Kessel Smuggling Outpost


The outpost doesn't see tons of traffic, so the primary spaceport is relatively small. No landing bays can handle anything larger than your average tramp freighter. Since the entire outpost is located on a nickel-iron asteroid, the individual docks are very heavily shielded with multiple force shields and blast doors to protect the rest of the facility from hard vacuum.

The most frequent traffic to the facility, aside from smugglers from outsystem, consists of a couple of small droid-controlled tugs with dedicated berths. These tugs drag raw materials in from the asteroid field to feed the life support and power systems on the outpost.

Rjana's Abode

A home, at least part time, to a Hutt criminal family. The Hutt, Rjana, is even comfortable enough with his protection details in the area that he can often be found lounging outside the abode proper.

The building is rather large and apparently houses all of Rjana's business managers and guards. The door is guarded by a standard guardian droid who speaks Huttese exclusively.

Rjana employs Gamorrean guards primarily, though he also employs a few Trandoshans. He has at least one business manager, a Sullustan named Jae Tevv, through whom he works many of his business deals.

The back of the building directly accesses a private and heavily-shielded spaceport. Many reasonably assume that Rjana has at least one interstellar-capable vessel docked here for when he leaves the outpost.

The Gamorrean

The Gamorrean is a cleverly-named, locally-owned public house near the spaceport. A Gamorrean publican by the name of Toggua owns the place. Ever mindful of the cosmopolitan nature of smuggling outposts, Toggua stocks food for various species. The Gamorrean itself is grubby and dank but moderately cheap. It is also a Hutt-approved "safe haven" of sorts; Toggua has arranged with Rjana that he will serve as kind of screener in return for keeping trouble away from his place. Rjana's various higher-level employees can often be found at the Gamorrean; they have access to much better quality food and drink than the majority of the patrons.

The Gamorrean keeps a locally-networked "bounty board" in pristine condition. Various small-time operators often advertise on the board, and Rjana himself is known to do so from time to time as well.

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