KC Bout Session

KC Bout

First jam. Out of the gate, Glam gets a small lead on opp. blocker Hurt Locker. Kat fails to box out Hurt, but Dawn checks a KC blocker (Rosie Balboa) into the middle of the track. Dawn lays a whammy on Rosie and sends her flying into the middle of the pack. Coincidentally all 4 blockers get caught up in it somehow and all of them hit the pavement. Because all of you are smart and incredible derby players, you manage to avoid the worst of the fallout and blow past the dog pile. Even the jammer gets caught up in it, Meanwhile Glamazon sees this as her golden oportunity and streaks ahead of the pack.

Moxie/Dewey Decimator: Go Glam, GO!

Dawn spins around backwards, shoots a finger pistol at the pile, and winks.

Kat's falling back to pace Dewey as precisely as possible, walling up with her.

Kim is forming the wall, hopefully alongside Kat. She's keeping an eye on them as they approach to see if they're targeting her as a weak link in the wall or not. This is Kim being paranoid.

Dawn is in the rearmost spot of said wall, inward to clear for Glam. Keeping an eye on the pile, seeing who is getting up and what they are trying to do.

Glam is skating like a mofo.

By this point, Glam and the pack are directly across the track from one another. The KCRW blockers are on their feet and trying to break through the wall to push Hurt through.

Kim takes a weak bump from Rosie but manages to hold her feet. Seeing that, Dewey calls over to her, "Hold that bitch!" Kat's keeping a little eye on Rosie. She's protective of Kim - sorry, Snack-Size.

Moxie/Dewey Decimator: MAKE A HOLE!
Dawn: "Dewey, help me seal the edge."
Kat: "Leave Snack-Size alone, lardass!" Rosie just growls at me and continues to try to push her way through between Kim and Kat. Kat drops back just slightly and strongly hip-checks Rosie out of bounds. Kat then skates back towards Glam as fast as she can to keep Rosie as separated from the pack as possible. Coming up on Glamazon, Kat tries to get into position to give her a whip.

Glamazon, meanwhile, is pouring on speed. She's skating hard and fast, like Jennifer Beals dances. When she gets to Kat, she's gonna try to get a whip from the outside side of the track, then catch Kim for ANOTHER whip on the inside of the track… weaving in between them like a car driving through those traffic cones… and possibly throwing a hip to any KCs that get in the way. She blows through the hole in the wall opened up for her, popping a hip check at Hurt as she bounces by. She shouts, "Don't let the looks fool ya!" as she blows through the pack and scores a quick five points.

Kat's hustling her bustle to try to close up the wall once again. Meanwhile, Glamazon, with something to prove, tries to put on just that extra burst of speed to get another scoring run before KCRW can bust through the pack.

As they round the bend, Dawn jukes out and Hurt jukes in, just slipping past and out through the pack. She's still behind Glamazon, but she's pouring on speed to try to catch up and score. Dawn calls out "CALL IT!!" at Glamazon, but Glamazon doesn't listen and just grimaces and doubles down. Hurt's legs are just too long, though; she keeps gaining on Glam as they're rounding the south side of the track. Dawn again calls out, "CALL IT!!"

The pack, led by Dewey, pulls back to give Glamazon a chance to catch up before Hurt passes her. Meanwhile, Dawn throws everything she has at checking a couple of KC girls toward the wall to open a hole for Glam.

Just as they're about to re-enter the pack, Hurt starts to wobble a little. She straightens up and slows down, and Glamazon blazes through the hole in the wall for another 4.

Dewey: "Woo Glam!"

As Glam slides through the pack, she throws her hands up in the air in a kind of victory and calls the Jam. When the pack stops pushing forward, she does a little sipn to skate backwards slowly, putting her fist on her head with her middle finger pointing out, looking like a Unicorn’s horn, looking back at the other time and smiling. She then looks at Kat and Kim and the rest of the team and claps.

Just as Glamazon starts clapping - and while Hurt is still just behind the pack - the entire arena blacks out. The team hears the crowd gasp in a bubble of surprise. The girls reflexively take a knee, then suddenly, everyone hears a very loud BOOM. Suddenly, the arena falls so silent you could hear a pin drop). you all hear some low grumbles and snarls erupting from all around the arena, and then you hear a blud curdling scream. all over the arena you begin to hear this popping up in random places. With a blinding flash, the arena backup generators pop on.

Battle of the Bout

Round 1

at first you can see nothing, and as the haze in your eyes begin to clear, the first thing you all see is that one westborough baptist church person that sneezed on you, pale and sickly looking with gaping wounds and human bite marks all over their face, neck, and shoulders, clothes bloody and ragged, covered in entrails, pus, guts and gore, snacking on a beautiful photographer who had (so recently) been taking pics of glamazon's success. She is screaming in horror and trying to remove the zombie to no avail. you all look around you to see other such situations, some of the zombies have their "god hate's fags" signs sticking out of random places in their bodies, as if someone tried to use them to fend off these fiendish creatures that used to be their friends and churchmates. mabe some of you even stop being horrified long enough to think that this is the fate WBC deserved. in other places throughout the stadium, you begin to notice some of the dead spectators are beginnin to reanimate….

Kat's entire brainthoughts right now: "WHAT THE FUCK?!"

Dawn slides inside away from the pack to avoid collision and comes to a stop. She starts looking and listening for what's going on. She's concerned and confused at the noises, and clenches her fists and goes on the defenses with the scream. Truely freaked out, and with a small subconcious part of her mind recognizing the protester that sneezed on the others and fears for them, and takes stock of her immediate surroundings. She's looking for weapons at this point, and trying to figure out how to get the group out of there. She yells, "STAY TOGETHER!!!"

Dewey Decimator starts slowly approaching the closest freakish being, curiousity overcoming her fear. She glances at Kat, remembering how they were both sneezed upon earlier.

Kim skates directly to the team's bench, grabs Katemus Prime by her shoulders, looks her straight in the eye, and says, "I am unfit to compete. I am hallucinating zombies."

Glamazon looks on in horror and confusion for a second, then, upon hearing the photographer’s next scream, starts skating like hell towards her…

Kat's momentarily hesitating, torn between skating over to grab Dewey or trying to block Glamazon from getting any closer.

Dewey's moving up to look at it closely and mutter like "What the fuck?" With that, Kat's heading for her since Dewey looks like she's getting into the most trouble, but then Glam takes off after one, too…. So, Kat's kinda trying to punt the WBC bitch down and give Dewey some room. Kat's thought process: "Zombies? This is ridiculous. These can't be zombies. But something's not right. Get out of here. Get Dewey and get out of here… godDAMMIT Glam!"

Round 2

As Dewey approaches the zombie she notices that they are every bit the vicious zombies you would see out of any horror movie, that they are vicious in close proximity, yet they tend to move slowly from place to place as does every character within a few feet of the zombies, but those with snacks are widely focused on the ones theyre munching on.

With that, Dewey shouts "Oh SHIT!" and turns to flee.

Kat's committed - she's body-checking that zombie because Dewey was heading toward it, then she's going to try to get Glamazon next and get out of here (not all this round, but that's her general plan). So this round, she's doing the body check and then turning toward Glam as much as possible.

Katemus stammers out to Kim, "It must be something in the air… I'm seeing it, too!"

In response, Kim's eyes narrow. "I need my phone, and cold cream, if you have it. This will save lives." Kim starts looking around for Kate's purse so that she can find the phone and anything that will remove makeup. Inside the purse, Kim finds a Galaxy S4, her own phone, a zipper bag full of makeup remover wipes, a pen, paper, a wallet, a checkbook, keys on a derby voodoo doll keychain, Excedrin migrane, a penknife, birth control pills, hand sanitizer, bandaids, bobby pins, elastic pony tail holders, and an e-cig case. Kim pockets some wipes and dials up 911 on her phone. She's biting down on her finger and breathing faster to psych herself up to sound "Normal".

Dawn is still frustrated with everyone scattering and continues to try and find their way out. She looks to see if anyone is in trouble, but moves towards the exit tunnel, keeping an eye out for zombies approaching it. Still yelling, "DAMN IT GUYS, FOLLOW ME!!!"

Meanwhile, Glamazon knocks the zombie attacking the reporter down. The reporter falls to the floor convulsing as the zombie tries to crawl back to finish eating her. The reporter is dying.

Round 3

Dewey Decimator hears Dawn's screams, sees her making a break for it, and follows while yelling to her teammates: COME ON! FOLLOW DAWN!

Kat skates over toward Glamazon as Dewey runs toward Dawn. As she does so, she notices Glamazon casting around for a weapon. She also notices that all around you the fallen spectators are beginning to turn as others make a break for it. She sees Dawn and Dewey making a break for it toward the locker rooms and breathes a small sigh of relief at that, but she's still worried about Glamazon. Finally, she notices that the shoddy rails on the stands are just held there with cotter pins. She immediately thinks, "I need that to pry Glamazon away from this." She swoops over and quickly tries to pull a pin and grab a pipe. If I have time this round, I'll speed over toward glam, whap the zombie as I'm going between her and it, and go "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" Kat manages to knock the zombie backwards and away from Glamazon a little bit.

Kim: If anyone answers the 911 call? I calm down again and say "The Zombies have reached (name of Arena.) Many infected. Members of Westborough Baptist Church Congregation should be considered potential Patient Zeros, friends and family likely early victims. Since this call is being recorded, forward this information to the CDC and WHO and whatever military or police force is coordinating the response. Where should we take the survivors for rescue?" And I skate directly towards Dawn. If time permits, will use makeup removal wipes to stop looking like a zombie. Otherwise, will do that next round. regardless of her skepticism, the operator says that she will send police, the firedept, and an ambulance. "To prove this is not a prank, turn on the news or look on youtube. I will stay on the line. You may arrest me if I am lying." Kim INSISTS she also send word to the WHO and the CDC. This is argubably the MOST IMPORTANT part. The dispatcher says, "Yeah, sure, I'll get right on that. If you have injured, take them to the main entrance. Paramedics will be there soon."

Dawn is finally happy to see some of the team coming to join her, and is still frantically looking for a weapon. Fire extingusher, fire axe, one of those pipes if she has to. Preferrably something smaller than that, between 18in and 2 feet. She continues trying to get the rest of the team to the exit (don't forget the NPCs and Katemis), and keeping an eye out for approaching Zombies. To the first arrivals, she waves them past, "Scout ahead, but keep it close." DM response: You, like the rest of the team, are beginning to notice the weapon potentials of the pipe railing. there are also some cords on the ground that make up the pa system, as well as a microphone stand for the announcer. There are also some metal chairs that make up the penalty box. There is a small kiosk that was selling bottles of beer and mixed drinks, and you notice the potential weapons in the capacity of the glass bottles, but you also notice bar rags, and bottles of high proof alcohol. there is also a merch booth nearby that is selling shirts, stickers, and skate equipment
there are fire extinguishers near the exits
Dawn thinks that the last thing we need are flaming zombies, and seeing that there is only one zombie in the way to the exit, she takes it upon herself to clear it out. Gunning her skates, she takes off on an impact course, leaping to aim an elbow strike on the zombie's head. She hits the zombie hard and it goes down, but it isn't dead. It's twitching a bit, and Dawn thinks they've got 20 minutes or less before it gets back up to continue its zombie agenda.

Glamazon: Last we left you, you were casting about for a weapon, and the zombie in front of you has been dispatched by chris with a pipe, who is now in front of you urging you to abandon the reporter and head for the door, what do you do? Oh, and the reporter is still ocnvulsing on the floor in front of you
Well, since Kat finished the zombie, Glam will not know what to do for a second. If Kat, grabs her and pulls her away, she'll have to be dragged for like 10 feet looking back at the reporter, then she starts snapping back to "reality" and heading for the group… and grabbing for one of those pipes or mike stands if they are on the way. Glam sees a mic stand available and goes for it.

Round 4

DM intro:
As you are all making your way for the exit, and safety, you hear a loud Roar, and part of the arena comes crashing down. You see a large scaly tale in the rubble, and it dissappears as quickly as it appeared.You hear the earsplitting roar again, and a large prehistoric head is made visible in the opening.


This zombie dinosaur controls all the zombies. If he dies, the zombies will curl up and die too, but he won't make it easy…

Body- 30
Brain- 10
Nerve- 31
Job- Prehistoric Behemoth Corpse- 27
Nerve- 31
Gimmicks- Fricken Huge (18) Hard to Kill (14) Infectious (14)
Weakness- Fricken Huge (18) Headshot (14) Stubby Arms (14)
Skills- Smash +3, Bite +2
Armor Rating- 10
Damage Bonus- 16
HP 60
Yum Yums +2

Most facts about the zombie and the dinosaur are just combined. The only deductions for for the fact that the dinosaur has stubby arms, so it cannot claw, unless you put yourself in that position

Instant Reactions

Anyone near Dawn hears her mutter as she kneels over the fallen zombie, "DA FUQ?"

Free Action - Glam yells "AAAAHHH! KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!"

Moxie/Dewey Decimator: tries not to pee her pants and visually searches her surroundings for a weapon, ANY weapon

Dawn hear's Glams comment and points her towards the bar.

Actual Actions

Dewey looks for weapon. I TAKE A MIC STAND and put my back to the wall. if i have remaining action this round i choose to hold it for now

Kat: Kat's immediate thought is "This is just… no way. There's no way." If it's between her and the exit or looking like it's going to attack any of her girls, she's charging in to kneecap it with the post. She charges in and takes a mighty swing of her railing-piece at the dernerser's knee, trying to slow it down at a minimum. She throws her hips into it just like she remembers from her younger-self's bar brawling days and turns its kneecap into a fine powder. "YOU BEEN BULLDOZED BY THE KAT-O'PILLAR!"

It roars in pain and drops to one knee and thrashes about, but it sees you all now and its coming!!!!! (+1 nomnom for Kat - recorded)

Kim: Kim grabs an extension cord, ideally something flexible and supple, but with reasonably strong copper inside it. She loops it until it's about 10 feet long, then ties the end of the cord around the middle of the loop, forming a kinda double-sidded noose thingy. Like the Rope in Clue. "Got me a plan." Her voice is uncharacteristically… cocky? "It's dangerous and violent." She smirks. "Who's in?" And she holds out one end of the looped cable, for anyone who has the balls to grab it and hang on.
Glam looks at your lasso or whatever and gets instantly nervous. She looks up, and points to the dino-smashing weight, and asks… "If we could get that thing under the scorboard… could you climb up and cut the cables?…"
Kim says, "Trust me!" and Glamazon reluctantly agress. Kim whips Glam as hard as she can at the dernerser while Glamazon pulls a big 2x4 into a jousting position. The 2x4 glances off the hide of the dernerser, tearing in to the flesh a tiny bit.

Dawn is playing the role of distration/motivator to get everyone to safety, once she can act. Dawn doesn't quite follow what Kim's plan is, nor understand why on Earth everyone is hanging around for, but is determined to try and save as many of them as she can. Stepping over the downed Zombie, she tears a fire extinguisher off the wall leading to the locker rooms. Pushing off towards the dinosaur, she skates around the track in derby direction (counter-clockwise) and starts screaming once she is away from the others to draw the monster's attention… She's praying the thing will roar or bite at her (NOM Spent?), and when it does, she heaves the extinguisher with all her might into it's mouth. The dino roars and snaps at her, and she flings the extinguisher into its gaping maw, dealing more damage against the beast when the crunched extinguisher explodes. The explosion destroys the dernerser's teeth, thankfully reducing the chance of it infecting us.

The dernerser, enraged, swings its massive tail, trying to knock as many of us as it can down and pound us into softer chewable morsels. Unfortunately for Kat, she takes a solid hit (-4 HP), taking a serious blow to the ribs (and probably cracking a couple). Luckily, though it flings her a good 5 feet through the air, she lands on her feet and recovers. The dernerser roars semi-triumphantly and glares at Kat. It's out for blood and fully intent on pulling Kat into the rubble to make tasty, tasty mush out of her.

With all the commotion, Dewey has been busy. She roots around for the knife and duct tape, tapes the knife (blade out) onto the end of the mic stand (small end, not the large, round heavy end) and zooms up to enter the fray. She's aiming for the eye.

Round 5

Dewey, now adequately armed, charges in and lands a series of quick, devastating blows on the dernerser's eye. She drives the mic-turned-polearm in deep and is rewarded with a roar of pain.

Kat's shaking herself and looking for a little retribution. She shoulders her railing and skates in a bit gingerly at first, dodging in to try to return that broken-ribs favor. I'd like to spend… I'm going to say 3 noms (recorded). She pounds some paddlin' into the dino, ducking in while it's trying to rub its eyes. Kat approaches from the blind side and slams a few good whacks into dernerserside. The ribs crack and cave in, splitting his side open. Nasty rottenness spills out. Kat: "Gross."

Kim: Gonna spend one noms to Make Something Awesome Happen. Now I rush full-speed towards the prone dinosaur and skate up the back of the beast, grabbing an aluminum railing-post as I start. I spin it once over my head and bring it down point-first into the back of the dernerser's neck. I will spend however many more noms it takes. Kim drives the pole through its neck, pinning its head at an awkward angle. It still is attempting to crawl toward possible food.

Dawn: Dawn's looking around for anyone - security guards, arena employees, or customers - who might be armed. She's hoping to find some way to defend her teammates and the arena attendees. Sees some dropped items including a purse with a baton and a slap-jack in it. So, swooping back around I scoop up the purse and scrounge through it. I keep the baton, snapping it out as I skate, and toss Katimus the slap jack as I pass her, "Get the team to safety." After that I skate ferociously towards the downed monster, leaping into the air, kicking off of some rubble and driving forward to it's head. Spinning the baton up for momentum, I swing down aiming for it's skull. NOM spent for the bounce, and three again for the strike.
Swooping back around Dawn scoops up the purse and scrounge through it. She keep the baton, snapping it out as I skate, and toss Katimus the slap jack as I pass her, "Get the team to safety." But everyone is so awed by what happens next that they can't move, eyes glued to the thing of beauty before them. After that she skates ferociously towards the downed monster, leaping into the air, kicking off of some rubble and driving forward to it's head. Spinning the baton up for momentum, I swing down aiming for it's skull. With a deafening ROAR and a CRACK! the Dino Zombie Overloard's head splits in two, splattering all the remaining spectators with blood and gore. Dawn lands deftly on her feet amid victorious cheers and all the ravaging zombies city wide curl into tiny balls and catch fire. Dawn lands back on her feet and taking in the result of her actions, looks surprised at the baton before wiping it off, retracting it back down, and promptly keeping it. The streets of Kansas city burn with little lumps of zombie charcoal. The infected but not dead stop their transformation, and with intensive hospital care, they return to health a few weeks later and the world is safe at last, all thanks to the girls of AARG Traveling All Stars

Afterward the Arch Rival Rollar Girls All Stars are declared the ultimate champions. They eat a lot of bbq for free in Kansas City afterward, and then head for the happy hills of home where they all live happily ever after (we think)….




Kim studies hard to become a Biologist. Once a month she tracks down an individual tied to the CDC or WHO and personally hands them everything she knows about the Zombie menace, including video of the extremely visible aftermath. She hangs out with Kat in the off season.




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