Kayly Sargent

Kayly Sargent is a runic hedge magician who works the Violetford docks. As of the start of the campaign, she is 18 nearing 19. Kayly is a petite, wiry young woman who favors short hair, heavy boots, and raingear due to her profession, and most of her clothing is very well kept but much mended. Because of her power and flexibility with runics, she commands a good wage. Despite this, she lives in a flophouse shared by nearly two dozen others near the docks themselves. Kayly is not a full wizard and cannot cast spells; her controls magic only through runic creations and can only control magical effects via diagrams or tattoos.

The PCs encountered Kayly only briefly when she was found to be inquiring about someone's hearing at the City Hall during the prosecution of the Worm Cabal.

Known Powers

  1. Can command a ritual that will freeze (over the course of 10 minutes) up to 1 ton of materials and keep it frozen for up to 1 day per additional 30 minutes spent on the ritual. She uses this to freeze rare foods/perishables for transport to Brightmill or Golddale. The times listed assume she's using her prepared workspace that already has been primed with the initial setup ritual; if she had to do this in another workspace, the initial setup would consume 8 hours.
  2. Despite her slight stature, she has been seen carrying rather tremendous loads. This power is provided by the first tattoo she ever gave herself, a small tattoo on each bicep that grants her a +12 to her strength score only for the purposes of calculating her lifting and carrying capacities. This acts as a telekinetic helper with a touch range and is thus useless in combat; it can also be suppressed by relatively weak dispel magic and similar.
Attribute Value Bonus
STR 8 -1
DEX 12 +1
CON 8 -1
INT 16 +3
WIS 14 +2
CHA 16 +3

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