Katherine Wynn

Rollergirl Character

Name: Katherine Jeanine Wynn
Derby Name: Kat O'Pillar
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 177 lb
Archetype: Goon

Bulky woman. Not fat so much as beefy, like a good farm wife. She looks like she could carry a pig under each arm if she had to.
Originally wanted to be on the M-80s, but they didn't want to pick her up ("No more big girls!"). She was then picked up by the Smashinistas and still maintains a rivalry with the M-80s due to her initial rejection.



Body: 14
Brain: 8
Nerve: 14
Health Points: 14
Yum Yums: 7


  • Brawling +3
  • Weight Lifting +2
  • Talking Smack +1

Character Traits

Job - Heavy Machinery Operator: 13
Team: St. Louis Archrivals Rollergirls - http://www.archrivalrollergirls.com/teams-staff/travel-team/ and Smashinistas
Uniform: Caterpillar checkerboard in team colors and fake mud splatter on shirt; sleeves torn to expose tattoos. Hangs team-color streamers from her belt. Torn-up black fishnets with team color tights underneath.
Derby Role - Blocker: 11
Gimmick - Incredible Balance: 15

Weakness - Punching Bag: 15

Character Backstory

Who Would Play Her in the Movie? Maybe a short Olga Kurkulina who kept lifting but started eating Doritos. Or Linda Hamilton, if she picked up like 50 pounds.
Tag Line: "'S 'at all you got, George?"
Dumb Fact: Has yellow-and-black checkered striped on her biceps she adds to each time she wins or places in a machinery competition.

Kat brings a DeWalt worksite boombox to practice frequently. Tracks on Kat's practice mix include:

  • Busta Rhymes "Woo-Hah!"
  • Ini Kamoze "Here Comes the Hotstepper"
  • 2 Live Crew "Me So Horny"
  • AC/DC "Thunderstruck" (she has a tendency to yell "THUNDERTHIGHS!" during practice; one of her favorite songs)

Ideas Kicking Around

  • Should Kat be married?
    • Feels like a yes. Maybe her old man owns something like a Harley dealership.
    • Feels like someone who started off lower-down on the economic food chain but has come up in the world now that she's older… but she still lives a bit like she's lower-down.
    • I think she's probably around 40, married since maybe early-to-mid-twenties, and her husband has worked his way up in the world - like when they met he was a motorcycle mechanic if he now owns a dealership.
  • What about kids?
    • Feels like a yes, but they're older now - maybe 10-15. Semi self-sufficient, so she's getting back out into the world. I like the idea of 2 daughters.
    • Probably live near her parents or her husbands (feels like hers, though) and they took care of the kids some when she was young and working.
  • Why did Kat join up?
    • I'm thinking she was a bit of a rebel teen/young adult, never went to college, bit of a hellraiser. Then had kids and lost touch with that side of herself for a bit. This is a way to get back there to that youth, but in a smaller way - instead of sneaking into bars and getting drunk (and into fights), she gets to put on her rebel mask when she's on the track.
  • How does Kat deal with members of the M-80s on the All-Stars?
    • Need to check to see if there are any; if so, who?
    • Probably smack talk to them.
    • May let some hits through if, say, an M-80 was jamming or blocking. Kat would still do payback, but she wouldn't be as tough about preventing those hits in the first place, and she wouldn't pay them back as hard.
    • May even mix it up with M-80 a bit in the pack - things like checking her own teammate into a competitor.
  • Does Kat cheat? How?
    • Probably rare - like a good hockey goon, save the low hits for retribution when the other team does something shitty.
    • Particularly likes to take on bigger girls since she feels like she has to do so as the enforcer for her team.
    • Probably a little bit of the "mom" slips through when protecting her jammers - she's doing derby for the rebel side, but she's still a big bear of a mom, and she probably treats her jammers like her kids, pounding the bullies that go after them. This would be particularly true if a jammer reminded her of her daughters. Need to flesh them out a little bit to see if and how this will play out.

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