Katydid is a Unicorn raised by Earth Ponies, and an artist in the kitchen. She loves using her cullinary skills to bring joy into her friends' lives. Her Cutie Mark is a whisk in a bowl.

What we know:
- Learned some oldschool wisdom from her grandparents down on the farm, when she was a foal.
- Loves to cook and is good at it!

Things to think about:
- Family? (Parents, grandparents, siblings?)
- Motivations? (Ambition, Laziness?, (good combo, creates internal conflict,) The Joy of Cooking, Seeing her Friends smile)
- Themes? (Tradition, desire, caution?)

OOC things to consider:
- Player tends to think in terms of the show, but comes up with perfectly good original ideas when prompted.
- Player expressed an interest in playing an Alicorn. This led to the creation of the Alicorn's Path, an open challenge to all players.
- Player has rejected the idea of being a Princess. (After careful consideration and thinking about the Alicorns we know on the show, I have decided that even though the Princesses we know about from the show are all Alicorns, they are two seperate concepts entirely.)

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