Jack McClellan - Session 0


We can remove the outline once we have the details kind of figured out. I'd like to work this up as a narrative, but we'll need to figure out the details first.

  1. South of the Border
    1. Jack hears a rumor about a dig just across the Aztlan border from the PCC
    2. Comes in thirdhand from a friend of Dr. Wainwright
      1. GM: Actually leaked by Azzie archie who wanted to leverage find into extraction, but found and killed around time of Jack's arrival
    3. All contact knows is that Azzies found something magical, very interesting - possibly world-changing
  2. Crossing Over
    1. Wainwright hooks Jack up with a ride across the border
    2. Travel to the dig site - undercover
    3. Fake credentials and join the dig
    4. Found out by Azzie enemy - must ditch and hide out
    5. What did Jack learn?
    6. main artifact found by Azzies = stone axe head, small vein of orichalcum
      1. Jack doesn't know exact age, but can guess at approximate
      2. No apparent design to orichalcum inlay
  3. Getting caught
    1. Jack takes a long look, but drops the axe while he's being shot at by Azzies.
    2. He distracts the Azzies (swarm), but is nearly taken out by a blood spirit used by Carrera
    3. Ditches into nearby river and has to hide out and discreetly contact help - area swarming with military
  4. Getting out
    1. Manages to get message to Wainwright
    2. Wainwright puts out word for help
    3. St. James hears about the request; fills in Coyle
    4. Coyle/Liam meets up with Jack across border
    5. Sneak back over border under cover of vacationing
    6. Get Ronan alias, contact info if they get along
    7. Steal just info about the artifact, most likely - too many military forces coming in to protect actual artifact
  5. Aftermath
    1. Total media blackout
    2. Total shutdown of area

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