Kaihangamura is a menehune trading-city located in the middle of the clustered mountains south of the Great Lake. The city spans elevations from roughly 2500 to roughly 5500 feet above sea level, having been nestled among the middle-to-high-ground around a lake valley. The mountains themselves are much shorter and rounder than those in the core of the Western range.

Notable Locations

The Lake

The lake down-valley from the city proper is outfitted with a variety of specialized docks. These appear to be fitted out specifically to support landings from the Mieran "airships" (ships in the same general design as the Thunderhead, though far less sophisticated than she is in terms of flight mechanism). When the PCs arrived, they were greeted by a welcoming party of sorts who brought them and their trade goods to the city proper.

The Mieran District

The PCs passed signs for a "Dharven district" (labelled in the Dharven language) and a "Mieran district" (labelled in Mieran). They were taken to the Mieran district. The storefronts in the Mieran districts were arranged in three tiers along a winding, hairpinned road that lead from a garden at the top of the village down into the valley below. The stores themselves back up against the mountainside, leaving the road to run along the cliff face; the road itself is roughly three carts wide. The buildings themselves abut one another closely with no alleyways between them save the "blank areas" where the road must turn back on itself to head up to the next tier of the city.

The smithy is near the entrance to the village (on the "first tier") right against the first switchback. Higher tiers tend to have more luxury goods, whereas lower tiers have mostly necessities and basic goods.

Notable Goods

  • Music boxes
  • "Cuckoo clocks"
  • Exquisite dyes and paints in vibrant colors with various chemical properties
    • Enamels
    • Metal-etching paints
    • Multi-surface paints
    • Permanent cloth dyes

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