Kessel Pun

Session Outline

  1. Dogfight
    1. Rebel escape
    2. Antilles in Lambda
    3. Skywalker as Rogue Six
  2. Kessel
    1. escorted there
    2. bribe to escape police forces
    3. poke around, pretending to look for cargo/jobs
    4. bribe way to smuggler outpost on asteroid
  3. Smuggler outpost
    1. Venn: start looking around for "guy from freighter"
      1. directed to Hutt if you wanna talk about the contract
    2. Kane: looking for cargo, using "guy from freighter" as "business contact"
      1. "he's not gonna be vouching for anybody"
    3. Venn: snake oil salesman
      1. Rourke and Starfall to meet with saleman re: meds
      2. Real or fake? buys sample and puts it under analysis
    4. Venn, Tam, Sidara: Talk to the Hutt about contract
      1. needs Orden to translate
      2. Contract for Captain Lile Morin posted at Gamorrean - goes there
      3. 7500-credit bounty for "theft of private property" posted by Rjana the Hutt
      4. Orders to:
        1. Orden: stand back and don't say anything
        2. Sidara: act like Kane but angrier
        3. Tam: act like Kane but angrier
      5. Bartender gives some info on Lile
        1. doesn't know and doesn't want to know details
        2. posted a couple of weeks ago; doesn't know if it's local or gone over HoloNet
        3. Lile shows up occasionally; usually looks like he's down on his luck and
    5. Kane and Starfall: Looking for other bounty hunters
      1. No big names around
      2. No one really seems to know that Lile is incoming

Key Developments

  1. "Snake Oil Salesman" with purported cure for Venn's mom's disease
  2. Contacts: Lile and Twi'lek
  3. New places: Kessel smuggler's outpost: Hutt's place, Gamorrean

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