meet with Darias, Maleos, and Trisan Mason on the Miller's Road. They catch one another up somewhat, though no blasphemous information is shared due to the presence of Tristan and Joash. They do all remember that Darias, Maleos, and Tristan were ambushed by Abenner Botterill the last time they were walking this road, and they expect that event to happen again. They prep in small ways for the potential ambush.

When they reach the spot they were ambushed before, Maleos and Darias attempt to break away from the rest of the party to scout out the area and reverse the trap. They partially succeed, keeping most of the party out of the ambush; but they also partially fail, with Darias being injured by a mantrap in the forest and Maleos being shot by an itchy-trigger-fingered rogue. Aida and Darias take out some of the ambushers, and with violence imminent, Abenner makes an appearance in an attempt to defuse the situation. He negotiates his own surrender in return for the release of his men and agrees to heal all injured parties before he leaves. Darias attempts to quietly arrange a meeting with Abenner for later, having little faith that it will happen but trying anyway. Abenner, having lied about surrendering, uses a tree stride-like spell to teleport away from the party, a spell he did not cast; this confirms to the party that the rumors about Abenner working with a "lost druid" are likely true.

Sunbreak the Cycle

The PCs stick around in Violetford to watch the Sunbreak ceremony again and to try to save Ramon Eaton from dying of a hemorrhage when performing the ritual. While Maleos and Darias scout out locations to watch the ritual from and approach Esme to join them, Aida approaches Ramon directly with her vision that he will not survive the ceremony. She partly gets through to him, though at the expense of learning that he is completely inept at speaking to women and needs to grow up. Still, Aida manages not to slap him silly. During the ceremony, though, despite her warnings to him, Ramon appears to once again be pushing himself further than he should; he is strong enough to remain conscious but not magically willful enough to fight off all of the damaging mana effects. With other priests dropping around him, Maleos can see Ramon straining and pushing to remain in the ritual and worries that history will repeat itself. He calls over a medico-priest supporting the ritual and bluffs a little to get the priest to pull Ramon out of the ceremony early, almost certainly saving his life.

Getting Back to Work

After Sunbreak, the PCs head to the Godswatch (an hour or so out of Violetford proper) to get to work. Aida must skirmish with the Stormwall as ordered by Captain Greenfall; Darias has to set up his smithy; and Maleos, looking for a little income, sets up a journeyman-shop to peddle spells and enchantments to the soldiers, which is somewhat more successful that one might initially expect due to his grasp of simple healing spells. Aida manages to stand with the Stormwall for a few days of heavy skirmishing, something that impresses the captain of the Stormwall himself; he challenges her to finish out the week and, if she does, to then visit him. She resolves to do so despite the punishing nature of the exercises.

Luun's Boons

The PCs sneak out to the Bridge a few nights in to their work with the Stormwall, having established themselves sufficiently to no longer stand out as complete newcomers. Once they reach the Bridge, they fall into a vision or something similar; Luun himself emerges from the Bridge and speaks to the PCs. He asks them to continue their quest and promises to assist as much as he can, limited though he is. He then presents each PC with three glowing orbs etched with symbolic representations of power (hammer for Darias, warhammer for Aida, and amulet for Maleos). These boons flow into the PCs, granting them access to vast but fleeting powers; they are warned to use these powers wisely.

Freedom of Movement

By the end of the week, Darias has established a good buffer of work; Maleos has made some reasonable money; and Aida has managed to survive a week of Stormwall skirmishes, battered and bruised by still showing up. Darias is now free to take some furloughs, provided he can still accomplish what would, for him, be roughly 2 months of work in roughly 4 months. Aida also has additional freedom of travel, as she has been set on a special assignment: find and capture some of Violetford's Most Wanted.

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