Katiara Rourke

Navy Warrant Officer Katiara Rourke

Specialist Rourke, in my head, reminds me of Reshma Shetty

Rourke is a corpsman with the Rebel navy, previously stationed on the frigate Privateer. She accompanied the PCs on their first foray into piracy.

In her previous life, Rourke was quite the fashionista. She still loves to dress up and keep in touch with all the latest styles when she can, though her frequent missions into the backwaters of the galaxy keep her rushing to catch up every time she makes it back to civilization. This style and substance is still detectable when Rourke is on duty; something about the way she carries herself just bleeds through, even when she's in her BDUs.

Rourke is just a tinge pacifistic. She's reluctant to fight, though she will defend herself and her team when pressed. However, she's still uncomfortable with firearms, and she only uses them when necessary, including keeping up only minimum blaster qualifications. When pressed to fire in combat, she always selects stun on her weapon unless directly ordered to shoot to kill.

Rourke's father is a fairly wealthy businessman working for SoroSuub, one of the few non-Sullust to work up to the executive level. During her childhood, he subjected her to fairly intense lessons on business practices and financial matters; in his mind, he was preparing her to take over his role in the company (or in a similar company). As a result, Rourke is eminently qualified to manage large sums of money. Her father was also a bit of a speed freak, racing recreationally during his rare downtime. Rourke picked up some of this almost through osmosis; she is a fair hand with a swoop-racer, though she never got the taste for racing that her father has.

Rourke keeps quiet about her family to protect them. She doesn't want the Empire to target her father, knowing he is already in a precarious position as an important employee at an alien corporation.

Rourke joined the Rebellion because of her overdeveloped sense of empathy. While she was at school (studying medicine, much to her family's surprise), some of her activist friends introduced her to some pirate holos showing Imperial atrocities. She was pulled in to the anti-Imperial movement philosophically. As she learned more, she could not stand by and do nothing. She dropped out of pre-med, joined up with the Rebellion, and became a corpsman. Her revulsion at actual combat is still very real, but she feels that medical corps work is the least she can do to help out her fellow beings. Her resolve has only been bolstered by the destruction of Alderaan.


Unspent Character Points: 6
Rourke is most likely to spend her time acquiring new Knowledge skills or developing her interpersonal skills (particularly persuasion and bargaining). She is, of course, always developing her medical skills as well. She is a capable technician and quite interested in engineering as well; she would happily spend some time learning various repair skills, though she'll never develop them to the degree she has developed her medical skills. Rourke is very unlikely to work hard on any combat-related skills, keeping her blasters, etc. at passable levels only. Surprisingly, Rourke enjoys driving and piloting very much; though she has to work at it to become skilled, she would be willing to invest her time in various piloting skills.

Dexterity 3D Knowledge 4D Mechanical 2D+1
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Blaster 3D+2 Business 6D Swoop Operation 4D+1
Dodge 6D Survival 6D Starship Shields 3D+1
Running 5D Willpower 6D Space Transports 3D
Languages 4D Sensors 2D+1
Cultures 4D Communications 2D+1
Cultures: Fashion 5D Astrogation 2D+2
Alien Species 4D
Alien Species: Medicine 5D
Perception 2D+1 Strength 3D Technical 4D
Skill Dice Skill Dice Skill Dice
Bargain 3D+2 Stamina 6D Armor Repair 4D+1
Persuasion 3D+2 First Aid 7D+2
Command 4D+1 Medicine 5D+2
Con 2D+2 Space Transports Repair 4D
Sneak 2D+2
Search 2D+2


  • Blast Vest
    • +1D physical
    • +1 energy
  • Blaster Pistol (4D)
  • Blaster Carbine (5D)
  • Breath mask x3
  • Medical Datapad
  • Portable Medical Scanner
  • Medpac x5
    • Human-compatible
    • Single use each
  • Specific Medications
    • Requilisant x10
      • Negates Dexterity penalties in low/zero gravity
      • Lasts 6 hours/dose
      • 200 cr/dose
  • Anti-shock blanket
    • Negates penalties due to shock, blood loss
    • Extra medpatches 20 cr ea
  • Nilar Field Cauterizer
  • Spray Plasto-Cast (single use) x5
  • Sluissi Gravitic Pressure Bandage
    • Stops internal bleeding w/ gravitics
    • Stabilize and move wounded
  • Military Commlink
  • 250 credits.

Earns 650 credits/month for her rank… that is, when she can get back to Third Fleet to actually pick up her pay….


Rourke is a relatively social person, empathetic and outgoing. As a result, she is an excellent barometer for an individual's personality. She is also a good person to talk to if you need to understand just how the crew is getting along with one another.

Rourke is easily the warmest and most caring of the Prospect's crew, making her a natural choice for people to seek out for advice. That, coupled with her relatively extensive medical training, makes her an indescribably important member of the crew.

Venn Tyree

When it comes right down to it, Katiara can see that she has a lot in common with the former Senator. They both come from relatively high-bred families and are used to high-class lifestyles. They both have given up those lifestyles (albeit hopefully temporarily) to serve a calling higher than themselves. And they both dress impeccably.

Katiara finds it easy to trust Venn as a result of their similarities. His stubbornness grates on her at times, but it's understandable in a man groomed from childhood to lead. However, Katiara finds Venn reserved and closed off. She doesn't know much about him personally. She guesses that is to be expected in her commanding officer.

Kane Novallis

He's a smartass, but a pleasant smartass, at least. He obviously likes to be the rogue, the outsider, and the scofflaw, but he's not really a bad guy. He kinda wants you to believe he is, though.

Though she doesn't always admit it, Rourke quite likes Kane's smart-ass commentary. He's amusing, and he's usually quick-witted. She doesn't know him that well, but she's glad the crew has such a solid pilot.

Tam Minera

Hot. A little complex and violent for her tastes, but still, hot. Has a bit of a reputation as a player, though. However, he hasn't been living up to that reputation since she's met him - in fact, lately, he almost seems hung up on Orden. So, she's not really that concerned about getting too close to him.

More professionally, Rourke does think Tam is probably exactly what the team needs as a soldier. He seems quite duty-bound, and he's very competent. He's been willing to throw himself into danger (somewhat brashly, in her opinion) when he believes he can save the crew by doing so. That brashness has come back to bite him (particularly in the Junkyard), and she's not sure he's learned enough to rein himself in. She is beginning to recognize that the Rebels in general didn't treat him particularly well for a long time after his arrival; she wonders if he may still be trying to prove himself somewhat as being "more than just a Stormtrooper."

Rourke started out somewhat concerned about Tam's apparent interest in Orden, but she is beginning to reconsider. He's tread much more carefully with her than she originally would have given him credit for. After Orden approached her as well, she's decided to play a cautious matchmaker, at least for a time. She's still concerned about Tam's erratic and aggressive nature, but she's hoping that, with some careful guidance, she may be able to broker a useful arrangement…. Still, she's a bit concerned because of Tam's history (or lack thereof) with complex relationships. She would like to see both Tam and Orden happier, but she worries they may have trouble connecting.

Amanha Orden

Rourke has a great deal of concern for Amanha's mental health. Rourke is fairly convinced she has a condition or syndrome of some sort. However, Orden is also possibly the smartest person Katiara has ever met, particularly when it comes to putting 2 and 2 together to make the Empire suffer.

Katiara's biggest concerns revolve around Orden's interpersonal relationships; she seems to have, essentially, none. She's been working with Orden for a while, trying to get her to interact with people more and her datapad less, but she has met with limited success. However, she has realized that Tam and Orden are mutually attracted to one another, though they can't seem to make the connection themselves. She's decided to play a cautions matchmaker to the two, discreetly chaperoning their interactions in a way so that she can determine if Tam will be good or bad for Orden….

Sidara Lanka

Sidara keeps to herself so much. Is that because of duty or fear? Or maybe pain? Rourke worries about Sidara, but she hasn't found a way to connect with Sidara yet. Every time she tries, Sidara just withdraws a little. Rourke has decided not to give up, though.

Rourke's also not stupid, nor is she blind. She's noticed that Sidara and Venn are developing some form of relationship. Since Venn is a) her commanding officer and b) apparently treating Sidara well, she's decided to mostly keep her nose out of things. However, she is observing closely; she doesn't want a rift to develop within the crew. She's also hoping she can nudge Venn into helping Sidara out with some of the inner demons Rourke suspects are there.

Wen deCrion

Wen's a bit like Kane - in fact, Rourke thinks the two of them could really get along. He's a terrible patient, too - still young and brash enough to want to jump right out of the medbed as soon as possible. If he has a downside, it's risk analysis. He still thinks he's invincible and immortal. He's also probably an adrenaline junkie by nature.

As much as Rourke worries about Wen's attitude toward his own personal safety (and his opinions of his own skills), she has to admit that he has the makings of a skilled soldier. Wen can maintain his cool when things start going badly for the crew, and that's critical for everyone's survival. He's also much smarter than he lets on; she'd even consider him a bit of a closet nerd. With a little maturity, he could be an excellent front-line commander; here's hoping he lives that long….

Zhymmia Starfall

So young and idealistic. She seems like she'd be a good friend, too. Rourke is slowly trying to build a real friendship with Starfall. She hopes Zhymmia keeps some of her idealism as well as she grows older. If anything, Rourke worries that Zhymmia will try too hard to impress the older and more experienced crew and will get herself hurt or killed in the process. She has good instincts and a solid head on her shoulders, but she's still young enough that her instincts can easily overridden by the orders of her superiors.

Rourke was surprised to discover that Zhymmia grew up in a medical household and planned to study as a doctor as well. She's been training Zhymmia to back her up in Medical in case she's unavailable, incapacitated, or overwhelmed. Zhymmia has demonstrated a real knack for first aid and has even been able to run through some basic surgeries unassisted. Impressed, Rourke has recommended Zhymmia to Venn as a backup medical officer and suggested that she be put into medical training should they ever be removed from their current special assignment.

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