Jerome Walker

Name: Jerome Walker
Nature: Idealist
Demeanor: Architect
Clan: TBA
Generation: TBA

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Character History

Jerome Walker is a normal man with a normal life. Like anyone else, he's had his ups and downs, as well as occasional slides sideways. Few people get to live their childhood dreams; after all, there's no one on to buy ice cream on the moon. All Jerome ever wanted was to make people happy and let them lead a better life. A life without fear or hunger. A life less frightening. Sure, it was an odd wish for a kid, but Jerome never had much. His father was a lazy bum that skipped out on the family one Thanksgiving, and his mother had to work two jobs just to keep everyone fed. But people aren't heartless. The same Thanksgiving that cost him his father, gained him a goal. Some stranger had bought them a turkey, and all the fixings. It became something of a tradition when Jerome struck out on his own. Every thanksgiving, he'd buy a full thanksgiving meal for a stranger. Or two. Or Three. However many he could afford. It was difficult while he was a student, but he reached out whenever he could. Of course, even after he got his business degree he eternally strove for self improvement, just so he could reach out and touch the world. Which explains why he spent what he could on night courses for clowning. It wasn't that he wanted to be the next Ronald McDonald, he just wanted to make people smile. That wasn't something you could get from psychology courses, only experience. You had to get out there and feel, to experience the good and the bad. You had to learn and do. That, and there's always call for a good clown.

All this taught him one thing; he couldn't keep his love hidden away. Love was for the whole world, not for your significant other. Everyone deserved respect and adoration. Especially the hopeless and "morally bankrupt". Criminals, rebellious youths, the outcasts. They need sympathy and love more than anyone else. Which is why he opened the all night sandwich shop, a haven for the oddballs and loners. He created a home for the hopeless, always flexible with the pricing. He knew despair. He knew hunger. And no one would go hungry on his watch. Sandwiches became his art, his way of bringing joy into a lightless world. He brought back fellowship, ten inches at a time.Which lead to his first fight. He couldn't stand back and let someone be oppressed for something as silly as their sexuality or skin color. He offered himself up as a replacement victim. But he wouldn't stay down, as anyone who has punched a clown can tell you. He came back, with love and forgiveness. It was a painful way to win a fight, but it worked. It won him friends and allies, but more importantly, it proved something. It was righteousness that made one strong, and not the reverse. He couldn't leave things alone. Where there was wickedness, true wickedness not simply confusion, he had to strike it down and replace it with love. Of course, his string of ex-girlfriends have plenty to say about his habits. He loves too much, he lives too much.


Generally pretty laid-back, with a twinkle in his eye and a warm smile. Keeps his cool even in high-pressure situations. Nonjudgemental to a fault. If he sees someone being bullied or threatened, he's been known to step in and take the abuse. If there's someone in his shop who can't afford to pay, he feeds them. Being the only place around open at 3am subjects his business to what I'm calling The Denny's Effect… all types of freaks and weirdoes tend to come out of the woodwork when you're the only place to eat.





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Contacts 1
Fame 1
Resources 3


Owed to the Character


Owed to Others



Conscience: 5
Self-Control: 5
Courage: 3

Humanity: 8
Willpower: 9
Blood Pool: TBA




Physical Social Mental
Attribute Score Attribute Score Attribute Score
Strength 2 Charisma 4 Perception 2
Dexterity 2 Manipulation 3 Intelligence 3
Stamina 3 Appearance 2 Wits 3


Talents Skills Knowledges
Skill Score Skill Score Skill Score
Alertness 2 Animal Ken x Academics x
Athletics x Crafts: Food (+) 3 Computer x
Brawl x Drive x Finance 2
Dodge 2 Etiquette x Investigation x
Empathy 3 Firearms x Law x
Expression 2 Melee x Linguistics x
Intimidation x Performance: Clowning (+) 2 Medicine x
Leadership 1 Security x Occult x
Streetwise 2 Stealth x Politics x
Subterfuge 3 Survival x Science (+) x
Diplomacy (*) x Acrobatics (*) x Clan Knowledge (*)(+) x
Haggling (*) x Camouflage (*) x Computer Hacking (*) x
Intrigue (*) x Hunting (*) x Economics (*) x
Scrounging (*) x Archery (^) x History (*) x
Search (*) x Demolitions (^) x Psychology (*) x
Grace (^) x Disguise (^) 1 Area Knowledge: Philadelphia (^)(+) 2
Instruction (^) x Herbalism (^) x Bureaucracy (^) x
Interrogation (^) x Lip Reading (^) x City Secrets (^)(+) x
Intuition (^) x Meditation (^) 1 Cryptography (^) x
Masquerade (^) x Pilot (^)(+) x Enigmas (^) x
Mimicry (^) x Ride (^) x Research (^) x
Style (^) x Sleight of Hand (^) x Sect Lore (^)(+) x
Throwing (^) x Professional Skill: Restauranteur (^)(+) 2 Sewer Lore (^) x
Ventriloquism (^) x Expert Knowledge (^)(+) x
Hobby Talent (^)(+) x
(*) Guide to the Camarilla
(^) Vampire Storyteller's Companion
(+) These Abilities are actually a collection of similar skills (not specialities) which a character must purchase separately. For example… Crafts: Car Repair, Crafts: Woodworking, and Crafts: Pottery are all separate Abilities.
Note: This list of Abilities is far from exhaustive. The Abilities listed from Vampire: The Masquerade, Third Edition, Revised, Guide to the Camarilla, and Vampire: Storyteller's Companion have been included, but as the latter two books note, there are numerous other possibilities for Talents, Skills, and Knowledges. The core rulebook Abilities cover most situations. However, if an Ability is too broad for a character concept, or an appropriate Ability is not found, discuss the issue with the Game Master and try to work out a better Ability fit.


Important Equipment/Possessions

Sandwich Shop

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