Kattifrathlum Du'Quistis

"Chastity": Esquire (Accountant) of the Silky Doll
Elf, age 123

Madam Chastity is a very beautiful elf who, on the surface, seems to care very little about other people. At the young age of 98, she left her home in the elven tree-town Salymphuiyn behind her and moved to Gwivonna. She usually acts very aloof and refined, which leads some humans to believe she is older than she actually is.

Common Knowledge: Works the door at the Silky Doll. Very businesslike, and professional, except for the fact that the "service with a smile" paradigm seems lost on her, at times.

Uncommon Knowledge: True age is 123. Barely an adult by elven standards. Has never consented to any offer made by patrons of the Silky Doll. Some suspect she may be homosexual, or maybe she just doesn't care for humans. Every day, she brings a newspaper to Priscilla. She works the door, takes money, keeps track of the girls' performance record, and pays them each every night when they cash in their chips. She is also responsible for testing each worker for fertility each evening, using a minor elven magical item, and sending home anyone who is currently fertile that day, discouraging tardiness, encouraging customer satisfaction, and general management.

Top Secret: Real Name: Kattifrathlum Du'Quistis. She seems to find the idea of personally having sex distasteful, especially with the kind of weathered human males who typically inhabit the brothel. In fact, she finds her entire job kind of dull, and fundamentally ridiculous, but she hasn't decided what she's going to do about it, yet.

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