Jewel, "Just Jewel"

Jewel lives next door to Bad Company in the penthouse of a very nice apartment building (built during the reconstruction after the War). Her bedroom looks straight across into Bad Company's astronomical observatory.

Jewel is a trendsetter and fashion icon. She's young, strikingly beautiful, and deliberately vapid. She is a potent beguiler with tons of natural talent, and she's proud to use it as frivolously as possible. Most neighborhood rumors suggest she's much more intelligent and capable than she lets on, but she's had a considerable falling out with her parents, and her current behavior is part of her revenge mechanism. Her parents run a skyship line, and despite their rumored falling out, Jewel is still allowed (encouraged?) to travel and advertise all the beautiful places in the various half-worlds.

Jewel is locally known as "Just Jewel" because every time anyone asks her name, she answers, "Jewel. Just Jewel." She refuses to give any other names.

Jewel owns a small dog, a rainbow papillon trained to be very cute and very still. She takes the dog, who she has named Amethyst and calls Ami, everywhere.


Jewel turns her nose up at Bad Company - due to his prosidy, his observatory, his "old friends," his "shabby" manor, and his "whole… fashion… thing." She particularly hates that he refers to himself as we, at one point overheard exclaiming to a friend, "Just because he's older and fought in some stupid War he think he has to be more than me!" Or, at least, that is her claim as to her dislike of them.

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